Vatican - screening of the film 'Mary of Nazareth' - Remarks by Pope Benedict XVI

The life of Mary, a constant "Yes" to God


ROME, Friday, may 18, 2012 (ZENIT.org)- The life of Mary of Nazareth has been "rich" and "full", because it was "a "I am here " to God", without constantly repeat, of the Annunciation to the Cross, says Benedict XVI.

Benedict XVI has in fact attended the screening of the film "Mary of Nazareth, Wednesday, May 16, in the late afternoon, in the Clementine Hall in the Vatican, before you go to the persons present.

Address by Benedict XVI:

Dear friends,

(In Italian)

Thank you to all of you for this moment, which prompts us to reflect through the images and the dialogs of the film "Mary of Nazareth". Thank you in particular to the RAI and its director general, Mrs. Lorenza Lei, and the other representatives, as well as to "Lux Empty", and to the family Barnabei and the team of the production.

(In german)

I thank of any court, for this presentation in the Apostolic Palace, the director of the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the prof. Gerhard Fuchs, the producer, Martin Choroba, of the Company Tellux-Film to Munich, as well as all the players and the actors present, and the camera crews.

(In Spanish)

Thank you also for the representatives of the Telecinco of Spain.

(In Italian)

This is not easy to sketch a portrait of a mother, because it contains a wealth of life difficult to describe; and it is even more demanding if it is of Mary of Nazareth, a woman who is the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God made man.

You've built the film around three feminine figures, whose lives intersect, but the choices they make are profoundly different. Herodias remains trapped in his world, it is not successful in raising his eyes to read the signs of God and it has not escaped the evil.

Mary Magdalene is living a story more complex: it undergoes the fascination of an easy life, based on the things, and it uses different means to achieve his purposes, up to the dramatic moment or it is judged and put face to his life, and there, the meeting of Jesus opens its court, changed his life.

But the center, it is Mary of Nazareth: in it is the wealth of a life that has been a "I am here" to God. It is a mother who would have the desire to keep his son always with her, but she knows that he is God; she has a faith and a love so great that it accepts that it parte and accomplishes its mission; she reiterates "I am here" to God, from the Annunciation to the Cross.

Three experiments, a paradigm of the way in which we can build our life; on the egotism, on the confinement on self and on the material things, by allowing themselves to be guided by the evil; or well on the meaning of the presence of a God who is come and rest in the midst of us and that we expected with kindness if we are wrong, and we asked to follow him, to have confidence in him.

Mary of Nazareth is the wife of the "I am here", whole and total before the divine will, and in this "Yes", repeated also before the pain of the loss of his son, she found the beatitude fully and deeply. Thank you all for this good evening!

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