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" Where goes the hand, the eye follows her(it);
There where goes the eye, goes the spirit;
There where goes the spirit is the heart;
There where is the heart is the reality of the being. "

Abhinaya Darpana


Armelle Choquard

Native of Tamil Nadu, in the South of India, Bharatanâtyam is unique(only) to the world: his(her,its) tradition was immortalized thanks to the supernatural preservation, on thousands of years, by the Indian great classic of the dance, the Natya-Shastra, and by the wild will of the dancers to immortalize this tradition during the centuries.

The dance appears under two aspects:

NRITT: pure and abstract dance which, with its harmonious movements of hands and eyes combined(organized) in the rhythms of feet, creates the atmosphere.

NRITYA: meaning dance which evokes the courtship of the gods and the men(people), by means of mudrâ (body movements of hands).

It is Shiva who added to embellish the show(entertainment) the specific education(teaching) of nritta, the pure dance, revealing its dynamic, virile and powerful aspect named Tandava.
He(It) confided(entrusted) to his wife Parvati the education(teaching) of the graceful, captivating and delicate aspect named Lasya.

In a next article, a meeting with Maya, dancer of Bharata Nâthyam and professor of yoga, author of the work, in association with Dominique Guillemain d' Echon, photographer, Light of the South India - Journey danced in the heart of temples


"... Bharata Natyam allows to envisage the body of each as an instrument crowned in the service of the realization of the " purposes of the man », purushartha. It is what what makes it one of the noblest and most direct artistic forms... "

Herambanathan, agent of the tradition danced by Thanjavur (Tanjore, Tamil Nadu)

This quotation arises from an article of Maya ( Cf. above) Drafted for the pads of the yoga in 2005. Maya worked with Guru Herambanathan on Tanjore continuation(suite) in the death of his master(teacher) Kittappa Pillai of whom it was last follower.

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The Workshop(Studio) of the Red Laurel is a space of creation where the artistic activities are of use as support to the Knowledge of One.

Situated in 200 km in the South of Paris, in the Country of Armance, between Champagne and the Burgundy, it is a quiet place, favorable to the ressourcement and in search of the expression of the beauty.

The Workshop(Studio) is livened up(led) since its starting up in 1993 by Catherine MAZARGUIL, painter, alumnus of the Fine arts(School of Fine Arts) of Paris, trained(formed) to the Yoga Nidra.

Every year, an original program of Training courses and Trainings(Formations) is elaborated in Drawing, Paint(Painting), Mandala, Relaxation, Creativity, Journey diary, Yoga of the Art, Animation of Studios(Workshops) …

Par le corps de la terre - Catherine Mazarguil

" By the Body of the Earth "

Creation of Catherine Mazarguil, painter

Http: //

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