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An association of well-being and Of personal medicine, Piece of news(Short story) in the from the Ariège landscape,

Situated in the small village of Freychenet in 800 m of height, between Foix and Lavelanet in the Mounts of Olmes in the Ariège ( 09 ).


That we come from Foix, by way of Those or from Lavelanet by way of Nalzen, the small road then makes us discover mountains, meadows, forests, river which bring a certain quality of life to the inhabitants of Freychenet and beautiful ballads to the visitors who find quiet, tranquilité, ressourcement there.


To practise in it places is an invitation for beautiful sensations before your chosen session.

It is to forget the everyday life(daily paper) in an environment convenient to the well-being.


Courts(Yards) and Training courses

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Envy(Urge) to try the Yoga?

Come to join us,

The 1st session is free


From September till June


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Tuesday and Thursday

10h-11h30 ¦ 19h-20h30


10h-11h30 - 15H-16H30



15h-18h ( detailed practice)



To FOIX New course(price)

[ Florida Gym]

On Thursday 15h-16h30


[ Above the City hall]

On Wednesday 19h30-21h

Possibility of sessions at home

yoga-sitting.jpgFrom September till June


[ Premises of the association]


15h-16h30 ¦ 17h-18h30

Possibility of sessions at home

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" The children can make everything, postures, breaths, concentrations, mantra, yantra, it is simply enough to adapt him(it) their being.
Current collective or particular, they have finally often more possibilities than the adults, until the puberty it is little as if they were still in connection with the gods and the supernatural. "
Christian Tikhomiroff-nâtha yogi

From September till June


[ Premises of the association]

Wednesday 15h-16h


[ Above the City hall]

On Wednesday 18h-19h


1st bare session = Free

Annual membership(support) = 15 €

Session 1:30 am

The session 10 €

Failed 4 sessions = 35 €

Failed 12 sessions = 100 €

Session 3:00 am

The session 15 €

Failed 4 sessions = 55 €

Failed 12 sessions = 160 €


A training course of Yoga is a period of initiation and perfection which lasts a few days in an adapted place.

It is a particular moment of dumping in yoga,

Guided and adapted to all.

Winter, 2011
3 days
19 - 20 - December 21st

Spring, 2012
Week Yoga
Zone A - from 7 till 13 April
Zone B - from 16 till 22 April
Zone C - from April 25th till May 1st

Week Yoga
From 9 till 15 July
From 23 till 29 July
From 6 till 12 August
From 20 till 26 August

3 days
18 - 19 20 in July
16 - 17 - August 18th

shri narayana vishnu in yoga nidra hi81


Every morning from 7 am till 8 am

Relaxation ¦ Yoga Nidrâ

Every evening from 9 pm till 10 pm


Sound massages

Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese bowls

On RDV - in

Initiation bowls workshop

Every last Saturday of the month

From 3 pm till 6 pm


Pascale - Sâdhana

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" The Peace "

" Meet with the internal guides "

" Have a dialogue between 2 bowls "

Session Yoga Nidrâ - level 1


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Inhale(Suck up) the life, restore the love

Every time to inspire you it is the life which flows(sinks) in you. This life drawn outside is burned in the internal combustion of the breath, as an offering, as oils him(it) who(which) interview(maintenance) the flame of the life.

Every time you expire it is the part of you even that is restored and - to resume(to take back) the image of the lamp - a little of your internal light.

Because it is the life which flows(sinks) into the breath, the universe gives you the most beautiful part of what it is. In turn to offer the most beautiful part of what you are by making of every breath an act of deep love: the Amur of this life when you inspire, love of you and the others when you expire.

If you realize it you will be assured(insured) to know the harmony, if you do not reach still here is an objective deserving of a magnificent human fate there.

Christian Tikhomiroff

Nathâ yogi


blog Nataraja









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" OM Shri Ganeshâya namah "


« Manage his(her,its) attention inside,

While having leregard Turned(Shot) towards

The outside, without movement for

To open nor to close eyes, it is

Shâmbhavî mudrâ, hidden in them

Védas and Sâstras.

