This site, largely dedicated to the bio-electronic Vincent, has for purpose to promote this method to a wide audience,and to give you the information that allow you to choose a power supply guarantor of the maintenance of your health. New: cellsymbiosis therapy.

The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
Explanation ...

Interest of measures B-E of foods and food supplements

Determine the measures bio-electronic of a food is essential, as the position on the bio-electronigramme. This gives us an indication of its alkali forming capacity or acidifying, anti-oxidant, its ability to remineralise etc

Then, depending on its position on the bio-electronigramme, we will consider the food as a real "licensor of health ", rectifier of field, if it is located in the "keystone" living of the bio-electronigramme, or well if these are foods that allow us to maintain our health (food slightly acidic and reducers) :

The interest is the same for the ins alimentaires….Measure the rh2 to an anti-oxidant allows us to see if it really has this power anti-oxidant, and also the "quality" of this power anti-oxidant . An anti-oxidant having a rh2 to 18 will be less "efficient" than another with a rh2 to 14 for example. We can as well choose a supplement based on the status of "degeneration" of our biological field: if the rh2 of the blood is 30 it is better to choose a product with an rh2 the lowest possible, in order to "straighten" the field . By against on a blood to 24 of RH2, a product having 18 of rh2 can be suffisant… In addition to measure the resistivity of a food supplement (or of a food) allows us to appreciate its concentration in active principles, or minerals for sugar, for example .

The purpose of all these measures is to allow for a hand to assess the quality "living" or "to a vitalizing treatment" of a product (or food supplement), to assess its ability to keep us in good health . They also allow you to be able to choose, either a product of the same nature (vinegars biological for example) by comparing their measures bio-electronic , either to be able to make comparisons between the biological quality of food and those from cultures conventionnelles… however the method bio-electronics does not explain everything. Some products that will not have the coordinates bio-electronic exceptional, may be considered to be just the same as good products by their specific composition for example. Similarly, some industrial products (the cola drinks to cite only they!! )can obtain good coordinates bio-electronic when it knows the disreputable to maintain the good health!

The bio-electronics is not an exclusive criteria for choice, but it allows all of the same to make a choice more "advised".

The bio-electronigramme is derived from "Concepts of Bio-electronic "Roger Castell edited by the association ABE

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