CHINA - catholic Pilgrimage of deaf and dumb and blind in the Cathedral of the Diocese of Wen Zhou

chine, wenzhou, journee mondiale de priere pour l'eglise en chine, sourds-muets, aveugles, pelerinages, vierge marie, hebei, cathedrales, dioceses, zhe jiang, xia men, rosaire, pretres, religieuses, laics, eucharistie, chapelet, chemin de croix, sanctuaires, homelies, handicaps, foiWen Zhou (Fides Service) - In view of the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, which will be celebrated on 24 May next year, the faithful deaf and dumb and blind also lived with intense the Month of Mary. According to what indicates to the Agenzia Fides Faith of He Bei, a group of parishioners deaf and dumb and blind to the Cathedral of the Diocese of Wen Zhou, sis in the province of the Zhe Jiang has done the pilgrimage to the Marian shrine of Xia Men - Village of the Rosary, accompanied by the priests, nuns and the lay faithful.

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Freedom of conscience and religion: a law violated or slyly limit

1_0_589010.jpegThe Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has published, on May 14, a letter on the freedom of conscience and religion. The permanent Council of the Conference has sought to express its concern about the aggressive "relativism" which seeks, in Canada, to relegate religion to the private sphere. The text emphasizes the difference which exists between the legitimate secularity, and secularism radical who wants to prevent the religious denominations and the communities of believers to participate in public debate and to the citizen life.

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Benedict XVI condemned the attack in Brindisi: "a vile attack"


Benedict XVI has strongly condemned this Sunday the attack against a high school in Brindisi, in the south of Italy, which has cost the lives Saturday to a young girl of 16 years, Melissa, "innocent victim of a brutal violence" recalled the Pope. Benedict XVI has also directed his thoughts to all the young students of the lycée Morvillo Falcone, affected by this "vile attack".

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Bepe Grillo, the Italian comedian who is no longer a joke the traditional parties

1_0_589321.jpegVoting Day for Sunday, May 20 and Monday 21 in Italy: nearly four million voters must vote for the second round of partial municipal elections. 120 Cities are concerned among which, Parma, Genoa or even Palermo. The ballot is very expected in the country, after the very bad results of traditional political parties in the first round. The parties of the right have collapsed, and if the left resists better, she done despite any pale figure. But a party pulled out of the game, that of Bepe Grillo, a comedian in the converted policy.

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Joan of Arc, model for the Church

1_0_589254.jpegThe Sunday, May 13 marked the solemnity of holy Joan of Arc. On the occasion of the sixth centenary of the birth of la pucelle d'Orléans, the cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois , Archbishop of Paris, and president of the conference of bishops of France, has chaired the mass in the basilica of Domrémy. The morning, a conference of Catherine Guyon, master of conferences of medieval history at the University of Lorraine allowed to locate the spiritual journey of the young Joan in its historical context. Great figure of the Church of the fifteenth century, Joan of Arc is today a model for the whole Church.

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The Pope invited the laity to the promotion of the common good

1_0_589314.jpegBenedict XVI has received saturday morning with the members of three Associations, the ecclesial movement of cultural commitment, the Federation of Christian organizations of international voluntary service and the Christian Movement of the workers. The any representative a few 8,000 persons received in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican. The Pope reminded them that the main task of the Catholic laity was to highlight the injustices and to bear witness to the values on which they based the dignity of the person, by promoting all forms of solidarity which promote the common good.

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The Holy See responds to the publication of new leaks

1_0_589305.jpegThe Italian press has published this Friday from new confidential documents of the Holy See, three weeks after that Benedict XVI had put in place a commission of inquiry in order to shed light on the origin of leaks repeated to the Vatican. An Italian journalist of investigation, Gianluigi Nuzzi, is the author of a new book entitled "His Holiness, the secret files of Benedict XVI", to be issued this Saturday. The press has released several passages of what he presented as a series of authentic documents, and that fall within the daily activity of the Pope, of its official meetings and personal fax.

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Vatican - screening of the film 'Mary of Nazareth' - Remarks by Pope Benedict XVI

The life of Mary, a constant "Yes" to God


ROME, Friday, may 18, 2012 (ZENIT.org)- The life of Mary of Nazareth has been "rich" and "full", because it was "a "I am here " to God", without constantly repeat, of the Annunciation to the Cross, says Benedict XVI.

