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Here is a technique to strengthen the stomach, eliminate gases, while exercising a purificatory effect in the digestive tract, while making disparaitre the digestive problems.

A technique has to make in our practice of personal internal hygiene (sat karma - kriya)

2_mudra_apan.gifShe(It) establishes(constitutes) to put itself in sat(based) classic with one gesture(movement) of hands (hasta mudrâ) such as jnana mudrâ or apan mudrâ

Put the language(tongue) in mudrâ khaki(persimmon) (language(tongue) in pipe) if possible and to swallow the air(sight) as if we drank some water by sips and to manage him(it) towards the stomach. Celui-is spray-painted while remaining relaxed.

Keep(Preserve) the air(sight) during a few moments in this region, then let take(bring) out the air(sight) by belching.

Repeat Bhujangani Mudrâ 3 in 5 times in succession.

Concerning Apan Mudrâ, he(it) eliminates the impurities and the toxin of the body as well as the urinary problems enter the other beneficial effects on the liver and the bladder, on the feelings such as the patience, the tranquilité, the confidence(trust), the internal balance and the harmony.

A very interesting hasta mudrâ which will be the object of a next article and the next current practice.

I recommend in all to get you Gertrud Hirschi's work " Mudras, the Yoga at the end of fingers " in the publishing(editions) The Mail of the Book of which I often refer in my educations(teachings) in particular this technique of Bhujangani Mudrâ.

It is a precious book for the practice of Hatha Yoga where all the forms of mudrâ are essential whether it is those of the body or those of the hands. A clear, precise, illustrated work, making reference to the former(ancient) texts such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samita (cf. the NataYoga shop), a work where every mudrâ is associated with advice(councils), meditations, in brief book for your library(bookcase) Yoga.

Well kriya!

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Sat Karma yogiques or Kriya Practices of internal cleaning ( internal purification) are. They are a member(part) of Hatha Yoga in the same way as Âsanas, Prânâyâmâ, Drishti, Meditation.
It is a means to eliminate toxin of the body for a better health, a strengthened vitality, a more calmed mental:

  • KUNJAL Or Baghee, the cleaning of the stomach by the water
  • VASTRA DHAUTI The cleaning of the stomach with a muslin dipped into the water
  • JALA NETI The cleaning of the nose by the water
  • SUTRA NETI The deep cleaning of the nasal mucus with a cordon or a catheter
  • BASTIThe cleaning of the bowel by the water via the rectum
  • SHANKHAPRAKSHALANA The spring cleaning of the digestive tract and the intestines by the water

In these 6 cleaning actions(shares) by the water are added the other purificatory actions(shares):

  • KAPALABHATI PRÂNÂYÂMÂ " The light in the skull ", cleaning of lungs
  • AGNISARA The massage and the stimulation of the abdominal organs by the work of the muscles of the stomach
  • NAULI Abdominal cleaning with Uddiyana bandha
  • TRATAKAM The cleaning of the mental, the nervous system and the eyes by the fixedness of the glance
  • BRHUMADHYA DRISHTI Eyes in forehead(front)
  • NASAGRA DRISHTI Eyes at the end of the nose
  • GANDOUCHE The cleaning of the language(tongue) with some oil and scraping
  • KARNA DHAUTI The cleaning of ears
  • DANTHA DHAUTI The cleaning of teeth etc....


Sat Karma increases in a specific way the vital capacity of the one who practises them.

They are intended to create the harmony in the body and the mental and to prepare the person for more pushed practices.

Being at the origin of the perfect and regular functioning of the physical systems, these practices free(release) inevitably the mental of the turbulences and the disturbances and favor its concentration and its progress towards dhyana, the meditation.

The effects of sat karma can amount in a single word: purification.

The cleaning of the various physical systems brings a result(profit) of set(group).

The energy circulates better through the body.

Our working capacity increases, the thoughts are clearer, the digestion is better, the taste and the sense of smell become refined.

At the same time, all our perception(collection) widens.

The general health is improved there.

The problems of stomach, indigestion, the diabetes, asthma and the migraines can be relieved largely and even disappear completely by these techniques.

Sat karmas are relatively simple techniques generally as the cleaning of the language(tongue) or still the brushing of the scalp.

Someone are more complex and require the presence, the skill(competence) and the encouragement of an experimented guide.

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