Catechesis and new evangelization intimately linked

1_0_585605.jpegIt is in Rome, and under the auspices of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE), that will be held from 7 to 10 May, the Xiith European Congress for the catechesis, which provides for the participation of bishops and many national leaders of catechesis.

The ecclesial reflection on the New Evangelization, the prospect of the year of the faith, as well as of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, focused the organizers to focus the conferences, the conversations, and the exchanges on the theme: "the Christian initiation in the perspective of the new evangelization", with a special attention to the children of 7 to 16 years.

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Regina Coeli: "remain united to God"

1_0_585600.jpeg"It is essential to remain always united to God, without him, the Christian can do nothing". Benedict XVI recalled at the prayer of the Regina Caeli, commenting on the Gospel of the Fifth Sunday of Easter. Before the faithful gathered place Saint-Pierre , in the rain, the Pope has also welcomed the new Swiss guards, who come to take the oath, and their relatives.

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"The battle of the Vatican" by Christine Pedotti

1_0_585046.jpegIn his last book, "The battle of the Vatican" among Plon, Christine Pedotti has chosen the form of the story, to help us relive, of the Interior, an event which the magnitude and the historic significance beyond very largely the only Catholic Church. The announcement of the convening of the Council by John XXIII, the January 25, 1959, to its closure by Paul VI, the December 8, 1965, it makes us relive each of the highlights which marked these six years: debates, crises, discouragements, advanced. The author draws on the best sources, reported at the end of book: documents of the Council, work of historians, chronic and contemporary newspapers of the event, briefs. And one feels one is of the first pages "immersed" in the history of the Council.

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In the United States, it is necessary to reaffirm the identity of Catholic schools

1_0_585503.jpegThis Saturday, may 5, 2012, Benedict XVI received a group of American bishops to the end of their visit has Limina Visit to the Vatican. "It is not excessive to say that providing a solid education in the faith to the young people represent the challenge the more important and urgent that the Christian community must face in your country", their has said the Pope. In his speech, Benedict XVI has thus invited the bishops to ensure that the American Catholic schools reaffirm their own identity.

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The priests call to prayer and to the vote in good conscience

france, elections, presidentielle, niclolas sarkozy, françois hollande, pretres, eveques, catholique, voter, arnaud duban, guy gilbert, claude herbach, olivier humann, arthur de leffe, francois potez, florian racine, jean-philippe rendlerWhat is will play in the poll in this May 6 in France far beyond the borders of our country and the divide between the right and the left.

It will commit, not only, a certain idea of France but of the man. Tomorrow, by our vote, this is not for or against a man, but for or against "the development of every man and of all men" (Benedict XVI) that we have to issue an opinion.

With you, as Christians, it is our duty to carefully scrutinize, in the light of the teachings of the Church, what we will undertake, the program of each candidate. For you, as priests, it is our responsibility to help you with this.

In the right line from the Tradition of the Church, relaying the floor of our bishops, we want to remind you that, among the first principles and inescapable with which it is, for a Christian, impossible to compromise, there is in the first place:

"The observance and the defense of human life, from its conception to its natural end, the family founded on marriage between a man and a woman, the freedom of education of the children and the promotion of the common good in all its forms" (see Benedict XVI, quoted by the Father Matthew Red, director of Pastoral Service of Political Studies in Believe, April 2012 and statement of the Bishops of France "What vote for what kind of society? "No )

The respect for these principles depends on, in effect, a more balanced and fair to the company in the areas of social, economic, political and financial.

The awareness of each of the stakes of these election is, without doubt, the expression of an aspiration to a revelation and a deeper respect for the dignity of man. But it is also, and above all, the expression of a quest deep of the person who will allow him to discover, and to match.

It is up to us, Christians, by being genuine witnesses, that it belongs to enable them to respond, and by our actions and by our words, and by our prayer.

We therefore invite you this Saturday, you to turn any particularly toward Mary, caller to our wishes "to [our] brothers and sisters of France, the gifts of the Spirit Saint, ... " (Bx Jean Paul II), in order that God "gives to everyone to know what he must do and the strength of the accomplish".

In the joy of the Risen One, and in communion with our bishops, we assure you of our prayer.

Father Arnaud Duban (Paris), Father Guy Gilbert (Paris), Father Claude Herbach (Mills), Father Olivier Humann (Paris), Father Arthur of Leffe (Toulouse), Father François Potez (Paris), Father Florian Root (Toulon), Father Jean-Philippe Rendler (Strasbourg).

