This site, largely dedicated to the bio-electronic Vincent, has for purpose to promote this method to a wide audience,and to give you the information that allow you to choose a power supply guarantor of the maintenance of your health. New: cellsymbiosis therapy.

The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
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Welcome to the space Labs

This area lists the laboratories of food supplements or cosmetics, the producers of plants, wine, etc…qui have wishes to measure their products by the method bio-electronics. These measures are carried out independently. Only the products of interest for the maintenance of your health will be presented.

There you will find as well the coordinates bio-electronic products of measures and the associated comments to these measures. You can access directly to the online shop of these laboratories for those who have chosen this option .

To measure your products

  • 50€/product up to 5 products ( measures the same day)
  • 40€/product , 6 to 10 products (measures the same day)
  • Beyond 10 products: consult me
  • This cost includes the measures and the written comments , as well as their publication on the site.

  • Option link to your shop: 50€/year subscription

  • This option will be available only to laboratories or producers who have been measure one of their products and whose coordinates bio-electronic will be listed in this space.

    To contact me: Or directly By internet.

    List of laboratories

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