This site, largely dedicated to the bio-electronic Vincent, has for purpose to promote this method to a wide audience,and to give you the information that allow you to choose a power supply guarantor of the maintenance of your health. New: cellsymbiosis therapy.

The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
Explanation ...

The balance sheets of field Bio-electronics

These balances are carried out with a device named "bio-electronimetre", containing a multiple electrode. This last allows the simultaneous measurement of 3 parameters (pH, rh2 and conductivity, the latter being transformed by the device in resistivity) on the 3 physiological fluids (blood, saliva, and urine). These measures are then entered into a computer software that establishes the bio-electronigramme , representing the "field" :

The green triangle clear represents the "ground" by positioning the blood (red dot), the saliva (blue point) and urine (green point). The position of these various points on the diagram informs us about the state of vitality of the topic and its ability to self healing. In fact, more than the measures of the blood are "degraded" and positioned in the dial "alkaline-oxide" (the more colorful, at the top to the right) the greater the potential for self-defense is low. The rh2 of the blood we shall inform on the degree of oxidation in the body, i.e. on the ability (or inability) of the body to neutralize the free radicals. Similarly for the measures of the saliva: the more they are deflected by report to those in good health, less the digestive tract has of vitality (poor assimilation of nutrients, intestinal flora degraded, clogging of the lymphatic system or the liver, lack of digestive enzymes etc. …). The measures of the urine as to they, provide information on the degree of acidity of deep tissues, on the state of stress in the body, the filtration capacity of the kidney

Once the balance sheet bio-electronics interpreter, and the "malfunctioning" marks, advice naturopathic treatments are offered in order to "straighten" the coordinates and thus enable the body to regain homeostasis. These tips are for the most part, based on a food adjustment, drains (liver, kidney, intestins…) and the advice of hygiene of life. When the body, "sleek" and revitalized, found the coordinates of good health, vitality and well-being can be felt quickly!

I propose the balance sheets bio-electronics to my cabinet on appointment. The latter are taking place on a morning (9h-12h). The measures are carried out early in the morning. Then the balance sheet is explained and I propose to you the "Reorganization of ground" by the advice naturopathic treatments. For more information, or to take contact:Communication that Or at the

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