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Miguel De Salis, Vatican II and the new evangelization

medium_logo.jpegROME, Friday, may 4, 2012 (ZENIT.org) - deepen knowledge of the teachings of the Vatican Council II in the prospect of a "hermeneutic of reform", in the service of the new evangelization and to the Year of the faith: it is the wireless driver of the international congress organized the 3 and 4 May by the faculty of theology at the Pontifical University of the St. Croix on the theme: "Vatican II: the permanent value of a reform for the new evangelization" (see Zenit from 2 May 2012).

Zenit has met with in this regard the P. Miguel de Salis, associate professor of ecclesiology and ecumenism at the Pontifical University of the St. Croix and member of the organizing committee of the congress.

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Letter to the priests of the world: the sexual abuse have disfigured the Church

1_0_585170.jpegTo serve the Church, the priests must strive for holiness. That is the central message of a letter published by the roman Congregation for the Clergy. The text, which bears the signature of the cardinal Prefect Mauro Piacenza, do lack not to mention the mistakes made by some priests who have humiliated the priesthood in the eyes of the world, who have betrayed the thanks that they had received with their ordination and who have cast the shadow of suspicion on their confreres. The letter, sent to the priests of the world, called to repentance and forgiveness. But beyond the horrible crimes that constitute the pedophile acts, the cardinal Piacenza is also worried about the attiedissement of the apostolic ministry, fatigue, lack of enthusiasm.

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CHINA - first of May to the taught in an intense Marian devotion

china, 1er mai, devotion mariale, vierge marie, mois de marie, confirmations, ordinations, evangelisation, saint joseph, patron des travailleurs, journee mondiale de priere pour l'eglise en chine, he bei, cathedrales, wen zhou, zhe jiang, processions, paroisses, chapelet, pelerinages, xiao han cun, dioceses, tian jin, congres eucharistique, pretres, religieux, religieuses, laics, jesus, christ, eucharistie, yang cheng, su zhou, jiang su, evangelisation, tang shan, he bei, cliniques, ophtalmologie, han dan, soeur du saint esprit consolateur, Shi Jia Zhuang (Fides Service) - The celebration of the May 1 on the part of the Catholic community Chinese mainland has been characterized by many initiatives, marked by an intense Marian devotion on the occasion of the beginning of the month of Mary, by the celebration of the confirmations and ordinations by deacons, by the commitment of the evangelization and by the feast of Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, all of this in the hold of the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, scheduled for 24 May.

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OPM: the new evangelization theme of their assembly

oeuvres pontificales missionnaires, rome, opm, assemblee generale, mgr vaccheli, congregation pour l'evangelisation des peuples, mission, evangelisation, nouvelle evangelisationWorks The Pontifical Mission Societies (OPM) will hold their annual general assembly of the Monday, May 7 at Saturday, May 12 in Rome. The work will be opened by Bishop Vaccheli, deputy secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and chairman of the OPM. The theme of the meeting, which will bring together the national directors of OPM, is "missio ad gentes, paradigm of the new evangelization".

Benedict XVI will receive the participants of this assembly Saturday, May 12, as the outcome of their work.

"Science and faith have a reciprocity fruitful "

pape,benoit xvi,foi,raison,hopital,gemelli,rome,italie,universites,chirurgie,cardinaux,angela scola,milan,institut giuseppe toniolo,franco anelli,auditorium,polyclinique gemelli,epiphanie,jean paul iiFaith and reason, science and reason: Benedict XVI is income this Thursday morning on the dialog "fruitful" that must maintain these two dimensions of the man during a speech in the court of the Gemelli Hospital, seat of the Roman Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The visit comes at the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the faculty of medicine and surgery of this university. The Pope has been hosted by the Cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, and president of the Institute Giuseppe Toniolo of Graduate Studies and by the pro-rector of the University vicar, Franco Anelli. He met with the university community on the esplanade of the Auditorium. This is the fifth time that Benedict XVI visit the Gemelli Hospital since the beginning of his pontificate. The January 5, 2011, the eve of the Epiphany, there was met with children cared for in the different flags. The name of this Polyclinic is now linked to the memory of John Paul II, who was hospitalized on several occasions. The last floor of the hospital houses of rooms are reserved for the Pope.

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