God wants to speak unto thee - Homily for the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe

Pontius Pilate, The governor (procurator) of roman Palestine, comes face to face with the Lord of the universe. Pilate is agitated by the circumstances, but lucid, because it is still early. Jesus, himself, is exhausted by the first twelve hours of his passion, but his eyes blaze of love and the determination that have led up to this time. It is come into the world to save the soul of Pilate, and that is that Providence has done finally meet. Jesus wants to attract this roman patrician to his court. All conditions are met for that Pilate could detect in Jesus the God that, secretly, he seeks. And yet it does not get there. It is located with Jesus in the same place, he speaks to him, but his heart is not affected. Why?

Jesus himself provides us with an explanation when he said to Pilate:

"Any man who belongs to the truth hears my voice. "

In saying this, Jesus teaches us the secret to live in the intimacy with God ...

To read the result of the homily:

The truth will make us free