CHINA - The celebration of the feast-God under the sign of the evangelization

Shi Jia Zhuang (Fides Service) - The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord, more known under its Latin name of Corpus Domini, was celebrated this Thursday, June 7, by different Chinese Catholic communities continental in communion with the universal Church and in particular with the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI who has presided over in Rome the Mass and the Eucharistic Procession to the Basilica of Saint Jean of the Lateran with that of St Mary Major. According to what was indicated to the Agenzia Fides Faith of He Bei, the celebration in China has been characterized by his missionary zeal and by his commitment to evangelization. Thus, for example, the Parish of Fei Xiang of the Diocese of Han Dan in the province of He Bei had it held a solemn Eucharistic Procession and Adoration.

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The rigged betting, hidden face of the football

1_0_594777.JPGKick-off yesterday in Poland in the European Cup in 2012. In total 16 teams will battle to try to rise up in the final scheduled for 1 July- The Euro2012 will be followed by millions of viewers and which should also attract many bettors on the internet. Of what to put in the alert European fonts, because this is no longer the doping, but illegal betting which represent the greatest threat during this competition

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The president of the Sri Lanka received at the Vatican

1_0_594935.JPGThe Pope has received this Friday morning in private audience the president Sri Lankan Mahinda Rajapaksa. During a brief interview, Benedict XVI and his guest mentioned the efforts made in the economic and social development, as well as the reconciliation between the communities affected by the long civil war that has torn apart the country. A comprehensive solution, corresponding to the legitimate expectations of all parties was raised. The Pope and the president of Sri Lanka are also returned to the important contribution of the Catholic Church in the life of the country, through its religious witness and its educational activities, health and social, in order to continue its commitment to the service of the common good, the reciprocal understanding and integral development of all citizens.

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The fight against the treaty's past by the conversion of course

1_0_594482.JPG2.4 Million people involved, $32 billion in annual profits: the trafficking of human beings, second criminal activity the more profitable, remains, at the global level, a major concern.

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Heavy organized its first international scientific symposium

1_0_594590.JPGHeavy welcomes the 8 and 9 June an international scientific symposium on the theme "Heavy, health and science: that means heal today? "The meeting, the first of its kind, is organized by the Office of the medical findings and the International Medical Committee of Lourdes, under the aegis of the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the World Day of the sick. It will bring together representatives of Church and of health professionals: general practitioners, epidemiologists, paediatricians, psychoanalysts, or yet cardiologists. Among them Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in medicine.

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The Pope invited to restore the balance between worship and the liturgical assembly

1_0_594765.JPGOn the occasion of the feast-God, as each year, Benedict XVI presided over a solemn Mass in the evening of this Thursday, June 7. The celebration was held on the forecourt of the basilica of St. John Lateran, the Cathedral of Rome, followed by the Eucharistic procession up to the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, along the Via Merulana. In his homily, the Pope has proposed a meditation on the worship of the Eucharist and its sanctity.

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Money, power and politics are-they too linked in Europe?

argent.pouvoir.politique.JPGThe organization Transparency International denounced a too large proximity between money and political power in Europe, a promiscuity, which facilitates the corruption and hampered economic stability in many European countries. For almost a year, the NGO has closely examined the situation of 25 countries. In the results of its investigation, Transparency International denounced a lack of transparency including lobbying activities and the financing of election campaigns. For example, only ten countries totally prohibit the political contributions not declared.

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Euro 2012: for Benedict XVI, the football can be a school of respect for the other

Euro2012.JPGThe European football championship begins this Friday, June 8 in Poland and in Ukraine and Benedict XVI has sent a message to the president of the Polish Episcopal Conference to the old of the opening of this sports competition. The Pope recalls that the event will involve, beyond the sports and the football fans of the team, the whole of society and therefore the Church. The Pope quoted from his predecessor, John Paul II who saw in the sport as a tool for personal development and a relevant factor for the construction of a more human society. The sport also as a vector of values, such as the brotherhood, magnanimity, the honesty and respect of the body. Of the virtues which, when they are experienced in a genuine manner, font of the sport as a tool to build a civil society which privileged the challenge loyal to the acrimonious confrontation. Benedict XVI emphasized the team sport that is football, real school for the respect of others, the personal sacrifice for the good of the group as a whole, the overshoot of the individualism and selfishness.

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The religious congregations, laboratories of the internationality

1_0_594400.jpegA few days of legislative in France, 18 Christian organizations and three bishops sign a document entitled: "Has the meeting of the brother come to elsewhere". Objective: To invite to accommodate foreigners, shoving the ideas received, combat the xenophobic slogans and populist, including the against-truths on a Europe besieged.

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The young French more and more alone

image_courante.jpegA young French on five suffers from loneliness. That is what emerges from the study mediaprism for the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Carried out in France, the last month from a thousand people, aged 18 to 35 years, this survey shows that 19% of these young people suffer from a solitude" undergone ". If there is a definite link between job insecurity and loneliness, the latter also affects young people considered as favored and inserted.

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