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The botanical name of Tulsi is Tenuiflorum Ocimum (collectively called basil crowned in English, in Tamil and in Thiruthuzhai Tulasi or Tulsi in Sanskrit); this plant is a close cousin of the Thai Basil.

Native of India, it is long-lived one cultivated in most of the homes(foyers) in India.

It is the ultimate symbol of the purity.

" Tulsi is considered as the wife of Vishnu. This sacred plant which the Indians cultivate in jar in temples and in their place of residence brings the happiness. He(it) make him(her) Puja (ceremonies of offerings and worship) every morning, and put it a particular bombast during the month of kartik, oct-nov ) dedicated to Vishnu, with The marriage of Tulsi. An oil lamp burns in front of her. We consider that to put sheets(leaves) of Tulsi in the Water makes her(it) so pure as the Water of the Ganges (Sandgrouse jal). We put a sheet(leaf) of Tulsi in the mouth of a dead man to cleanse him(it). " Elisham - India where I saw


Used in Âyurveda for its remarkable curative properties, Tulsi is considered as a real elixir of life, a plant favoring the health and the longevity.
It is not a fate if Tulsi carries(wears) names so suggestive as: sacred basil, the incomparable, mother of the medicine of the nature, the Queen of herbs, etc.

Tulsi maybe consumed in the form of infusion in herb tea.

There are mixtures where we associate Tulsi with Rooibos.

We also use some Essential Oil of Sacred tulsi ) Basil:

  • Used internal, to use with caution 3 or 4 drops(gouts) a day, in a little oil) and on a duration not overtaking three months. The pregnant women and young children do not have to consume of H.E. of sacred basil.
  • Used external, do not apply this essential oil directly to the skin, but in mixture of some drops(gouts) in a base of sweet almond oil or other.

The tulsi is effective in the cases of:

  • Cooling and viral affections
  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • State of big stress
  • Inflammatory states
  • Poisoning and exhibition(exposure) in harmful radiations
  • Diabetes
  • High cardiovascular cholesterol, affections
  • Difficult digestion
  • Pains, headaches


OM Tulsayei Vidmahe
Vishnu Priyayei Dhimahi
Prachodayat Vrinda Tanno

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Here is a simple and effective recipe(takings) of grandmother's tonic herb tea to fight against the fatigue and find your dynamism:

Boil half a liter of water, and let infuse during ten minutes of the thyme and a stick of cinnamon.

Then, in a cup, press a half-lemon and pay(pour) the herb tea, sweeten possibly with a spoon of honey of thyme to complete the tonic effect of this spring herb tea.

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The best tea leaves must be wrinkled as the leather boots of the Tartar riders, cracked as the skin of a buffalo, they have to shine as a lake shaken by the breath of a zéphir. They have to loosen(kick away) a flavor(perfume) similar to that of the mist which rises over a solitary ravine in the mountain, and their soft flavour has to evoke the earth(ground) under a fine rain... Lu


A green tea (it simplified sinogrammes??; it traditional sinogrammes??; pinyin Luchá) A tea little oxidized during its manufacturing is. This type(chap) of tea is very popular in China and in Japan, where he is considered for having the most effective therapeutic properties. He(it) spreads more and more in West, where traditionally we drink rather some black tea. It is also the basic ingredient of the mint tea.

Source(Spring) Wikipédia

He(It) is interesting to bend over the virtues of the green tea which we are going to prefer to the black tea, in our everyday life and for our yogi's internal hygiene (nor).

The tea is a respiratory stimulant, it has a vasodilatatrice and diuretic action(share).

Polyphenols ( plant tannin) some green tea in particular have multiple beneficial actions(shares) against the bad cholesterol and in the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases, they favor the digestion and limit the absorption of fats.

Finally, numerous scientific hypotheses are in favour of the antioxidizing action(share) of the polyphenols of the green tea.
The tea is a plant naturally rich in vitamins (C, P, group B) and in minerals (potassium, fluorine).

The green tea can be advised(recommended) in all the situations of prolonged stress: diverse pathologies, psychological problems, convalescence, polluted environment (tobacco, atmospheric pollution)

Consume him(it) in infusion, several cups a day, even during the meals, by avoiding the evening because of its stimulating and diuretic effects. Choose a quality tea, a bio rather, avoid the tea bags which are often of less good quality. Prefer the whole, broken or crushed tea leaves.

thé vert

In the amber liquid which fills the ivory china cup, the initiated can enjoy the delicious reserve of Confucius, the spine of Laotsé, and the éthéré aroma of very Cakyamouni. Okakura Kakuzo

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