The forgotten of the bus

For a true collective transport in the MRC of Memphrémagog

We are hundreds of students, workers, retired people, forgotten by the mayors and the councillors of the MRC of Memphrémagog.

We want to move as we please personal automobile without, to go not only to work, to attend class, make look us, but also to amuse us, to lead the children to the day nursery, to go shopping, to participate in meetings and in events, to visit our close friends, to do voluntary work, to live fully and in a environment-friendly way, while being next to pleasant people.

For our elected representatives, the region amounts to a playground for motorists. Their offer of public transport, on reservation, contents itself with a sector and a schedule limited: nothing in the evening, anything the end of the week. They brushed aside the proposal to create a service of taxibus as he exists there more or less everywhere in Quebec.

Join our association to obtain a true collective transport network.

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