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Upa (Near)Nor ( Below, in the feet of)– Shad ( Sit down)

UPANISHAD means « sat(based) on the ground to the feet of Master(Teacher) », to listen to its education(teaching) according to the Indian custom, the crossed legs, in a posture very similar to that of the meditation (padmâsana - the posture of the Lotus)

Upanishads contains the internal and mystic education(teaching), thus reserved for those of his(her) pupils whom Master(Teacher) considers capable of receiving him(it) to put into practice him(it). And in the original atmosphere of the Indian culture, it is in forests, shielded from the tumult of the world, that Master(Teacher) and his(her) followers (Aranyakas : Inhabitants of the forest – and by extension, treated(handled) in their custom(usage)) studied the secret doctrine and pursued their collection(quest) of Wisdom and Liberation.

You who love the Yoga, the meditation, the masterpieces of the spirituality, I suggest you in to make discoveries of Upanishad by beginning by him(her,it)Hamsa Upanishad - Upanishad du Cygne (click the image below)


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Click the image and you will discover Nataraja

One blog_ressources in terms of Hatha Yoga Traditionnel

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