When the yogin lives

Constantly with the spirit and the breath

Absorbed in the internal target

Antarlaksya ) although his(her,its) glance in

Immovable wards(pupils) is managed towards

The outside or downward, as if he(it)

Saw and nevertheless not seeing, this

Mudrâ really is Shambhavî.

When she(it) is reached(affected) by the grace(favor) of

Guru, springs radiant this

Supreme Reality of Shambhu ( Shiva),

Who cannot be expriMée as having

The characteristics of the space

Nor those of the non-space. »

( Hatha-yoga-Pradîpikâ IV 36, 37)




Project militating for a fair, united tourism,

Socially and ecologically person in charge

Andalusia - Spain

IY81-net-1a-couv Page 01


The Yoga and you
With what frequency do you practise the Yoga?
Every day
From time to time
Where do you practise the Yoga?
At the house
Current collective
Current deprived(private)
In training courses
What shape (s) of Yoga do you practise?
Hâtha Yoga
What represents for you the Yoga?
Of the well-being
A personal search(research)
A personal medicine
What techniques draws your attention?
Âsana (postures)
Prânâyâmâ (breaths)
Dhârana (concentrations)
Dhyâna (meditations)
Nidrâ yoga
Drishti ( eye techniques)
Sound massages



There are 2 on-line person (s)


During all the period of the Christmas holidays, no course(price) will be assured(insured).

We shall thus meet from January 4th, 2012.

While waiting for all the team of the association NataYoga wishes you pleasant parties(holidays)

And a new year so soft is.

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The health is bound(connected) to 3 elements:

- The physical body

- The energy body

- The mental body

In every attitude of the physical body corresponds a breath, also for the energy body.

The health is going to deceive at first at the energy level, then at the mental age and finally at the physical level.

If my energies are full in me, there is not passage anymore for the negative (germs, virus)

Prânâyâmâ exbandages the energy and undoes knots, tensions in all the energy structure.

In the mental age, the importance of the breath is essential because the breath allows then a better management of 3 aforesaid elements: body physical appearance(physics), energy body and mental body.

The breath of the yogi corresponds to 20 % of air(sight) and 80 % of energy.

For the common individual it is the opposite.

At the beginning of the practice of the yoga the prânâyâmâ is not evident, to lengthen(stretch out) the breaths, to to make retentions for full or empty lungs, or then to to inhale only with the stomach, to to equalize the breaths, etc. etc. etc. we tend to force and that clamps(sticks), we miss air(sight), we have the impression(printing) sometimes to suffocate(suppress), feelings resurface, it's all one heap of discomforts which it is quietly necessary to fight(dispute).

It is necessary to force " the machine " without wanting to force

Because the prânâyâma depends

Of the harmony,

Of the happy medium,

Of the balance.

Too much effort or not enough

Is not positive for the pranâyâmâ,

The best ally is the Time(Weather)

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Training course Yoga and Care

19 - 20 - December 21st, 2011

To Freychenet ( 09 )

It is 3 days dedicated to the wintry well-being by techniques of Yoga, Sound Massages ( melodious Bowls) and Energy Massages ( Nyasa), as well as approach of the Aromatherapy, that we propose you.

The Yoga: Hâtha-yoga, Yoga-nidrâ and Meditation

The Care: sound Massages ( melodious Bowls), energy Massages ( Nyasa)

The Program:

  • Day rise: meditation
  • Morning: care and Massages
  • After noon(south): Hâtha-yoga, Yoga-nidrâ
  • Evening: meditation

More information by clicking the image > LOGO Montagne SMALL

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Bhastrika Is translated by smith's bellows.

We can thus imagine that such a smith we instigate a fire(light) and it is exactly that he(it) is going to take place by practising this prânâyâmâ in his(its) abdominal shape.

It is the breath which is exclusively made with the stomach to cleanse the energies of the fire(light). There will be then one Expansion of this energy in all the structure of nadî (channels(canals) of energy) and chakrâ (centres of energy), a stimulation of the body, the immune system and a releasing the breaths. Bhastrika prânâyâmâ abdonminal undoes the knots of energies and the mental tensions.

Bhastrika abdominal softens the diaphragm.


Take one sat(based) classic (tailor(suit), sidhâsana, ardhapadmâsana, padmâsana). Hands on knees it jnana mudrâ (gesture(movement) of the knowledge and the wisdom). Very right(straight) back.

Expire by bringing in the stomach

Inspiring in the outgoing, inflating him(it).

We make +ou-40 breaths in the minute

Mantrâ: SO in the inspir ¦ HAM in the expir

Display(Visualization): see the breath which goes and comes between 1 red point situated on the base of the vertebral column (muladhara chakrâ) and 1 white point situated at the level of the fontanel (sahasrara chakrâ).

The inspiration goes(takes) up of the red point or white, the expiration comes down(falls) the other way around.

Mudrâ|bandha: mulabandha, kechari mudrâ, shambavi mudrâ, ujjayin

Time(Weather): 1 or 2 mn of breaths (with SO HAM) followed by a retention with full lungs (with 3 contractions + the sound SO) between 30 seconds in 1 minute.

Begin again so 5 times all in all

When we discover for the 1st time this breath, and to manage to master him(it), it is necessary to be relaxed well, the relaxed shoulders, then to practice(to be applied) at the beginning only by concentrating only on the movement of the stomach by putting a hand there, it will be more understandable. And the mantrâ SO HAM is really going to help to support this breath. Pronounce H of the HAM in the expir as smith's bellows would make him(it) when we send the air(sight) towards embers.

And then especially, do not invert the movement!

Inspir, the stomach swells with SO / Expir the stomach retracts with HAM

The mantrâ indeed pronouncing mentally on.

There is also a thoracic version which is then going to cleanse anahata chakrâ, center of energy of the heart. It will be the subject of a next article.

Good breaths!!

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Discover the new dates of the training courses of Winter, 2011 ¦ Spring and Summer, 2012 which(who) will take place to Freychenet, to the homepage of the blog (left column).

Themes, modalities and diverse information will soon be communicated with you, the time(weather) to draft them and to put them on-line patience, you can already organize your calendar.

New melodious bowls slowly take place in the room, and thus in the education(teaching) during these sessions of training courses, what should delight it more of one!

( (( OM)))

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To all the followers registered on our association, e-mail of your absence in one of the courses(prices) to Foix please prevent(warn) us by telephone or, Turned or Freychenet, this in one concerns(marigolds) of organization.

Thank you very much,

NataYoga association

Such: 05 61 64 42 85



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We propose to all the future moms of the sessions of yoga dedicated to the pregnancy and the childbirth(delivery) every Tuesday in our small room of Freychenet.

Relaxation of the body and the spirit, the consciousness of one and the baby, locations of the body to prevent(warn) and calm the small difficulties (back pain), the breaths for the childbirth(delivery), a whole lot of techniques and advice(councils) so that this sacred moment is most harmoniously lived possible.

Number of participants: 4 in every session

In the daytime and Schedule: on Tuesday - from 3 pm till 4:30 pm ¦ From 5 pm till 6:30 pm

Place: Freychenet

Price lists(Rates):

  • 1st free bare session
  • 10 € the session ¦ Failed 4 sessions: 35 € ¦ Failed 12 sessions: 100 €
  • 15 € annual membership(support)

Bring a groundsheet + a light cover(blanket)


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paschima8.jpgChristian Tikhomiroff -

« 92) Being held the not close(plain) legs the one in the other one, the follower seizes solidly toes with hands and concerns the head knees. This posture is called ugrâsana, it stimulates the traffic(circulation) of the air(sight) and eliminates the fatigue; we also call her(it) pascimattânâsana. If the wise person executes every day this excellent âsana, the flow of the air(sight) circulates through the later(posterior) way.
93) Those who practise this exercise obtain all the powers, that is why the yogi looks with heat to obtain the success in this practice.
94) This âsana, by means of which we obtain easily the success in the control of the breath which destroys(annuls) a lot of suffering, must be kept secret and must not be revealed to somebody qualified. »

Shiva Samithã

Pascimottana = The East ¦ Âsana = The posture

Pascimottanâsana = The posture of the stretching eastward or the Crowbar(Pliers)

Pascimottanâsana Is one of 4 bigger postures of the Yoga.

Pascimottanâsana A big posture of theft of the breath is, she allows to breathe more in the energy than in the tyre(pneumatic). She(it) thus changes the quality and the power of the energy, it is a precious help to the prânâyâma.

It is also, in the nâtha-yoga, a big posture of awakening of the vital energy - Kundalini. It is a complete posture, of alchemy of the breath that is the transfer(transformation) of the pneumatic breath in energy breath. The breath in this posture is going to become of + + at the end, of + + subtle, what obliges the energy to wake up.

On the physiological plan she(it) stimulates powerfully the digestive fire(light) and the immune system.

On the mental plan she(it) gives recession(drop) and stability, she(it) affects the impatience and familiarizes with the immobility.

On the energy plan she(it) stimulates muladhara chakrâ (chakrâ of the base) and vishudha chakrâ (chakrâ of the pubis).

It is a powerful, very beneficial posture for the health, the energy and the mental.

She(It) brings a physical comfort and a very pleasant dynamism


Sit down, lengthen(stretch out) legs in front of one, joined(contacted) or not but parallel and tightened(stretched out), hands on the ground next to buttocks, fingers managed towards the back.

To close eyes, to concentrate in the space, the sound and the internal light, to visualize(display) the axis ( sushmunâ ), mûlâdhâra chakra with the linga in the yellow square, the cobra rolled up all around, the red triangle of the shakti. To converge the glance on a median bhrumadyadrishti ) point, the language(tongue) returned khecharimudrâ ), the anus is squeezed(tightened) mulabandha ). Install(settle) a breath.

Visualize(Display) the breath which comes down(falls) to the inspiration, which makes turn(shoot) the energy in mûlâdhârachakra during the retention the full lungs, which goes back up(raises) up to the summit of the skull during the expiration.

Use(Employ) the rhythm: 1 time(weather) to inspire (from 4 till 10 seconds), 4 times this time(weather) for the retention the full lungs, twice this time(weather) for the expiration.

On an expiration tilt you forward to move closer to the forehead(front) towards knees.

By inspiring raise(straighten) by going(taking) up you arms. Make a retention the full lungs.

On the expiration come down(fall) to catch big toes with thumbs(inches) and index.

Bring the chin to the breastbone to make jalandharabandha and put the forehead(front) or better the eyes on knees.

To stay in the posture
Install(Settle) breath and displays(visualizations). Try to lengthen(to stretch out) the breath until 8/32/16. It is physiologically almost impossible because the very closed position prevents the air(sight) from filling(performing) lungs, it is necessary to wait that the energy breath wakes up and so to need less and less air(sight).

Settle down 5 minutes at least, and until 25.

Use mantra classics on the place(square) of the account of the breath as soon as it is possible.

For example So (by inspiring and during the retention to the full) Ham by expiring, or according to the same process Ram, Ksham.

Concentrate on the display(visualization), the points of the fire(light), the internal space, the heat, the vibration and the immobility.

We notice that at the end of 15 in 20 minutes some thing(matter) takes place, releases(leaves,breaks), everything becomes easier

To leave the posture
If you stay there for a long time, it is really necessary to recover slowly we propose this method:
1) Inspire in east the head. Hold the breath.

Pashimottanasana - images - images

2) Expire without moving anything.

3) Inspire in stimulant slowly the body, then the arm.

Pashimottanasana - images - images

4) Hold the full lungs

5) Expire in resting(basing) hands on the ground, fingers were managed towards the back.

Pashimottanasana - images - images

After the posture
Still set from 1 till 3 minutes to observe what takes place, either lengthened(stretched out), is sat(based).

Sources(Springs) photos and texts:

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Nata = Dancer, actor

NataYoga is The expression of her(it) Eternal dance Of Shiva (1st yogin) Often indicated(appointed) as Tândava (ava's tan) Of Shiva Or of the dance Of Shiva Strong Which is the source(spring) Of the cycle of her(it) Creation, the conservation And the dissolution


Nâtha = Maitre, protector

Nâtha-yoga is Bound(Connected) to the order of Nathayogin based(established) by Matsyendranãth and among whom one of the most illustrious representatives was Gorakhnath who lived in the XIth orth XIIth century.

Nathayoga is in connection with Shivaïsme.

And Hâtha-yoga in all this?

It is the strong practice of Nãthayogin in the direct line of the yoga of the origins.

The way of Nãthayogin is the lineage of the most former(ancient) transmission.



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Ardha = Half | Pascimottanâsana = The East, the crowbar(pliers) | Âsana = The posture

Ardhapascimottanâsana = The posture of half a crowbar(pliers) or of 1/2 stretching eastward

Ardhapascimottanâsana A posture is which prepares in PascimottanâsanaThe posture of the crowbar(pliers) or the stretching eastward.

Physiologically, she(it) stretches ischio-jambiers and psoas illiaques, softens hips, vertebral column, has an impact on loins, belly

Energétiquement, stimulate Muladhara chakrâ, the chakrâ of the base, the chakrâ root, the chakrâ 1st was situated at the bottom of the vertebral column. Clean and stimulates nadî (channels(canals) of energy) Ida (to the left) and Pingala (to the right).


Sit down legs lengthened(stretched out) in front of one, toes of two feet towards one. Fold the right leg, put down(deposit) it on the ground, the heel against the perineum.

Put both hands behind one, near buttocks, fingers towards the back.

Contract the base- Muladhabandha - (Contraction of the anus), to contract slightly the low stomach, the very right(straight) back. Kechari mudrâ ( Turned(Returned) language(tongue)), to close eyes and to visualize(display) the Full moon in the mental space.

Expire - to lower(to go down) the bust towards the lengthened(stretched out) leg

Inspire - to recover by raising arms above the head, the joined(contacted) hands - Hold the breath a few moments

Expire - to lower(to go down) towards the tense leg and to catch, according to the flexibility, the knee, the calf, the ankle, the foot and best, to pick the big toe with the thumb(inch) and the index.

Chin in the breastbone - Put the forehead(front) in the knee

Raise arms to free the zone of the heart.

Inspire on 4 time(weather) - Hold the breath 16 time(weather) - Visualize(Display) the Full moon - Pronounce mentally the sound YAM In sequences or continuously, then expire on 8 time(weather)

Make the breaths 3, 6, 9 times..

At the end of the last expiration, to raise the head (always closed eyes, Full moon, YAM)-

Inspire - to recover by raising arms above the head, the joined(contacted) hands - Hold the breath

Then expire, lower(go down) arms by sides and abandon(give up).

Begin again the same process with the folded left leg. Replace the display(visualization) by the Full Sun - the sound RAM

Then, lengthen(stretch out) on the back, observe and savor.

Breaths: 1/4/2 in the axis

Mantrâ: YAM to the left ¦ RAM to the right

Mudrâ and bandha: mulabandha - kechari mudrâ - shambavi mudrâ

Duration of the practice: of 5 mn in a gathika (25 mn)

If you meet problems of flexibility of the back and the hips, keep(guard) the head aligned in the vertebral column without chin in the breastbone.

When the flexibility will be ready(in position), the head can then settle(arise) on the knee.

Possibility of putting glutei on a towel(briefcase) or a small pillow.

