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The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological land" or homeostasis.
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The Naturopathy

The naturopathic practice is based primarily on the concept of "biological terrain" or homeostasis. Our body has considerable resources to maintain our vital functions,maintaining the state of our fabrics (cells) in certain conditions to allow the vie… The systems regulating body temperature, blood pressure, acid/base balance (buffer system extremely complex involving the lungs and the kidneys) the ion balance (rate of minerals) the system immunitaire… as many processes which maintain the equilibre… homeostasis. But who actually takes conscience today of this "work" of our daily body ?? Rather, we are currently in a "negation" of this potential for auto guerison…lorsque we have a fever, we are down, without understanding why our body puts in place the rise in temperature. When we are tired, we are taking stimulants (coffee, tea) to length of day, rather than to take a little rest

These behaviors, which do not comply with our body, the depleted. Our body must multiply its efforts, on the one hand in its mechanisms of regulations and on the other hand to detoxiner products absorbed, so called for guerir… To create then deficiencies (vitamin, mineral, enzymatiques…) and disturbances in the functioning of our cells. The naturopath uses, respected and used to find the potential for self-healing of the body in the handing in of the conditions of homeostasis (obviously in some limites….The naturopath intervenes only on functional disorders). And it is by the power and the drainage of emonctoires, essentially, that the naturopath allows the body to regain its homeostasis, its potential for self-healing . The concept of "biological terrain" is the same as the concept of field in our jardin…selon that the earth is heavy or sandy,acid or alkaline,it does not allow the same plants to grow here . Some, not having the appropriate conditions to flourish,vegeteront.Then we can amend the earth of different fertilizer,or you can change the characteristics of the terrain (the acidify for example)….

Then, to evaluate this concept of biological field and make the observation of the importance of its degradation, the naturopath has different tools. The method bio-electronic L. CL.Vincent is in my view, the tool best suited to the assessment of this notion of "biological terrain", even if it is far from be exhaustive….

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