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The Aromatherapy allows to prevent(warn) and to treat(handle) the small troubles of the everyday life(daily paper) for a better health and a real well-being. She can be used by various manners or by massage or by inhalation.

His(Her,Its) use is recommended in Yoga for its bienfaîts in terms of relaxation, relaxation, meditation, respiratory comfort.

We propose some organic natural superior-quality certified products ecocert, exclusively in essential oil 100 % pure and natural to bring a real comfort to your practice of Yoga (we specify only their virtues in report(relationship) in this domain):

AHELA-10 1Essential Organic oil - the True Lavender - 10 ml- 12.50 € 10€

In Yoga because she(it) is décontractante, soothing, regulating of the nervous system.

Some drops(gouts) on a handkerchief to be inhaled or in unction on temples and hollow of wrists.


Essential oil Organic - Crossed off Eucalyptus - 10 ml- 10.00 € 8,00 €

In Yoga, we use him(it) to loosen(to kick away) and relieve respiratory tracts blocked by a cold to practise comfortably prânâyâmâ.

It is a natural antibiotic. She(it) is fresh(cool) and penetrating.

We can apply him(it) to the throat(breast) and under the nose diluted beforehand with some vegetable oil.

thym.jpg Essential oil Organic - Thyme - 10 ml- 12.50 € 10,50 €

Also to loosen(to kick away) and relieve respiratory tracts, the prânâyâmâ will be there only more pleasant. She(it) works on the cough and the sinusitis and the fatigue engendered by these difficulties respiratory.

In local application always diluted with some vegetable oil


Essential Organic oil - Cyprès-10 ml- 9.50 € 7,50 €

In Yoga, she(it) guides the thoughts towards the main part. She(it) helps those who scatter, who waste their energies or avoid(flee) the reality to concentrate and to channel on the main part. She allows to get free of feelings which submerge us. She(it) refreshes and brings a real reassurance at the level of the nervousness.

Put down(Deposit) 2 drops(gouts) on a handkerchief to be inhaled.


Essential oil Organic - Geranium Rosat - 10 ml- 12.50 € 10,50 €

This essential oil possesses a very pleasant, soft, flowery fragrance. She(it) is relaxing, it is tonic one soft at the nervous level, she(it) limits(eases) repercussions.

Some drops(gouts) on a handkerchief to be inhaled and a drop(gout) on the zone of anhata chakrâ, chakra of the heart.


Essential oil Organic - Sweet orange - 10 ml- 8.00 € 6,00 €

She(It) is very relaxing - soothing and reassuring very estimated(appreciated) by the children.

In massage on the solar plexus, zone of Manipura Chakrâ, and the breast ( Anahata Chakrâ), she(it) acts on the anxiety and the stress by calming the hypersensitive persons or some drops(gouts) in massage in wrists, on the solar plexus, along the vertebral column and the bottom of feet before your session of Yoga.

Do not apply before an exposure to the sun


Essential Organic oil - Ylang Ylang - 10 ml- 14.00 € 12,00 €

She(It) fights(disputes) frustations and angers. Free(release) the tensions, takes the strain out in case of stress. She(it) relieves the fears, the depression, the insomnia. She(it) activates(starts) lightness(thoughtlessness), enjoyment, relaxation, euphoria and sensualism without guilt. She(it) spreads a feeling of safety(security) and quiet inside.

Mass(Massage) slowly the solar plexus, the forehead(front), the nape of the neck and the feet with some drops(gouts).

huile-vegetale-macadamia.jpgVegetable Organic oil - Macadamia - 100 ml- 14.80 € 12,80 €

1st cold pressure organic 100 %

Very estimated(appreciated) as base for Essential Oil. She(it) is ideal for the massages and the unctions because she(it) is very fluid and penetrates very well into the skin.

hatha reduced 20


Tea of Bath - Fine Lavender - 4 bags of 25 grams- 8.80 € 6,80 €

Composition: salt of Mer de Guérande, flowers and essential oil of lavender AOC(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN)

The bath before a session of yoga allows to relax.. The tea of bath in the fine lavender is really painkiller, relaxing for all, small and big.

Place a tea bag of bath under the faucet of the bathtub and let the water flow(sink) above been able to put him(it) directly in the bath so that he(it) infuses.

sel de bain relaxantSalt of Bath – Relaxant – 270 grams- 8.80 € 6,80 €
Mixture of Sea salt of Guérande, shea butter and Essential Oil 100 % pure and natural of Bergamot orange, Cedar Atlas and Lavandin.
Let melt a handle of Salt in your bath while the water pours(flows,sinks). Then relax 15 - 20 mn in this perfumed atmosphere.

sel de bain relaxant

Salt of Bath – Cleansing – 270 grams- 8.80 € 6,80 €
Salt of Bath in Essential Oil 100 % pure and natural of Grapefruit, Lavandin and Juniper.

sel de bain relaxantSalt of Bath – Tonic – 270 grams- 8.80 € 6,80 €
Salt of Bath in Essential Oil 100 % pure and natural of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lime and Fir-tree

hatha reduced 20


Natural incenses consisted only of powders of wood, of plants and pure essential Oil. No addition of chemical compounds of synthesis, fixative sprays or preservative(conservative).

They are mixed with care and every stick is rolled to the hand.

Incense natural 100 % not toxin.


Incense Aromatherapy - Asurya - Meditation - 30 sticks- 4.80 € 3,80 €

Natural incense in pure Essential Oil of Cinnamon, Cedar of Himalaya, Eucalyptus, Patchouly and Ylang Ylang

Favor the concentration and the meditation. Develop a soft flavor(perfume) of serenity.


Incense Aromatherapy - Sunidra - Sleep - 30 sticks- 4.80 € 3,80 €

Natural incense in pure Essential Oil of Benjoi, Lavender, Nutmeg, Valerian and Vétiver.

Calm the body and the spirit. Help to take advantage of a beneficial and repair rest.


Incense Aromatherapy - Madhura-Anti-Stress - 30 sticks- 4.80 € 3,80 €

Natural incense in pure Essential Oil of Basil, Mandarin and Sweet orange.

Calm the internal tensions, helps to find harmony and clarity(brightness) of spirit


Incense Aromatherapy - Zanti - Relaxation - 30 sticks- 4.80 € 3,80 €

Natural incense in pure Essential Oil of Basil, Mandarin and Sweet orange.

Renowned for his(her,its) décontractantes virtues. He(it) wraps with a soft and relaxing atmonsphère


Incense Aromatherapy - Kama-Sensualité - 30 sticks- 4.80 € 3,80 €

Natural incense in pure Essential Wooden oil of Sandalwood, Patchouly and Vétiver

Renowned for his(her,its) stimulating virtues. Envelope in a warm and sensual atmosphere.


Incense Aromatherapy - Prana - Vitality ¦ Tonus - 30 sticks- 4.80 € 3,80 €

Natural incense in pure Essential Oil of Lemon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Pine

Renowned for his(her,its) dynamisantes virtues, bring quick-wittedness and natural tonus.

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