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It is with pleasure that we announce you the opening of a new course(price) to Foix, to Florida Gym, every Thursday from 3 pm till 4:30 pm.

The sessions take place in a big room with parquet(public prosecutor's department) on the ground, the showers and the cloakrooms(the changing rooms).

Price lists(Rates)

* 10 € the session of 1:30 am

* 35 € fixed price(package) 4 sessions

* 100 € fixed price(package) 12 sessions

* 15 € annual membership(support)

This course(price) addresses all. The first session is free.

Bring Carpet(Mat,Carpets,Mats) of Yoga + light cover(blanket).

Information and Registrations(Inscriptions)

NataYoga association - The Village - 09300 FREYCHENET - Such: Pascale - 05 61 64 42 85

Florida Gym - 13, place du Champ de Mars - 09000 FOIX - Such: Carine - 05 61 65 53 00

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In the practices of Prânâyâmâ We have to visualize(display) at once(at the same time) the route of the breath or visualize(display) the full moon, the height-sun and count the time(weather) of the breaths with one Bîja-mantrâ As OM Or RAM YAM SO HAM Etc....

I finalized(worked out) a method not to have any more to count mentally while listening mentally Mantrâ Or have to move fingers.

It is quite simple.

For example, you are in the posture of 1/2 pinches- Ardhapascimottanâsana - And you have to visualize(display) the Full Moon, hear(understand) the sound YAM( If you are on the left leg), while making breaths 1/4/2 and hold the immovable position.

Count your breaths by visualizing(displaying) the celestial body - the Full Moon in our example - and cut in 4 equal parts. Every part corresponds to 1 time(weather) with one Mantrâ


1 tour(tower,ballot) thus corresponding to 4 time(weather), begin again and you will have made 8 time(weather), then 16 etc....

Mantrâ Chooses, him, will ring, will vibrate, mentally in sequences in every part and when you will more feel at ease, he(it) will ring continuously...

Your concentration will be there only finer and more composed and your managed soufflesmieux.

You will also make for the Height-sun.

And then also when to fix you a point or a bright sphere in the mental space, in the forehead(front)- Âjna-chakrâ | Shambavi mudrâ - By having only the circle and the parts obviously, as by transparency.

Forgotten the accounts with fingers, the mental accounts, the displays(visualizations) of flowers (would need not to make a mistake about number of petals!), there it is simple and effective.

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Nyâsa Energy massages associated to breaths and mantrâ are which we use to stimulate the energy, to calm the mental and to stabilize the breath.

They also have relaxing therapeutic incidences and deep méditatoves.

Mostly we have a practice Nyâsa In the main chakrâ but they can be made in any part of the body as for example the joints(articulations), the ligaments or for the other troubles.


We call Nyâsa « The act to press with the thumb(inch) or the hand on a certain part of the body or on an object to mean that we impose it one Mantrâ»

The imposition(taxation) of Nyâsa Modify the various energy networks ( Nâdî ) Presents as much in the body of the follower as in the whole of the cosmos because the body is a microcosm of the universe. In brief, by executing NyâsaThe yogi bounds, increases, decreases or destroys(annuls) a given energy.

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Sama = Same(even), equal
Vritti = The wave, the wave

For certain techniques, we are going to use Samavritti prânâyâmâ Which is a breath where all the breaths are equalized.

He(It) so consists: inspiration / retention with lungs heights / expiration / retention with empty lungs.

And every time(weather) are equal

For example: inspir on 4 time(weather) / retention with full lungs on 4 time(weather) / expiration on 4 time(weather) / retention with empty lungs on 4 time(weather)

We are thus going to name(appoint) him(it): 1/1/1/1 - to see explanations in the article { Here}

Indeed on, these breaths can be extended on 5, 6, 7 time(weather).

We meet this pranâyâmâ in Viparita karani mudrâ ( the inverted gesture(movement)), Kurmâsana (the posture of the tortoise), enter other.

Samavritti prânâyâmâ Bring a deep relaxation, improves the concentration and is balancing.

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