Hope in a world in failure of Hope

2 Avent A 2007v

Spe salvi Facti sumus : In the hope we were saved, said saint Paul to the Romans and we also (Rm 8, 24).
It is through these words, it borrowed from the letter to the Romans, that Benedict XVI began his latest encyclical. In this same letter to the Romans, we have just heard in the liturgy of this day another passage, which is located in Chapter 15:

Brothers, all that the holy books have said before we is written to teach us, so that we might have hope thanks to the perseverance and courage that gives the Scripture.

According to Saint Paul, Scripture is therefore the source of hope, thanks to the perseverance and the courage that it has given us. I draw your attention to this matter, because at the moment is still prepared a major event in the life of the Church, namely the next Synod of Bishops ... To read the following simply click on this link: