This site, largely dedicated to the bio-electronic Vincent, has for purpose to promote this method to a wide audience,and to give you the information that allow you to choose a power supply guarantor of the maintenance of your health. New: cellsymbiosis therapy.

The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
Explanation ...

The discoverers

Louis Claude Vincent was born in 1906 at the Puy (High Loire).
In 1925 he obtained a diploma of engineer from the Graduate School of Public Works.

It is following the observation that the increase in the percentage of the rate of mortality by disease in certain cities seems correlated to the quality of the water distributed to people, that he got the idea to "characterize" the water, by using certain settings ...

It then resumes the concept of pH (acidity). Then, it synthesizes the work of different researchers (Clark among others) to emerge the notion of RH2 (degree of oxidation). A third parameter complements the previous two: the concept of resistivity (mineral load of an aqueous solution). The databases of the Bio-electronics are then posed in 1948: these three parameters are sufficient to characterize the status of a solution, and by the following, to characterize any living being

Bio-electronimetre Vincent

The work of L. CL.Vincent on the water will be complemented and supported by Jeanne Rousseau, pharmacist, who will become his collaborator.
Jeanne Rousseau has continued to do research, and measures, on the quality of rain water, sea water, the quality of the soil, the cosmic influences ....
It has also developed the bathtub hydrodynamics, always marketed but ignored.

Jeanne Rousseau was born on 1 February 1915 at Bourgneuf in Retz (44), where it continues to go through a gentle retraite….

A DVD on the life and œuvre of Jeanne Rousseau is available for sale to the Association of Bio-Electronique (ABE).

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