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Let us begin by situating the facts:
The lake Bodom is a Finnish lake whose real name is in reality: Bodominjärvi ; this lake is located in the region of Uusimaa in southern Finland close to Espoo and Helsinki.
The facts which will be reported in the article are products the June 4, 1960 in a place of the lake called: cape of Hästbergen.

It is in this region that a group of four young people decide to go camping for a night.
Their small group is composed of two boys:
- Nils Gustafsson , age 20
- Sepo Antero Boisman , age him for 18 years;
But also of two daughters:
- Anja Tuulikki KANNISTO Mäki
- Irmeli Björklund ; the two girls are aged 15 years.
Photos of the four young people

Arrived at the lake and after that the tent was mounted one of the young boy hand look at the kiosk ,which is located near their encampment ,of chewing-gum and lemonade, and then he returned to camp.
At around 19h30 the four young people are found then all close to the tent.It is also the time to which the fishermen leave the lake.

The night is happening and the next day the father of a family a certain Erikk Johansson and his two children who are swimming in the lake note a tent collapsed and a young man on the ground which seems seriously injured ...

It is by Nils Gustafsson , in effect during the night the young people were attacked and Nils and the only survivor of the massacre ... These friends will be found cut into pieces at the bottom of the lake ...

The killers crazy emportât the purses,the swimsuits , to identity cards ...

Later the investigation will determine that the time of the death of the young is located between 3h00 and 6h00 of the morning.That they it was kill with a kind of great sword or a false.All the victims were stab either at the head or neck , has every time it is the top of the body, which was aim.One of the two young girl she was hit in the neck 11 times.

The survivor: Nils as was stab to ten recovery, it was the jaw broken and when it is find it is unconscious as a result of a sudden porter has the head as he try to escape.After the murders Nils has amnesia is which does not help the investigators who were hoping that he will be able eclairai certain fact.Nils will depart a years in a center specialize.

A month after the tragedy Nils and hypnotize the investigators have the hope that it reveals the fact that he no longer remembers.Nils will describe under hypnosis that the assassin with the eyes which rougeoyai.This enabled the police to draw the portrait of the assassin but that does the aida not subsequently.

Nils was suspect because it was the only survivor but after investigation have asserted that he could not it be inflict as many injuries.

Small annecdote about these murders: a group of metal has pull are name to sad event.

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