Wednesday, October 17, 2012 3 17 /10 /Oct /2012 5:51 PM

Decriminalisation of cannabis:
The right makes the leaps of that issue is discussed. This is to ask what this cache.
In the USA, the largest opponent of the prohibition was Al Capone. It is even with ca that he has made his fortune. It is by the taxation department that he was stuck. Bad memories for the scum.
To the right, when they speak of narcotic drugs, they are terrifying, they are on firecracker.
As they have a portfolio in place of the brain, one may ask what lobby they cover in now the illegality of this plant.
In France we are the champions of Europe in the consumption of antidepressants and anxiolytics. Ca in fact of the money that comes in in the pharmacies. And at the same time we have 18 000 deaths per year by the side effects of drugs.
Road accidents * are far behind. Of course, it is not a question of taking the steering wheel while in a trance-like state.
* The Friday afternoon we returned wisely of the job to 80 kmh since radars are output.

On Monday morning it is Indianapolis on the small country roads.

Champagne! There was good the crisis! Goldmann Sachs has more than doubled its revenues in the 3rd quarter.

The new Larzac of this century is Our Lady of the Landes. For an airport which can only be justified more once built, the price of oil will have to here here greatly reduced the number of flights. It would be interesting to see the accounts of small airports. Are they not funded by the local communities (you find that you do not pay enough taxes local ?) to flatter the ego of their elected representatives?

Idea of poll:
Echangeriez-you your barril of anguish at the end of the month against two barrels of anguish of payment of the ISF?
No opinion

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Sunday, October 14, 2012 7 14 /10 /Oct /2012 7:42 PM

"After the demonstration of the 13 October in Metz, our friends in Bure Free Area have read a text very radical, which went far beyond the theme of the picketing girl (support in Japan and output of the

Worthy of the NPA, the text is in effect supports capitalism and identifies it as the root cause of the madness of advocates

It explicitly calls for the revolt and to the action.

We can only approve: it is, in fact, the only possible way.

We would potentially add that it must be the lead in convergence with the social movement, and show that we can gather the workers around their common interests: total conversion of the polluting industries and lethal (nuclear, weaponry, agro chemical food, etc), while safeguarding the existing employment and developing massive new jobs ( renewable energy, organic farming, etc)

And all this well on by reducing and sharing the time of work

To do this, it must be a true socialist democracy, that the company is headed by the base, and not by the self-proclaimed elites:

Self-management, planning, drawing of lots for the delegates: as many avenues to explore with happiness in a green society worthy of the name

It's worth it to get into fights a little not?


The text below:

At this time, at 90 km from here, the nuclear industry prepared the largest graveyard radioactive of the world. It is called CIGEO. 90000 Cubic Meters of radioactive waste ultra-high and average activity for life long, buried at 500 m on earth, uncontrollable sunk and that will be a terrible threat to the future generations.

But now, it is 100,000 cars beavers who is baladeront on the tracks of France over 100 years. Minimum two trains per week! It is also a storage site on the surface, a factory of repackaging. Therefore to ventilation shafts and chimneys, allowed to spit of radioactivity in the environment.

It is the horror of the eternity of nuclear power for 90km from here.

Should we allow them to do?

Should we condemn an entire region because of the irresponsibility of the advocates which we have imposed their system? Do you have to leave the nuclear and his world to grab still hundreds of acres of agricultural land, grab our freedoms and the control of our lives to ensure their sustainability? Should we let Bure become the symbol of the future sacrificed on the altar of the industry and profits?

Because it is clear that the nuclear dustbin of Bure, it is the future of the sector. The solution to the nuclear waste the most embarrassing.

And this is not the socialist party and europe-ecology/the greens that will change anything to the given. On the contrary, the permanent nuclear catastrophe follows its course.

Fukushima will not fact evolve policies already irradiated by the lure of power.

Bure, the PRT and the line THT Cotentin-Maine , the reactor project Astrid ...

In France, no cracks in the facade of the future! The message is clear, it continues!

The promise of closure from Fessenheim, this is that the os of the contempt that we should be allowed to fester.

The signals from Greece and Spain do not become alarmed person. Yet, what will happen t-it of nuclear power when the capitalist world ultra-liberal will collapse? Who will pay for the broken pots if this is still and yet the people, humanity.

Then it is up to us to change the given.

Indignant that is finished! It is time to wake up, to revolt!

Before that we could no longer move, before that ca has jumps.

