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The Deranged persons, Season N°2, the broadcast of analysis of the world of the round ball of TalkFoot!

The population from Charente-Poitou in January 1st, 2009 Amounts according to the INSEE to 1.760.575 persons. Poitiers is the biggest city (88.795). Vienna account 426.066 living s

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On July 1st, 2010, the national debt of France was 1591,5 billion Euros, that is 82,9 % of the GDP. The peak should be reached in 2012 with a debt of 87,2 % of the GDP. Either 27,2 points more (60 %) than what plans the Pact of stability and Growth of the EU.

At the end of the year 2011, the national debt was 1717,3 billion euros, that is 85,8 % of GDP.

(IINSEE source)).

The course of 200000 pages seen on PPP was Crossed on May 15th, 2010. The course of 300000 seen pages was crossed on February 06th, 2011. The course of 400000 seen pages was crossed on November 11th, 2011. The course of 500000 seen pages was crossed June 19th, 2012. The course of 600000 pages was crossed on February 05th, 2013. Thanks to all and to all. Bravo PPP!

Since July 1st, 2012, the RAW HOURLY SMIC is 9,40€ (0,18), is for a base week -35H, represents a raw monthly salary of 1398€37 (27,03). The CLEAR SMIC, is in the end 1096€94 (21,42), what pushes us the CLEAR HOURLY SMIC to 7€37. (+0,14) (Source: Smic - horaire.fr).

1€00 = $129

On Earth, there are in this beginning of decade 2010 (on January 1st) approximately 6,833 billions Of inhabitant, then 6,915 billion Countrymen (not) on January 1st, 2011, then 7,014 billions on January 1st, 2012 according to PopulationMondiale.com.



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Flow Soviet citizen

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013 4 17 /110 /OOct /2201308:35

It is however undeniable that the western economic model arrived at the term of a cycle, that the shock Tanker of 1973 only contributed to accelerate the economic slowing down of growth

The Fifth, Alexandre Adler, on 2000.

Concern on the United States economic model in front of increases of the oil price
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, in October 18th, 1973.

The West in front of constraints to realize energy savings much earlier that planned
Comment François de Closets, in November 1st, 1973.

Realistic report on the front page of Center Presses, following the announcement of a new increase of the price of Fuels.
Center Press, on Saturday, January 12th, 1974.
By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: it arrived this day there
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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 3 16 /110 /OOct /2201309:24


Legend: among the guests of the big dinner of hundred and fifty flatware given by president Giscard d'Estaing to sound Soviet host, there were only characters of the diplomacy and the business world. There were also artists and, in particular singer Mireille Mathieu, of whom everybody Knows that she is very popular in Soviet Union.

Our photo: M. Leonid Brejnev shakes hands of our national singer. (Photo A.F.P.)

Center Press, in June, 1977.

Colonel Kadhafi and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Moscow, Monday, November 3rd, 2008.

Mireille Mathieu receives hands of president Medvedev the Order of the Friendship, in Moscow, on November 4th, 2010 (Source: Purepeople.com)

Video bonus:

Mireille Mathieu who interprets the Hymn of Moscow (2013).

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: People
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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 2 15 /110 /OOct /2201309:03

Fernsehturm Berlin soir ciel gris


Le Fernsehturm en entier Berlin

Fernsehturm et installations au pied

Fernsehturm Berlin lampafaire et place

Fernsehturm et horloge universelle Berlin The Universal Clock Urania. Inaugurated in 1969, she turns on herself permanently giving The hour on the big cities of the world on 24 time zones. In summit, we find nine planets of the solar system (Pluto was downgraded by the row of planet of our system during Congress of the International Astronomical Union of 2006).


Berlin, Monday, July 29th, 2013.

Fernsehturm, broadcasting tower of radio and television of Berlin, was built between 1966 and 1969, in East Berlin. In Leave 1950s, FRG begins to build this type of antenna, the first one being born in Stuttgart in 1956, of a height of 218m. Other cities West - German go then Throw in this running to the erection of tour, as Frankfurt, Munich, Dortmund... Of a new architectural style, even futuristic, these tours also mark the walking in front of the progress Technological in FRG in the 1960s.

But the East German diet does not want to stay outside of the progress and thus begins to throw in various cities of Construction sites of Fernsehturm. However, East Berlin being shop window of the power of the SED (Left Unified Socialist), it is decided to create the biggest tower of Germany on the site of Alexanderplatz, with a 368 meter height. So allowing the government of Walter Ulbricht to show, both in West Berlin as in East Berlin claimed superiority of the socialist model On the capitalist model of half of the city surrounded by the Wall for less than a decade.



