The ecumenical jury prize in Cannes awarded to the Danish Thomas Vinterberg

1_0_591442.jpegThe ecumenical jury of the Cannes film festival has awarded, this Saturday, May 26, its price to Thomas Vinterberg, a Danish filmmaker, for his film " Hunting ". A film that traces the descent into the underworld of a man victim to a lie. This achievement, which relates to both the value of respect, trust and dignity, also shows the importance of the community for the man.

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Pentecost, a feast of the union and of the understanding

1_0_591424.jpegFifty days after Easter, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and "Where there were divisions and strangeness, are born the unity and understanding". In the Vatican, the Pope has chaired this Sunday, MAY 27 morning the mass of Pentecost in the basilica of St. Peter in the presence of 90 bishops and cardinals. In his homily, Benedict XVI emphasized the message of union, of understanding and of human communion which this feast is carrier, and whether he has taken to the stress, is that for him today "We are in the process of reliving the same experience of the tower of Babel". "We are witnessing - Explained the Pope - Has the facts daily or the men become more and more aggressive and more bellicose ; se understand now seems too complicated and therefore we prefer to confine itself to our own self, to our own interests". A situation which recalls the construction of the tower of Babel. "Let us relive the same experience as Babel - Said Benedict XVI - The one where the men have focused so much power and they think to be able to substitute for God". But that is what happened to Babel:"While the men worked together to build the tower they realized that they opened the one against the other. While they were trying to be like God, they ran the risk of not being even more of the men, because they had lost a fundamental element of the human being: the ability to reach agreement, to understand and to work together".

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Commentary on the Gospel of the Sunday of Pentecost

1_0_590620.jpegOn this Sunday of Pentecost, the father Jean-Como About commented on the Gospel according to St Jean (15, 26 - 27, 16, 12 - 15)

Has the time or Jesus was passing from this world to his father, he said to his disciples:

"When will the Defender, that I'll send you to the Father,
He, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father, he will witness in my favor. "

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World Meeting of Families: Benedict XVI will give the plenary indulgence to pilgrims

1_0_591174.jpegThe Pope will give the plenary indulgence to all the pilgrims participating in the Viith World Meeting of Families in Milan, can it be read in a decree made public by the Apostolic Penitentiary this Friday.
Benedict XVI will concede "willingly" the gift of the Plenary Indulgence to the faithful, accurate cardinal Manuel Monteiro de Castro, major penitentiary, "in order that once repented and stimulated by the charity" they "dedicate to the sanctification of the family, following the example of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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The father Lombardi confirmed the arrest of the butler of the Pope

1_0_591240.jpegThe person arrested by the security services of the Vatican in illegal possession of documents reserves is much the butler of the Pope, Paolo Gabriele, has confirmed the director of the Press Room of the Holy See in a public statement issued in the mid day this Saturday.
The man is currently in custody in the Vatican, it has appointed and met with two lawyers, "empowered to act with the tribunal of the Vatican" specifies the note.

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The Pope comes in aid to the victims of the earthquake in Emilia Romagna

1_0_591177.jpegBenedict XVI, touched and humbled by the earthquake that hit the region of Emilia Romagna in the north of Italy, has sent a special contribution of 100,000 ? To share between the ecclesiastical circumscriptions of Carpi, Mantova, Modene-Nonantola , Ferrara- Comacchio.

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CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2012 - The coast of Cannes, the actors taste the silence of the monks

As in 2011, the monks of Lerins, in the bay of Cannes, have opened the doors of their Abbey on of artists and professionals of the cinema, for the Festival of silence, a time of exchanges, of prayer and silence ...

Mireille Darc: "It is a wonderful experience"

CHINA - World Day of Prayer for the Church in China: pilgrimages and prayers of the Catholic communities during the whole month of Mary

chine, vierge marie, sheshan, shanghai, journee de priere pour l'eglise en chine, priere, pape, benoit xvi, ma da qin, sanctuaire, eucharistie, Shi Jia Zhuang (Fides Service) - Today, 24 May, Memory of the very Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, is celebrated in the world the Day of Prayer for the Church in China, desired by the Pope Benedict XVI. Bishop Ma Da Qin, Vicar of the Diocese of Shanghai, on the territory of which is the Shrine of Our Lady of She Shan, has presided over this morning the solemn Eucharist in the sanctuary in question, in communion with the universal Church and in response to the call of the Holy Father.

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SYRIA - "How to help the Christians in Syria? ": In the hold of the words of the Pope in Lebanon

pape, benoit xvi, syrie, liban, voyage apostolique, chretiens, orient, exhortation post-synodale, jules baghdassarian, oeuvres pontificales missionnaires, opm, occident, jean paul ii, islam, dhimmis, aide materielle, comprehension, respect, sympathie, priere, musulmans, pays arabes, paix, confilts, islamistes, sanctions economiques, embargo, religions, groupes ethinquesAleppo (Fides Service) - "How to help the Christians of Syria and the Christians of the Middle East? We expect the prophetic words of the post-synodal exhortation that Pope Benedict XVI will officially in Lebanon in September next" explains to the Agenzia Fides the Father Jules Baghdassarian, national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies Works in Syria. The Father Baghdassarian, which intends to make the other national directors of Works Pontifical Mission Societies in the world, says: "Christians in the Middle East hope that the message of the Pope will have an impact both in the East as in the West, and it will be able to break open new ways without breaking with the past". In effect, he notes, "it is time that the Church begins to breathe with both lungs", referring to a well-known expression of Blessed Pope John Paul II. The Christians of the Middle East - he continues - "are citizens of countries, the majority of the population professes the religion of Islam. Their destiny is tied to the country and the type of Islam which governs the country. Islam should recognize their own role and full citizenship to believers of other times and do not support the regimes in which Christians are, as in the Middle Ages, the dhimmis, i.e. people with limited rights".

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Crisis in Madagascar: the Christian Churches denounce violations of human rights

1_0_590810.jpegWhile Madagascar is pressed in the political crisis, the Council of Christian Churches of Madagascar arraigned the political class. In a long statement, published on May 18 last year, the religious leaders are rebelling against the attitude of the politicians" that do that protect their own interests without thinking of the interest of the Malagasy people". The Council of the Christian Churches of Madagascar also denounced the violations of human rights, particularly in matters of justice and believes that "democracy is flouted".

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