This site, largely dedicated to the bio-electronic Vincent, has for purpose to promote this method to a wide audience,and to give you the information that allow you to choose a power supply guarantor of the maintenance of your health. New: cellsymbiosis therapy.

The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
Explanation ...

Interest of measures BE cosmetics

As well as the parameters of good health, have been established for the three physiological fluids, L. CL.Vincent has determined the parameters bio-electronic for healthy skin. Measure the cosmetics (quality biological or not) in bio-electronics offers us a criterion of additional choice. We know that the skin has a pH slightly acid and a rh2 slightly reducer. It is therefore preferable that the cosmetic products used on our skin have coordinates bio-electronic as close as possible to the coordinates of the healthy skin.

A soap for example will have a pH "naturally" very alkaline, by its composition of soda or potash. The vocation of the soap is in any way detergent (dissolves fats). However, the soap used in cosmetics, does not remain on the skin, it is flushed. Then, know the measures bio-electronic of a soap allows before all to choose a product with a pH alkaline will be the least possible to preserve the sensitive skin, or on the contrary with a very alkaline pH if you want to use the soap such as detergent for the linge….

By against know the coordinates bio-electronic of a cream of day, which is still applied to the skin, is essential. Most its coordinates will be close to those of healthy skin, the more the product will be respectful of skin tissue, "non-aggressive". With the measures bio-electronic creams" anti-wrinkles" for example, it is easier to make the sorting between those who are really and those who wish the être….

The same is true for the dentifrices….Most are very alkaline and very oxides. So, admittedly, they protect us against the caries…..but they are so abrasive that they are preparing the ground of parondotoses!

To learn more about the method bio-electronics, the understand and know how to use on a daily basis, i offer internships on the discovery of the method, the discovery of the balance sheets of field and in association with a dietician, workshops of live food. The information on these courses will be given in home page.

The association of Bio-electronics ABE also edited the journals which deal with the method, and organizes training courses for its members on the discovery of the bio-electronics,or on the use of apparatus of measures that allow you to assess the quality of the water that you consume for example

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