Benedict XVI has in fact attended the screening of the film "Mary of Nazareth, Wednesday, May 16, in the late afternoon, in the Clementine Hall in the Vatican, before you go to the persons present.

Address by Benedict XVI:

Dear friends,

(In Italian)

Thank you to all of you for this moment, which prompts us to reflect through the images and the dialogs of the film "Mary of Nazareth". Thank you in particular to the RAI and its director general, Mrs. Lorenza Lei, and the other representatives, as well as to "Lux Empty", and to the family Barnabei and the team of the production.

(In german)

I thank of any court, for this presentation in the Apostolic Palace, the director of the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the prof. Gerhard Fuchs, the producer, Martin Choroba, of the Company Tellux-Film to Munich, as well as all the players and the actors present, and the camera crews.

(In Spanish)

Thank you also for the representatives of the Telecinco of Spain.

(In Italian)

This is not easy to sketch a portrait of a mother, because it contains a wealth of life difficult to describe; and it is even more demanding if it is of Mary of Nazareth, a woman who is the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God made man.

You've built the film around three feminine figures, whose lives intersect, but the choices they make are profoundly different. Herodias remains trapped in his world, it is not successful in raising his eyes to read the signs of God and it has not escaped the evil.

Mary Magdalene is living a story more complex: it undergoes the fascination of an easy life, based on the things, and it uses different means to achieve his purposes, up to the dramatic moment or it is judged and put face to his life, and there, the meeting of Jesus opens its court, changed his life.

But the center, it is Mary of Nazareth: in it is the wealth of a life that has been a "I am here" to God. It is a mother who would have the desire to keep his son always with her, but she knows that he is God; she has a faith and a love so great that it accepts that it parte and accomplishes its mission; she reiterates "I am here" to God, from the Annunciation to the Cross.

Three experiments, a paradigm of the way in which we can build our life; on the egotism, on the confinement on self and on the material things, by allowing themselves to be guided by the evil; or well on the meaning of the presence of a God who is come and rest in the midst of us and that we expected with kindness if we are wrong, and we asked to follow him, to have confidence in him.

Mary of Nazareth is the wife of the "I am here", whole and total before the divine will, and in this "Yes", repeated also before the pain of the loss of his son, she found the beatitude fully and deeply. Thank you all for this good evening!

© Libreria Editrice Vaticana

Translation of ZENIT, Anita bourdin

CHINA - Continuation of pilgrimages to Our Lady of She Shan

DSC05307.jpegShang Hai (Fides Service) - The influx of pilgrims continues at the Shrine of Our Lady of She Shan, in view of the May 24, World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, convened by Pope Benedict XVI in his letter to the Chinese Catholics in 2007.
According to information collected by the Fides Agency, the Diocese of Shang Hai has lived an intense day of Marian spirituality on 14 May, living the annual appointment in response to the call of the Pope.

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The evangelical Christians, the inheritors of the Protestant Reformation

chretiens, evangeliques, reforme, protestants, zele, annonce, sauveur, jesus, dernier jour, propheties, miracles, demons, chasser les demons, apotres, damnation, illusions du demon, eglise catholique, charismatique, charismes, saint paul, pape, saint pierre, obeissance, eglise, conversion, anti-christ, unite, eglise catholique romaine, vierge marie, incarnation, foi, bapteme, ecriture, evangelisation, corps du christ

© Stéphane Sakutin / AFP

The evangelical Christians, the inheritors of the Protestant Reformation (Ac 20.29 ), are often characterized by their great zeal to announce Jesus as the only Savior, but it is Jesus who prepared their true portrait when he announced that many of those who proclaim his name will come to the Last Day if safe of their good rights to receive the eternal reward, they will tell him: "Lord, Lord, is it not in thy name that we prophesy? In thy name we have demons? In thy name that we have done many miracles? ", All works-that on which actually evangelicals are based to ensure that they are, themselves, of true Christians, because doing the same works that the Apostles. However, Jesus will tell them " opposite: I would never have known you, move away from me, all of you who made the evil. " (Mt 7.21 -23) ... So there is currently a lot of people, "very much" we said Jesus, who think they are doing in the name of Jesus, and who are blasting ...

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