Build a house with positive energy

Our passive company house design, the name of which summarizes well the ambition, accompanies you towards certified houses Passivhauss for the energy optimization in the respect for the future RT on 2020, the index of energy consumption of which will be limited to 12 KwhEP / m2 a year.

Our mode of construction, allows you in a record time to take up your good. We guarantee you a house of convenience and mastered energy consumptions, the certainty of one a lot of quality at the best price.

It is necessary to create some value by promoting new models, arisen from a new logic, that is based either on what we consume, but well, on what we save, thus to arrive at an index of energy consumption in 0 KwhEP / m2 a year.

The quality of the work and the performance of the built in thermal resistance allow the use of equipment renewable energy to make your Bepos project (building with positive energy). The new period which arrives is for us a true opportunity to develop our skills, our know-how, our expertise, but also our résponsabilé and our humanism. A service à la carte is you prposée to become an actor of your project with a support of qualified technicians.

To innovate, to cooperate enthusiastically to serve the interests of all, it is essential, but to make the long-term difference, it is also necessary to have the will to progress ceaselessly.

It is above all, the message of optimism that we want to make cross you. The future?...

We have excellent reasons for approaching him with confidence, because it is up to those who ask themselves the good questions: those who begin either with one < < why > > but by one < < how > >.

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