Sanskrit glossary of the words

" (San-skri. Sanscrit sanskrita, completed), Adj. The language(tongue) sanscrite, the former(ancient) language(tongue) of Brahmans, the sacred language(tongue) of Indoustan.*Sm. The sanscrit, the sanscrite language(tongue). "


In the course of articles, you can consult in this glossary the words in Sanskrit used in yoga

Âsana = posture

Bandhâ = technique of ligature by which certain organs or parts of the body are contracted and checked, in particular during the prayanama, to stimulate the fluidiques energies of the chakras. Three ligatures the most important are: mula (of the anus in the navel), uddiyana ( the diaphragm), kantha or jalandhara ( the throat(breast)).

Dhârana = concentration

Dhyana = meditation

Drishti = eye

Hasta = hand

Kapalabathi = the light in the skull (kapala = crane)

Mudrâ = gesture(movement), seal

Mantra = « thought transformatrice– ManAt TraYate » – syllable, or word, or formula, of sacred character, the repetition(rehearsal) of which accompanied with reflection on its subtle sense(direction), allows to achieve and to realize the One. The mantra is thus a ritual formula, which summarizes in itself all the power of the meditation as to be able to of transsubstantiation of the consciousness.

Nidra = sleep

Savâsana = the posture of the corpse (posture of relaxation)

Illustration " Vishudha Sounds " - the sounds of Vishudha, chakrâ of the throat(breast), in Sanskrit language(tongue)

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