Berlin, redrawn by the feather (of steel) Soviet citizen: Karl Marx Allee (here near Frankfurter Tor), "Socialist" retort to Unter den Linden, an avenue 80 meters wide at the end of which took place the big east military parades. With in target permanant, Fernsehturm.


Fernsehturm since the toît of Reichstag (hey yes, it is the name of the batîment that shelters the federal National Assembly German, the Bundestag).

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013.




Fernsehturm with the church St Marienkiche, who survived the big works of Soviet influence. Taken cliché Since Karl-Liebknecht Strasse.


A century of gap between Alte Nationalgalerie (1871) and Fernsehturm.

During my stay in Berlin, this tower, by its side disproportionate and futuristic did not stop intriguing me. As if she Was two hundred years old beforehand on the architectural criteria. Imagine the world of the XXIIth century with works of this type does not have anything unnecessary, no?

My only regret is not to have been able to photograph her at night.

Know that this tower can visit for about ten euros, all year long. Inside the ball, is one Panoramic restaurant which turns on him even, in a very slow speed (not it is not a juice extractor). Obviously, she offers a fantastic view over the German capital.

Berlin, Wednesday, July 31st, 2013.

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: the rest of the world
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Monday, October 14th, 2013 1 14 /110 /OOct /2201309:02

One hour to smoke 20 fags: the winner stood out in 42 minutes, is a cigarette burned out within 2 ' 15 Average!

He won what the winner, besides his cancer: one Package of fags?

News Frenchwoman, in February 02nd, 1950.
By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: archives in quite kinds
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Saturday, October 12th, 2013 6 12 /110 /OOct /2201309:04

No matter the horror of the crime, the fight against the death penalty stays a fight of every day!

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: our selection of video
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Friday, October 11th, 2013 5 11 /110 /OOct /2201309:04


THE WORLD ¦ 09.10.2013 At 12:31 am

It is a document of history, a part forgotten of our memory, a sober testimony and Seizing that the former Lord Chancellor Robert Badinter confided to the World. It is the intimate "report" of the last capital execution in France. September 9th, 1977, Hamida Djandoubi, Tunisian warehouseman guilty of the murder of his partner, Elisabeth Bousquet, is guillotined to the prison of Baumettes of Marseille. Just after the execution, the dean of the judges Of instruction of the city, Monique Mabelly (1924-2012), committed automatically to assist it, records in writing what she saw and felt.

Three sober and reserved pages but also of dismay and anger contained to describe Last minutes of Hamida Djandoubi. Of the cell where we come to look for the condemned person up to the place where he will be guillotined, the author describes exactly the convolutions around her The last cigarette, the vain attempts to delay the fatal moment, the chopper which splits the body in two.

Some lines written on the return to an execution which arouses in her "a cold revolt" afin To testify. Monique Mabelly will bequeath ten years later this manuscript to his son, Rémy Ottaviano, who put back him there is a few weeks to Robert Badinter.

September 9th, 1977.

Capital execution of Djandoubi, Tunisian subject.

At 3 pm, Mister President R. .. lets me know that I am indicated to assist it.

Reaction of revolt, but I cannot escape there. I am lived by this thought all afternoon long. My role would consist, Possibly, to receive the statements of the condemned person.

At 7 pm, I go to the cinema with B. and B. B., then we go break-in to eat at her home and look at the movie of the Movie club until 1 The hour. I go back home; I tinker, then I lengthen on my bed. Sir B. L. phones me at a quarter past 3, as I asked for it to him. I get ready. A police car comes me Look at a quarter past 4. During the route, we do not pronounce a word.

Arrived at Baumettes. Everybody is there. The prosecuting attorney arrives the last one. The procession forms. About twenty (or around thirty ?) of guards, the "personalities". During the route, brown covers are spread over the ground to suffocate the noise of steps. On the route, in three places, a carrying table A basin full of water and a terry towel.

We open the door of the cell. I hear that the condemned person slumbered, but did not sleep. We "prepare" him. It is rather long, Because he has an artificial leg and it is necessary to place her him. We wait. Nobody speaks. This silence, and the visible obedience of the condemned person, relieve, I believe, the assistants. We would not have Liked hearing shouts or protests. The procession re-forms, and we redo the path the other way around. Covers, on the ground, are a little moved, and the attention is less big in Avoid the noise of steps.

