The Pope during the Regina Caeli: 'Christ opens us to happiness despite a world marked by suffering'

regina.caeli.jpegIn this Sunday, April 22, Benedict XVI had appointments place Saint-Pierre at noon with the faithful came for the Marian prayer of the Regina Caeli. The Pope reminded them that in a world marked by the evil and the suffering, the pain and the fear, the Christ today yet, just give his peace. In the course of the Marian prayer, Benedict XVI has also urged the priests, the parents and catechists to prepare well for the first holy communions, who are often celebrated during the time pascal, with great fervor but also with sobriety. The Pope has yet mentioned the beatification the eve in Mexico of Maria Ines Teresa del Calle Santisimo Sacramento, Mexican religious foundress of the Poor Clares of the Missionaries very Holy Sacrament. "We give thanks to God for this daughter copy of the Mexican land, that I have had the joy of visiting recently and that I still have in my court.", HAS still ensured Benedict XVI.

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Should we be afraid of Islam?


This is the title of a pamphlet published by the editions Bayard, in the series "The sheets believe", in partnership with the Secretariat for the relations with the Islam of the Conference of Bishops of France (1), and available in quantity to the display shelves of the doors of our church since the month of February.

The answer to this question is that of a "approach" which claims go" between naive" and "rejection" (p. 3), and that, to do this, do not hesitate to use the heinous process of the amalgam, which, in fact, avoided the naive, since awareness there is, and the rejection, since cooperation in our islamization there is, as I will show below.

The laity in the heart of the meeting of the Commission on the Church in China

bxvi.china.jpegA new meeting of the commission established in 2007 by Benedict XVI to study the issues of major importance relating to the life of the Catholic Church in China, will be held at the Vatican next week, from 23 to 25 next April. According to a press release from the press room of the Holy See, the emphasis will be placed this year on the formation of the lay faithful in the light of the situation of the Catholic community in China and in the context of the year of the faith. A particular attention will be given to the progress made in the course of training of priests, consecrated persons and of the seminarians and what remains to be done for their preparation to the duties of their service.

Social networks, a cutting-edge tool for the Church

rome, seminaire, cmmunication, eglise, universite pontificale de la sainte croix, cardinaux, archeveques, journalistes, medias, pierre durieux, lyon, cardinal barbarin, reseaux sociaux, twitter, facebook, jeunesFrom April 16 to 18 was held a seminar in Rome on the communication of the Church. This meeting, organized by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, is held every two years since 1997. The seminar was attended this year several hundreds of participants from around the world, representatives of the different services of communication within the Church. Cardinals, Archbishops, communicative or even media journalists Christians, all were able to exchange their experiences and ideas to find the best way to speak about the life of the Church, to share.

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The people of the trip met in Lourdes

affich.pngThe national chaplain of France of the Gypsies and people of the organised trip up to this Sunday, April 22 a rally at the Cité Saint-Pierre in Lourdes. During three days Gypsies, Manouche, Rom, Yenish Gadje, and share moments of prayer, of trade and festive. The delegates of the fourteen provinces have their various pastoral activities, and round tables allow you to make the link with the theme that has supported the reflection of the chaplaincy these last three years: "to live in Church with our brothers, the Word of God feeds our faith in risen Christ".

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CHINA - More than 22,000 baptisms administered within the Catholic community to mainland Easter

shanghai, paques, chine, baptemes, faith, hebei, evangelisation, eglise, catechisme, dioceses, hong kong, Shi Jia Zhuang (Fides Service) - According to the statistics that the Center of Studies of Faith of He Bei has been able to collect up to 19 April and were sent to the Agenzia Fides, at Easter 2012, 22,104 baptisms have been administered, in the continental Catholic communities. Despite this result, "the community is fully aware of the need for a greater commitment in favor of the evangelization". "It is true that there are the Dioceses which do not concentrate all baptisms at Easter, according to the cycle of the catechism or other solemnities in the Church - emphasizes the responsible of the Center for Studies on Faith - but we cannot fail to take into account that more than 22,000 baptisms at Easter in a Catholic community such as ours, which has more than 6 million followers, represent only 0.33 % of the total. On the other hand, within the Diocese of Hong Kong, which has 360,000 faithful, there were 3,500 baptisms at Easter representing 0.97 % of the community. We must therefore consider and we enable in order to promote the evangelization".

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The Catholic Family Associations challenge the candidates to the French presidency

afc.jpegThe presidential campaign in France, this is not only the case of candidates and political parties, it is also the opportunity for the company and the citizens to make their voices heard and to express their points of view, and even make proposals. The AFC, the Catholic Family Associations have published a tract to the intention of the ten candidates concerning the family under its various aspects: the couple and the family based on marriage; the human ecology, in other words the attention to more fragile; education for the families see their increased responsibilities; and the family policy.

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Caritas lays the foundation for an international campaign to fight against poverty

caritas.jpegA couple of Caritas in from North America, Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Asia was held this week in Rome, from 16 to 18 April, to discard the first foundations of an advocacy campaign at the global level against poverty. All of the Caritas, either 164 members, presented on the 5 continents will participate in this campaign, the first of its kind, which will begin in October 2013. During the first appointment, in the Italian capital, the participants began to define common themes for the different countries and different cultures. They also began a reflection on the means to act to make evolve the fight against poverty.

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Benedict XVI: "The Word of God is not a thing but a inert power of life"

bible.jpeg"The word of God does not remain trapped in the writing, but is a power of life whose understanding is growing with the help of the Holy Spirit". This is the message issued by the Pope in a message sent to Cardinal William Levada, president of the Pontifical Biblical Commission on the occasion its annual plenary meeting. It was held at the Vatican on the theme "Inspiration and truth of the Bible".

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Bioethics and presidential elections 2012


On the eve of the first round of the presidential elections, Genethique proposes to identify the different taken of words and positions of the candidates on the issues of bioethics that they have raised.

Genethique transcribed here the citations found in the press, on the campaign sites or on the occasion of public speeches.

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