The Christians, unifying force in a Europe in crisis

1_0_587413.jpeg250 Movements and Christian communities, all faiths, have agreed to join this Saturday at the event "Together for Europe": 150 cities in video connection to Brussels to promote the construction of a new united Europe and fraternal, a Europe of the peoples and of the Spirit able to find its Christian roots. An event which brings together more than a thousand Christians in Brussels, with the participation of many personalities, including, among others, the president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy.

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Benedict XVI proposes the values of Christian humanism to overcome the crisis

1_0_587584.jpegTo combat the crisis, there is a need to share resources and change of life style. Benedict XVI has said this Sunday during his first pastoral visit to earth Tuscany. A visit of a few hours, pushed around by the bad weather. The Pope was forced to give up to get to the sanctuary of the Franciscan Alverne or Saint Francis has received the stigmata. Two steps will finally mark the day, the air mass in full the morning in Arezzo and the encounter with the population of Sansepolcro in the evening. With the backdrop of the crisis and unemployment, which particularly affected the young, Benedict XVI has invited the Italians not to give in to discouragement

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The bad weather pushed the program of the Pope in Tuscany

1_0_587566.jpegDue to the bad weather, this Sunday, Benedict XVI has been forced to abandon the 2° step of his visit in Tuscany: the sanctuary of the Franciscan Averne, located at more than one thousand meters of altitude, where Saint Francis has received the stigmata in 1224, two years before his death.

The Pope visited directly in Sansepolcro, a historic town founded a thousand years ago by two pilgrims to return to Jerusalem and including the cathedral houses the Holy Face, a wooden crucifix Carolingian. On his arrival, the bells were rung to any stolen. Despite the bad weather, our courses are full of light and joy, he said to the people that triggers a thunderous applause. The crowd was not discouraged by the rain.

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Week gregorian to Rocamadour


Moderated by the

Gregorian Choir of Paris

Internship of Gregorian chant of the 21 to July 28, 2012

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Arezzo in the hold of the Pope

1_0_587278.jpeg"We expect that the Pope would resonate the voice of the Church ", it is in these words that Bishop Riccardo Fontana bishop of Arezzo-Cortona -San Sepolcro has referred to the pastoral visit of Pope Benedict XVI in his diocese, this Sunday, May 13. During this movement in Tuscany the Pope will visit the sanctuary of the Franciscan Alverne, where Saint Francis of Assisi received the stigmata in 1224. It is collect on the co-cathedral of Sansepolcro, which is home to the "Holy Face": a wooden Crucifix Carolingian carved between the 8th and the 9th century, and it is in a large park located at the foot of the cathedral Saint-Donat of Arezzo that he will preside over the mass at 10h, before praying the prayer of the Regina Coeli.

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The crisis and the situation of Christians in the Middle East worried about Italy and the Vatican

1_0_587280.jpegBenedict XVI shares the concern of the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano for peace in the world, and especially in regard to the situation in the Middle East. The two men met on Friday evening at the Vatican on the occasion of an exceptional concert offered the Pope by the leader of the Italian State, for the seventh anniversary of his pontificate. In the Paul VI Hall, the famous Italian conductor Riccardo Muti has directed a concert of works of sacred music of two great Italian composers, Vivaldi and Verdi with the use of valuable instruments ready especially by the Foundation Antonio Stradivari. An interpretation and an intense run deep and welcomed by the Pope.

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The market for life in Canada

1_0_587043.jpegThe market for life had held this Thursday, May 10, in Canada, in Ottawa. It was attended by the pro-life movements, as well as a few bishops. " Abortion hits all the world", That is the theme that have chosen this year the organizers. There is no account in effect no less than 100,000 abortions each year in Canada. A figure is causing concern, that the pro-life organizations blame to a legal vacuum, undoubtedly conducive to derivatives.

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Attacks in Damascus: The Holy See renews his call for peace

1_0_587118.jpegDeclaration of the Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See following the terrorist attacks that occurred on 10 May in the Syrian capital:

"Following the tragic attacks which have plunged this Thursday the streets of Damascus, we can only condemn firmly and remind the proximity and emotion of the Holy Father and of the Catholic community for the families of victims. These attacks should encourage all parties to work to strengthen their involvement in support of the peace plan of Kofi Annan, who has already been accepted by the various actors in the conflict. These attacks also show that the situation in Syria requires a firm commitment and common of the international community to implement this plan, and that are sent to the faster to other observers. The appeal launched by the Sain-Pere on Easter Day has never been such a topical: It is necessary that is being undertaken without delay the path of respect, dialog and reconciliation."

The Pope to the Pontifical Mission Societies works: "Every man has the right to receive the Gospel"

1_0_587001.jpegThe Pope has received this Friday morning in the Vatican 117 national directors of works Pontifical Mission Societies. (OPM) "Jesus, the incarnate Word is always the center of the announcement, the point of reference that indicates the methodology of the evangelizing mission" Stressed Benedict XVI. The message of Christ, today as yesterday, Cannot adapt to the logic of this world, because it is prophecy and liberation". The Pope explained that "PArcourir the paths of the world to proclaim the Gospel to all peoples of the earth and lead to the encounter with the Lord required as well as the one who announced has a personal report and daily with the Christ, the familiar and the deeply loves.

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Benedict XVI reaffirms the validity of the conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate

nostra.aetate.JPGIn recent years, Jews and Catholics have become reliable partners, good friends, who can face the crises together and to overcome the conflicts in a positive way. Benedict XVI is convinced of this. He has reiterated this Thursday morning in receiving, the Vatican, a delegation of Jewish Congress latin american. The Pope has welcomed the progress made these past 50 years.

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