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We propose to all the future moms of the sessions of yoga dedicated to the pregnancy and the childbirth(delivery) every Tuesday in our small room of Freychenet.

Relaxation of the body and the spirit, the consciousness of one and the baby, locations of the body to prevent(warn) and calm the small difficulties (back pain), the breaths for the childbirth(delivery), a whole lot of techniques and advice(councils) so that this sacred moment is most harmoniously lived possible.

Number of participants: 4 in every session

In the daytime and Schedule: on Tuesday - from 3 pm till 4:30 pm ¦ From 5 pm till 6:30 pm

Place: Freychenet

Price lists(Rates):

  • 1st free bare session
  • 10 € the session ¦ Failed 4 sessions: 35 € ¦ Failed 12 sessions: 100 €
  • 15 € annual membership(support)

Bring a groundsheet + a light cover(blanket)


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« Oh she(it) tickles me the stomach of her(its) little fingers

And maintaining she(it) taps me with her(its) feet or the hands! »

She(It) vibrates and answers the perceptions(collections) of my being and this circle of followers, men(people), women, young people, old, and future moms, sat(based) on the ground, all being held the hand, the closed eyes, all in communication with the babies. It is this "OM» which will create them gently and sensibility. A powerful, delicious, pure "OM» …

I am 24 years old, my practising mother of Hatha Yoga for several years pulls(entails) me in her collective sessions by assuring me that it would be the best preparation for the childbirth(delivery), that this need to be reassured and relaxed would be filled.

My daughter was born as if by magic an invisible baguette created her(it) sudden and smiling in my arms.

Of this day, while the medicine had set up everything for a painful childbirth(delivery) due to the difficult birth of a son a few years before, the unconditional and seductive brightness of the Yoga seized then me. As a reason for being, as a source(spring) of life. He trained me then a road to illuminate that of my daughter and his brothers.


Here is a passage of my life, that where I met Hâtha Yoga while I was in the wait(expectation), a little alarming, of my second child. This discipline which I did not know or little, maybe just in terms of relaxation and its Indian origins, made me perceive(collect) all its magnificence and its efficiency, and since, I did not stop advising(recommending) to the future moms to cross(to go through) her(it) to live better this wait(expectation) of the child, in us, in itself.

This testimony thus opens the space that I dedicate in Antenatal Yoga. A space where I make an appointment with you, of time(weather) in other, with articles approaching the yoga, the maternity(maternity hospital) and the birth, the set(group). Of invaluable advice(councils) for acceuillir in any simplicity, calmly and in big enjoyment your young.

Your emotion is big, the delight is powerful, it is the new dimension which opens to you, let us make of this moment, the most beautiful moment of your existence.



Source(Spring) photo: Gina Scarito

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Photo of S.Clair - The World(Monde) - June 19th, 2009

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons(threads) and the girls
Of the call(appeal) of the Life to the Life.
They come through you
But not of you.
And although they are with you,
They do not belong to you.
You can give them your love,
But not your thoughts.
Because they have their own thoughts.
You can accommodate their bodies,
But their souls.
Because their souls live in the house of tomorrow
That you cannot visit,
Not even in your dreams.
You can try hard to be as them,
But do not try to make them for your image.
Because the life does not walk backwards,
Nor lingers with yesterday.
You are the bows(arcs) of which
Your children are propelled,
Such of the alive arrows.
The Archer aims at the target on the road of the Infinity,
And He(It) tightens(stretches out) you of His(Its) power
So that His(Her,Its) arrows fly fast and far.
That the tension which you give
By the hand of the Archer aim at the enjoyment.
Because as well as He likes the arrow which steals(flies),
He also likes the bow(arc) which is stable.

Khalil GIBRAN-extracts The Prophet

This text is an introduction in the new entitled category Antenatal Yoga.

It is the beautiful theme which owed be approached on this blog to accompany all the pregnant women who consult him(it).

The Yoga offers means to investigate its physical, energy and mental body and so facilitate the pregnancy and the childbirth(delivery) because the wait(expectation) of a child is precious; she(it) deserves that we made a happy journey for acceuillir the life calmly, in any harmony.

A sacred wait(expectation).


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