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Monday, February 14, 2011 1 14 /02 /Feb /2011 5:34 PM

After a year and a half in the house, you do not note of problems, all is well , the home has been performing well, the next major project will be the construction of the tank of recovery of rain water.

HAS soon

Saturday, October 3, 2009 6 03 /10 /Oct /2009 08:40 AM
We have only just to have an adsl line (2 months of waiting! ), I would try to respond to the messages that I have received fairly quickly, otherwise it is well in the home, it is expected the winter to see how the home will behave, the heating is limited for the moment to a wood burning stove in the middle of the house, and a heated towel- Electric in the bathroom.
The result of the work as the exterior: I will begin a terrace in caillebottis (pine trees), and then build the paths and spread the land.
Sunday, July 19, 2009 7 19 /07 /Jul /2009 11:45 AM
The staircase is asked, it is Peter the carpenter of the village who did, I have supplied the timber, I realized the guard with the advice of Pierre, he lent me his mortaiseuse also, 11 m to planing, cutting, sanding, assemble and install, 70 bars.
The flooring of the mezza. OSB panels (4) is installed, the house of girls also (cork tiles), thanks again to Pascal who helped me for this job.
The electrician has finished, the plumber also, it remains a multitude of things to do, but you can move, it is Saturday, July 25 the great day,

2 Years of work, i saturated!

Thursday, June 25, 2009 4 25 /06 /June /2009 8:20 PM
We still have a month before the move, I spent all the wood of the House to the salt of boron (sprayer), 5 kg of salt are gone (it is expensive), I have noticed the presence of furniture beetle prefers furnitures or work which is installed on the wood, this is not a real concern, but it is messy, the electrician is returns to adjust the small problems that I had seen, the plumber continues the installation (water heater, wc), it only remains for me to do the body guard of the mezza., the stairs, find and install the coating for the house of girls and the mezza., finish the door of the toilet, that is after we will be able to install, i finish the rest later
The month of July is announced support, but it has been 2 years that it is as cà, courage it is in the last line right
Monday, June 8, 2009 1 08 /06 /June /2009 7:53 PM
Three weeks of work to bloc,16 m3 of balls of argile,7 m3 mortar for the yoke, 4 tonnes of slabs of stone,
It is finished, thanks to my father, Fernand, Casim, Patrick, Jean-Pierre for the successive blows of hand, it was the last major shipyard (hope that there will be no surprises).
The result, it is the coating of the house of girls, that of the mezza., finish the sanitary facilities, more than any full of small things, we still have 1 and a half months before the move, it takes the good end

Saturday, may 23, 2009 6 23 /05 /May /2009 09:17 AM
I asked the balls on the slab of the ground floor with, 16 cm thick on 100 m2, 325 bags of 50 liters dumped in bulk with the aid of my father, then i sank a yoke of 6 cm with the sand 0/3 + the batichaux, and I asked the slabs of stone at the same time.
Yet and still the taf !!!

The balls
Saturday, may 9, 2009 6 09 /05 /May /2009 7:52 PM
Here is the last layer of calcimine brush with the color (yellow ochre), the interior is identical with a few colorful walls with other pigments (blue, green, red, orange), i started the ground finishing in a week: 16 cm of balls of clay exfoliated, 6 cm of yoke (batichaux + sand 0/3), slabs of stone from 2 cm, this for the greater surface area, for the room of water , i would end up with a white cement in place of the stone.

The color
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 3 29 /04 /Avr /2009 11:54 AM

The coating of external and internal finishing is carried out, for the interior: the rise to the swipe and go to the roller, 5 days to 2 persons, for the exterior: discard to the trowel and go to the sponge, 2 days to 6 persons, this layer is composed of air lime (CL90) with sand of river of 0/2.
A bag of lime from 25 kg to 10 buckets of 10 l of sand + 60 ml of liquid soap (nutrient pad set teepol) for the interior
A bag of lime from 25 kg to 12 buckets of 10 l of sand + 60 ml of liquid soap (nutrient pad set teepol) to the outside
The soap is used to smooth out .

The complements outside ; 2 layers of milk of lime (1 vol of lime + 4 theft of water), 1 layer of milk of lime with the pigment (yellow ochre clear) past with a brush .
The interior complements: same principle with different colors for the rooms.
Thanks to Emmanuel and Murielle for brushes.

Materials: 5 m3 of sand, 40 bags of lime approximately 600 euros TTC (i would do the detail later.

3 Weeks of work to block, I still have 3 days of work for that this phase is complete.
I cannot put pictures or videos because the transfer from the PC to the blog does not work

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 3 08 /04 /Avr /2009 8:30 PM

These are some time without published article, during the month of March, I have done a lot of preparation before the final layer of coated interior and exterior, i finished brushing all of the wood apparent on the ground floor, reseal the empty behind the poles, protect the wood with paper, , dress the senior of bulkhead of the wc and shower, ask the 4 interior doors, make and install the references to water at the bottom of the outer walls, make and install the window ledges on the outside, on the workshop: test the mortar layer of interior and exterior finishing, test the complements, pigments, most certainly other things that I forgot,
The next week, I attack the coated on the home

Wood panelling of the walls WC wood panelling of the corner shower

Window Ledge copper water diversion in galva bottom of wall

Test finishing coat on workshop

Resealing behind pole (straw and lime)

Monday, March 2, 2009 1 02 /03 /March /2009 7:29 PM
The wood panelling is asked, still a big job of realized, 106 m2 of crawling in dress, the dimensions of the wainscoting: 14 cm wide, 1.2 cm thick, 3.90 m long it is of the spruce, once finished, it is not bad, a big thank you to Pascal , Fernand and my father for the helping hand, thank you also to Didier who lent me his pneumatic nailer, Fabien who me him to ready a nailer to gas, to Roger for the compressor and to Pascal (another boyfriend) for the radial saw.
The cost of the wainscoting: 11.96 euros the m2 TTC.
I have screwed also planks of 22 mm (eroded on the inner face) in the 2 rows of low crawling (between the 2 premiieres faults), 26 m2 approximately, this to the place of wood panelling, i would later of a storage closet at this level
It remains for me to dress the 2 inner sprockets (Douglas)
That is, in March I started the site preparation to attack the coated finishing (inside, outside)
In April I hope to be able to swallow this huge site!

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