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37-300-thickboxShikakai is made powder from fruits (pods) of Locust tree



The Locust tree Concinna is a small shrub which grows in central India.

Shikakai means " fruit for hair "

We use him(it) as shampoo which brings shine and sweetness. Considered as stimulating the shoot of the hair, Shikakai is mixed in some water (as Ghassoul in Portugal and in the Maghreb).

The obtained dough is mixed on the hair and rinsed abundantly in the clear water.

His(Her,Its) custom(usage) is for every types(chaps) of hair, mat, tired, for the colored hair.

acacia concinna leaves flowers

Instructions for use:

According to the length of your hair between 2 in 4 soupspoons of powder of Shikakai, mix her(it) with some tepid(warm) or warm water to obtain a smooth and homogeneous pate (as the ghassoul or the hénné). Apply to the wet hair, mass(massage) delicately the scalp. Let put 3 in 5 minutes maximum and rinse abundantly.

Not need according to shampoo, the hair is appropriate(clean) and démélé.

Precautions for use : Shikakai is natural but has not less(nevertheless) some irritating effects during its use. Avoid the contact with eyes! If contact, to rinse them in the clear water.

Our experience(experiment):


Been used to the ghassoul and hénné, we had no concerns(marigolds) as for the preparation and the application of Shikakai. Once pressed in a towel(briefcase), hair presented an aspect pleasant to the touch and had already more spring(competence) and volume.

Hair flexible but tired by some cosmetics find their beautiful natural buckles.


We were surprised by the irritation with eyes because we did not know about this unpleasant aspect, it is for celà that we notified it previously!

We used Shikakai Powder with Hibiscus, Methi ( Fénugrec) and Arishta ( Sapindus Emarginatus) of The Organic Shop


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Testing some products ayurvédiques received recently from Pondicherry in India by means ofThe Organic Shop And offering you some articles here in the course of our tests, he(it) is interesting to understand(include) that is this former(ancient) traditional medicine Ayurveda

To do it, we invite you to consult a 1st article on this subject appeared on our blog_ressources Nataraja

And to perfect your knowledge in terms of Ayurveda, you can consult the very complete site ofAyurveda France



Father of the medicine ayurvédique

The Legend of Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari is represented as a VISHNU to four arms, holding medicinal herbs in a hand and a bowl containing the AMRITA, ambroisie or nectar of immortality in the other one. (NB: VISHNU represents the stable aspect of the universal demonstration(appearance) (TRIMURTI = demonstration(appearance) triples) whereas BRAHMA represents the emergent aspect - creative - and SHIVA the final aspect - destroyer, transformer), two other arms support(bear) attributes of Vishnu: the conch and the record(disk) (chakra ). The representations can vary.

The PURANAS says that DHANVANTARI émmergea of the Ocean of Milk with its vase of ambroisie during the barattement of the sea of milk by devas and asuras, before being taken the bowl by MOHINI who gave him(it) to asuras (devils)


Every year is celebrated the party(holiday) of DHANVANTARI, the Dhan Teras, two days before Divali, party(holiday) of the lights, who is situated according to years in October-November.

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Having practised(had a practice)Jala NetiCleaning and purification of the nose, he(it) is advised(recommended) in Âyurveda-???????? The science of the vital force - traditional medicine in India - to use Anu Tailam


Anu Tailam The other natural ingredients (water) is a compound oil of more than about twenty plants and.

Used after Jala Neti, she(it) greases nasal septums, strengthens the effects of purification and sine.

Anu Tailam treats(handles) the migraines, the sinusitis and the colds.

Here is a very precious oil!

Where to get itself Anu Tailam?

Online shops propose this product at prices(prizes) varying from 2 € to 6 € the flask of 10ml.



It is a therapy with tepid(warm) Anu Tailam within the framework of the care ayurvédiques Panchkarma.

Panchkarma is a series of therapeutic measures entreprisent for the purification of the body. Âyurveda considers them necessary before the beginning of quite other therapy. 5 types(chaps) of treatments are proposed in Panchkarma of which Nasya.

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