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The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
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Big Plan: The biological land shifts ...

Since the month of February I have seen in the BEV that balances the biological terrain sliding toward the reduction, while remaining alkaline, and since a few weeks, past in the dial 1: acid and reduction gear (it is here of blood coordinates).
For memory, this has been going on for years that the agencies are struggling against the on-oxidation and alkalinization blood.

This finding is confirmed by one of my colleagues bioelectroniciens.

What are the consequences? How should we respond to this "landslide"?

First of all, the whole world does not suffer from full lashes these changes in the field, whose causes are very certainly to seek in the cosmos and the bombing electro-solar magnetic.

A healthy body is continuously adapted to changes of the environment in which it evolved.
This adaptation is regulated by, among other things, the resistivity blood. If it is adequate, the agency can temper the influx and disperse the electromagnetic energies in excess.
By contrast, if the resistivity is low, the body becomes extremely driver and takes the brunt of the electromagnetic influx from the surrounding environment.
Persons with a good blood resistivity will not realize what is happening currently, because their body evacuated this negative electricity.
We see simply to rh2 blood and urine. If all the world to the present time has a lot of evil to exceed the bar of 23 of RH2, the difference is in the urinary level: those who are in good health have rh2 urinary between 22 and 24/25, while others see their rh2 to collapse on figures ranging from 19 to 17, thus proving that the body tries to get rid of the extra electricity negative but not able to counteract these excesses by of the oxidation.

If this field is confirmed in the time, we are going to be faced with the bacterial outbreaks, as well in humans as in plants. Being synonymous with the reduction of inflammation, there may be relapses of acute inflammatory if the blood remains alkaline (all diseases as "ite" ), and chronic inflammation (all diseases as "dared" such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis) if the blood goes to the acidity.

The terrain and acid reducer is also favorable to the disease highly sporadic as the spasmophilie or the tetany; as well as the psychological disorders (mental confusion).
The change in the middle will disrupt all the metabolism, and neurotransmitters assets to some pH can either be exacerbated in their action, either wiped out, causing the behavior disorders.
It is very likely (but it remains to check, it is only logical deductions) that the number of cancers fall, which will in no way due to the progress of science, but just because an adverse environment to the progression of this disease ...

All present remedies and the methods of care will be to correct and to review because for years we have been fighting against the oxidation and alkalinization. Here, we are going to have to the contrary promote oxidation and the acalinisation to allow a recovery of the field and promote the process of self regulation of the body.

The first remedy remains the extremely pure water to smooth out the blood too viscous and enable them to resist the influx electromagnetic.This will probably not sufficient, but this is a simple principle to put in place.
Then, there is more sense from the everything to negativer or consume anti oxidants, which go in precisely the opposite direction to the restoration of health!

It is not wise not more to apply a change of field (toward the oxidation or reduction) without knowing its biological field. What must be established by a bioelectronicien and reliable measurements.
At the risk of repeating myself, all agencies do not suffer the current changes. A healthy body is a body that fits!

Article written by L. Gallais the 3/06/2012

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