• Community of the Consciousnesses (created: in 23/05/2007) This community gathers(collects) persons of diverse universe such the well-being, the personal fulfillment, the philosophy, the spirituality, the humanitarian worker(humanitarianism) - persons opened by spirit who work in their way at a more aware(conscious) world.
  • Hatha Yoga (created: in 21/05/2010) The yoga comes obviously from India, more exactly from the North, where we find the first vestiges (statuettes, seals) 4000 years before J.C. approximately. The origin of Hatha Yoga goes back up(raises) to the school of Nâtha-yogis.
  • Teas and Herb teas (created: in 08/04/2010) Let us discover together all the things(tricks) and the advice(councils) on teas and herb teas. Their history(story), how to prepare them, their benefactions, their accessories... A Whole universe around the tea and the herb teas.
  • YOGA! (Created: in 15/12/2008) all the yoga, simply! Postures, meditation, spirituality, keys of wisdom, quotations of Masters(Teachers), singing(song), Yoga of the Voice(Vote), cook vitality... PS: lover of the yoga, your blog deals with 1 other subject, join the newsletter or the flow(flows) RSS to receive all our articles. Thank you
  • Yoga and Natural Health (created: in 20/02/2009) To group together(Include) Techniques and information aiming at the blooming(self-fulfillment) of the being on all the plans. La Defense of the nature for a better human and global health.
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