Denounce the policies sold to the atom, denounce the institutionalized corruption gangrene the minds, reminding him the nuclear industry and its accomplices in their typing where it hurts is to say to the portfolio! Let Us Be imaginative, creative and are experiencing a different future that the impasse in which we all are.

Let us be intransigent and demand an immediate stop to the nuclear, because the reactor shutdown of more than 30 years, it is left 41 reactors in operation in this country, 41 reactors that produce waste, 41 reactors that threaten our lives and the future generations.

It is leave Cattenom threaten us until 2021 and Chooz until 2030 ...

It is also tolerate that the subcontractors of the nuclear continue to die to small fire such as Christian, Verronneau Dies the September 10, 2012 of suites of its cancer due to exposures to ionizing radiation.

It is only by being a strong movement and determines that we get there.

It is high time that the afraid changed to camp!

The design phase of the project industrial CIGEO has started this year. In the 1st semester 2013 will take place the last public debate. We will call to the mobilization. Be vigilant, we are counting on you!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012 7 14 /10 /Oct /2012 10:54 AM

We form a beautiful sarabande folk, colorful, animated, sound. It has a certain pace this parade in the shopping streets of Metz. Ca whistles, ca proclaims, ca rit to groove deployed. The conscience to go toward disasters without end, without limit of distance nor of borders does not prevent to express a certain joie de vivre. It certainly is precisely this joy of living, the desire to escape the morbid states, to the purely materialistic thoughts that inspire most of the participants in this event on a saturday afternoon in the heart of the city. As they contrast these people who devisent happily with those who wander around the streets in the reverse direction, mus as by a mechanical reaction that brings out the liquid with a container when it pushed a piston. Dressed in black or dark colors they are opposed to the colorful costumes that they intersect at the boutiques for rich people of the city. No doubt, in the arteries of the city it seems that elapse two liquids of different nature, unable to mix.

No, but look at me these dreadeux, these idealistic dreamers, next to the plate, these gullible people who believe in the world of care bears, these nostalgic for a past who want us to return to the stone age!

The Japanese at the head of the procession, the nostalgic for the time or it could eat rice which did not contain about 29,000 Becquerels/Kg of Cesium 136 ...


We were in queue of procession, in delegation of the NPA of committees of Bar le Duc and of Commercy.

We asked her to not fly too ostensibly our flags but good, we are faced with a choice. We have sometimes been criticized for not being involved enough in the environmental struggles, but when we are there, we must hide.

The buddies musicians, in all occasions they are present (CD available)


Three generations of activists meusiens ...


Our German neighbors well motivated and full of humor


Cattenom threatens us all, fault, unplug!


A slogan hitting


Simulation of nuclear alert, everyone goes by land to the sound of the siren near the covered market


And them they are forbidden to do such!

priere rue myrha

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Friday, October 12, 2012 5 12 /10 /Oct /2012 4:56 PM

Armstrong was to be a champion outside standards, it turned out he was rather hormones.

Sharing the Wealth:

Once the accounts facts, it pays the dividends, if there are any left you pay wages, otherwise we transferred from the staff in weeping on the cost of labor.


In referring to the case which has been found this week, the media repeated in choir the term of "rotating" ; remember that this word has e,te invented by the offenders to minimize the offense of rape. The media have crowds of the foot any consideration toward the victims of these crimes.


The journalists pro-system (almost all) begin their questions to their guest by

"The whole world has admitted that ... " and after one slides in the choice: "The labor is too expensive in France", "the French are not working enough", "taxes are too high", "there are too many civil servants", etc. .. This is still a big technique to admit as a obvious that what is in fact only a big lie. We are experiencing since the media exist, a propaganda which becomes more rough when one seeks to collect yet more wealth to the world of work.

Marriages for all:

1200 Mayors have signed a petition against the gay marriage but the petition is anonymous. They have signed how? With a cross? Nazi swastika?

And these mayors who refuse to marry gays in the name of their religious morality, they have been democratically elected or appointed by their bishop?

Steer-you the rich:

In France, the number of billionaires is increased from 89 in 1996 to 278 in 2011. Ca wants to say that if there are those who want to from it will remain on the margin! And then it can be inferred that our country allows more to be enriched with the profits that to even poorer with taxes.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3 10 /10 /Oct /2012 5:06 PM

Curiosity has found a piece of plastic * on March. When I say to you that it is everywhere. I hope that the robot explorer is equipped with garbage bags to do the cleaning.

