At the San Siro Stadium, Benedict XVI invited the young people to live their ideals


Second day of Benedict XVI to Milan for a pastoral visit doubled of the 7th World Meeting of Families. It is address this Saturday morning to the priests, religious and seminarians gathered in the cathedral of Milan for the prayer of the lauds, rite in the Milanese, specificity of the diocese of Milan.

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The Pope explained his vision of the ethics policy before the civilian authorities in Milan

1_0_593322.jpegBenedict XVI continues its meetings in Milan. A rendez-vous protocol more this time. In the early evening, this Saturday, at the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Milan, the Pope was address to the civil authorities of Milan and the Lombardy. Benedict XVI has offered to its interlocutors a lesson of good governance from the principles applied by the patron saint's day of Milan, Ambrose, who after having worked as a jurist at the service of the State, held the episcopal seat of Milan since the century, defending the rights of the Church face to the emperors.

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Benedict XVI in Milan: first balance sheet of the Father Federico Lombardi

1_0_593341.jpegSecond day for Benedict XVI in Milan. The Pope is since yesterday evening in the capital of Lombardy to the 7th World Day of Families. Milan, the largest diocese of the world.

The Father Federico Lombardi, director of the press room of the Holy See is on the spot, it gives a first positive results of this pastoral visit of the Pope: >> RealAudioMP3

The interview held by our sent special on-site Mathilde Auvillain (Vatican Radio)

The family: "main heritage of humanity"

1_0_593130.jpegBenedict XVI recalled with force and clarity on Friday, when its first contacts with the Milanese and the participants at the 7th World Meeting of Families organized on the theme "the family, work and the feast". The family is "the main heritage of humanity".

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The Pope welcomed the city of Milan "crossroads of peoples and cultures"

1_0_593108.jpegMilan is in celebration. Benedict XVI presided over the 7Th World Meeting of Families. It is in Popemobile so much that the Pope has arrived on the place of the "Duomo" cathedral square or the waiting thousands of Milanese and families from all over the world. Therefore a first meeting with the Pope, a great celebration of family and of the faith, in the presence of the cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan and the mayor of the city Giuliano Pisapia.

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The Pope arrived in Milan

1_0_593049.jpegMilan is the colors of the Vatican. Benedict XVI has started this Friday a pastoral visit of three days in the capital of Lombardy to preside over the 7th World Meeting of Families. The thousands of participants from around the world have joined this Friday afternoon the place of the "Duomo", the place of the cathedral, for a first meeting with the Pope, a great celebration of family and of the faith, in the presence of the cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan and the mayor of the city Giuliano Pisapia.

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Meeting with the African pilgrims loans for 'the spiritual feast'


On the place of the "Duomo" prevailed this Friday afternoon a climate of great expectations before the arrival of Benedict XVI. That is where Mathilde Auvillain has met with Joachim Bumba, priest of the diocese of Kabinda in Angola and Alain Dikamba, secular of DRC.

Testimony: >> RealAudioMP3

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Conclusion of the Marian month: 'that the joy is more strong'

1_0_592807.jpeg"The joy is based on the hope in God, draws its strength from the ceaseless prayer, makes it possible to deal with serenity the vicissitudes of life ": Benedict XVI concluded on Thursday night by the month of Mary in the Vatican Gardens, at the Grotto of Lourdes.

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Comment of the Missionary Intention of June 2012


"That the Christians in Europe are rediscovering their own identity and are involved with more momentum to the announcement of the Gospel "

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Milan, the capital of the family

rencontre mondiale des familles.JPGMilan is preparing to host the Pope this Friday 1ER June. Benedict XVI will preside over until Sunday the last days of the 7° world meeting of families, which is open on Wednesday. In the program a theological congress international and an international fair in the family: more than twenty meetings, of prayer and reflection on the family, employment, the solidarity, backdrop to a crisis that requires of family policies more effective. The Church wants to strengthen the institution of the family for the good of society. The development of the daily life according to the needs of families with children is one of the priorities of the meeting, as well as the balance between leisure and labor, with an emphasis on the rest on Sunday.

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