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The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
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Experience: Importance of the resistivity

I have been led to make measurements of food for fish, which has given me the opportunity to check, once again, the importance of eating a little mineralized water and the importance of the resistivity as a regulator of the middle.

The BEV measures were made with different waters and at different dilutions.
I note below only the measurements made to 10% in demineralised water and in sea water.
I had 11 samples to measure, but my site does not allow me to insert tables. I therefore note only the coordinates of a single sample, the 1st being that of the dilution in distilled water, and the 2nd is the dilution in the sea water.

The resistivity of the demineralized water used was from 22000 ohms and that of the sea water was 18.

All measurements of resistivity with sea water hover between 19 and 22 ohms; whereas the measures of ro made with the demineralized water fluctuate between 126 and 267.

It is clear therefore that the sea water, extremely loaded by nature in minerals, can hardly be loading more. The differences in resistivity are not significant, unlike the measures with the demineralized water.

In bioelectronics applied to health, we have continued to stress the consumption of a pure water, little loaded, so that it can "load" of waste and be depurative.
This experience enables us to strengthen this assertion, the taking in the "other direction" : a Water charged can hardly to load up again ... and therefore cannot unload the waste.
Consume a very mineralized water "to eliminate" is a non-sense ...

This experience transposed to the blood level allows us to understand that it is an absolute necessity to maintain a correct resistivity to maintain health. The blood is more viscous least it has the capacity to transport the nutrients. In the same way that the sea water, it will become saturated and the minerals consumed will be assimilated.
Then, the greater the resistivity is low, the more it concentrates the energy (figure W below).
However, the pathologies are triggered when the body stores more energy than it eliminates.

The first open door to the disease is the dehydration ... and it is not enough to drink plenty of water to rehydrate. It is essential to choose a water little mineralized and structured with the silica.
This quality of water allows you to maintain an adequate blood viscosity, outside of course, any other problematic.

Author of the article: L. Gallais






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