In fact they have not yet identified the debris, perhaps an old condom?

When I am doing a bike tour, I am amazed to see in the ditches the quantity of garbage that people throw from cars. When the Manouche leave a terrain they have occupied for several days, I challenge you to find the lesser waste. Everything is cleaned scrupulously before their departure.

The Greece ruined released 28.9 million euros to make a Formula 1 circuit. For ca and the procurement of weapons the money is there. Not for the health and education. The guy who has worked his entire life to win just to what is maintain in life, it is going to tell him that he has a debt to repay? Ca wants to say that what he earned by destroying his body little by little, he was ready? He hump at the eye? Therefore it is a slave in the purest definition of the term. I have objected, however, that he was free. Free of what? To escape the system and to die of hunger as the ext of the Roman empire? Yet that at that time it should be easier. Or so I will oppose that we had the right to kill his slave? Yes, as I have the right to burn my car. In my opinion it wasn't arrive every morning at the price you paid or a slave. On the contrary being fed and the saddest, people were not simply filer to him a part in him saying demerde-thee with ca for te treat, feed thee, thee take care of your children, etc. ..The slaves of the antiquity were also attached to their masters that are today well of employees to their bosses, taking their defense and watching derogatory those who wanted to rebel against the system. The arguments have always been the same. If you are looking for pigeons, that is fine.

By using the media that belong to them, the capitalists are able to convince the workers that it is good for them that they exploit them.

I was convinced that G. Bush was unbeatable on the plan of the freemasonry. But I just noticed that the USA have unsuspected resources on the subject. Incredible! We can always find worse. And shit! Bush has done Harward without ever opening a book. It is just his father, who opened a. A book ... Of checks ...

Reform of the education (no. 615725). Finished the school failure!

We are shown the Finland of the finger (a country that does not stabbed his profs) and we prepared the school to the United States. More homework at home? The gosse of rich, him, in will and to penetrate the lion's share to the entries for the large schools. It wants to do more of graduates? The graduates it is well to decorate a house but have a profession and a job that is better.

Ca is there, the Treaty of submission to the Capitalism Wolverine is vote, by the socialists, the budget of the France will more to Paris but to Wall Street. France became a colony.

Why there would continue to be the Embassies of France in the world? Embassies of Europe to the place, it will be sharing the costs, you can imagine the savings to be made? I think it would be a sacred hard blow for the company, which produces the famous Rocks of gold.

By NPA-COMMERCY - Published in: reflection news
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Claude Kaiser candidate in the 2012 legislative



Philippe go into,

Candidate until the end


The right of the Press extended to blogs by the court of cassation (site Street89)

An application for android which allows you to notify his relatives if one has made a stop in picketing girl:


Local producers:

Do you know Samuel and Nicolas Professor Michel FROMONT?

Vegetable producers in agriculture reasoned

You will see on the market of Bar during the gallant last stand.

But also home to the grand Meligny, exit of the village

Direction Meligny the small: the Wednesday afternoon and saturday morning from 10h to 14 h

Next last outing on 7 October from 16h.

The good twitts of the week (the corner of the geek):

He has reason Cope, is racism anti-white. Look at the trades the most hard and poorly paid, there was almost no white! This is unacceptable.

A 300e sentenced to death innocent thanks to the DNA in the U.S. Http:// …"

We teetered on the crusade. RT @Jf_cope The people of France is waiting for us to act and that we portions high the banner of the reconquest.

September 30: The soces anti TSCG will not scroll today for fear of being left to believe!

If #BFMTV Had existed during the French Revolution, the chain would have distributed a doc on the Castle of Versailles.

The amnesia struck BFM This summer Karabatic was the "best player in the history of the hand french" and today it is "of Serbian origin"

Karabatic has perhaps done losing 1,000 € to a few pigeons. Mittal will surely lose €1 billion to the French. Who are we talking about?

Spain. New record of unemployed in Spain: 4,705,279 people without employment. Increase of 1.72 % in September. + 11.3 % since 09/2011.

The belly fruitful, the foul beast, all ca ... RT @Lemondefr In Greece, the crisis trivializes the Nazi party golden dawn Http://


Home of the resistance in Bure :

Anti-nuclear demonstration in Metz on 13 October. More information will follow.

Take contact with: OSL Bure Free Zone

Tel: 03 29 45 41 77


1989 38 1


Among your newsagent or by subscription, The journal of the NPA

Has read absolutely, all two months


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