The procession stops with one of the tables. We sit the condemned person on a chair. He has hands hindered behind the back by one Handcuffs. A guard gives him a cigarette to mouthpiece. He begins to smoke without saying a word. He is young. The very black hair, with nice hair. The face is rather beautiful, lines Regular, but the pale complexion, and encircle under eyes. He has nothing of a moron, or a brute. It is rather a handsome boy. He smokes, and complains at once that his handcuffs are too much Tight. A guard approaches and tries to loosen them. He still complains. At this moment, I see in the hands of the executioner, who is held behind him flanked by his two helps, one Cord.

For a moment, it is about to replace handcuffs by the cord, but we content with removing him handcuffs, and The executioner has this horrible and tragic word: "you see, you are free!..." That gives a shiver... He smokes his cigarette, which is almost ended, and we give him an other one. He has hands Free and smoke slowly. This is when I see that he really begins to realize that it is finished - that he cannot escape any more-, that it is there that his life, that the moments which he Remain to live will last as long as will last this cigarette.

He asks his lawyers. Me P. and Me G. approach. He speaks to them as low as possible, because both helps of the executioner frame him Very closely, and it is as if they wanted to steal him these last moments of man alive. He gives a paper to Me P. who tears him, at his/her request, and an envelope in Me G. He speaks to them very Little. They are each on one side and do not speak to each other either. The wait goes on. He asks for the director of the prison and asks him a question on the fate of his business.

The second cigarette is ended. He already passed near a quarter of an hour. A guard, a young person and friendly, approaches with one Bottle of rum and a glass. He asks the condemned person if he wants to drink and pays him a half-glass. The condemned person begins to drink slowly. Now he understood that his life would stop when he Would have stopped drinking. He still speaks little with his lawyers. He calls back the guard who gave him the rum and asks him to collect the pieces of paper which Me P. had torn and thrown in Earth. The guard bends, collects the pieces of paper and gives them to Me P. who puts them in his pocket.

This is when the feelings begin to become entangled. This man is going to die, he is lucid, he knows that he can make nothing Of other than to delay the end of a few minutes. And that becomes almost as child's whim which uses all the ways to delay the hour to go to bed! A child who knows that we shall have Some kindness for him, and who uses it. The condemned person continues to drink his glass, slowly, by sips. He calls the imam who approaches and speaks to him in Arabic. He answers some Words in Arabic.

The glass is almost ended and, last attempt, he asks for another cigarette, for a Gaul or for a Gypsy, because he does not like Those whom we gave him. This demand is made calmly, almost with dignity. But the executioner, who begins to get impatient, intervenes: "we were already very friendly with him, very human, now it is necessary to finish in it." In his/her turn, the prosecuting attorney intervenes to refuse this cigarette, in spite of the demand repeated of the condemned person who adds very conveniently: "that will be the last one." A certain embarrassment begins to seize assistants. He passed by approximately twenty minutes since the condemned person sits on his chair. Twenty minutes so long and so short! Everything collides.

The demand of this last cigarette restores its reality, its "identity" in the time which has just passed by. We were patients, we have Expected twenty minutes up, while the condemned person, sat, expresses desires that we immediately satisfied. We had left him master of the contents of this time. It was its thing. Now, one Other reality substitutes itself for this time which was given to him. We resume him to him. The last cigarette is refused, and, to finish in it, we press him to end his glass. He drinks the last mouthful. Tightens the glass to the guard. Immediately, one of the helps of the executioner takes out deftly a pair of scissors of the pocket of its jacket and begin to cut the collar of the blue shirt of the condemned person. Executioner makes a sign that the bight is not rather wide. Then, the help gives two big snips of the scissors in the back of the shirt and, to simplify, strips all the top of the back.

Quickly (before cutting the collar) we bound him hands behind the back with the cord. We put the standing condemned person. Guards open a door in the corridor. The guillotine appears, in front of the door. Almost without hesitating, I am the guards who push the condemned person and I enter the room (or, maybe, An inner courtyard?) where is the "machine". Close by, opened, a brown wicker basket. Everything goes very fast. The body is face downward almost thrown but, at this moment, I turn, not by Been afraid of "losing heart", but by a kind of modesty (I do not find other word) instinctive, visceral.

I hear a deaf noise. I turn around - some blood, a lot of blood, some very red blood-, the body fell over to the basket. In one Assist, a life was cut. The man who spoke, less than one minute earlier, is more than a blue pajamas in a basket. A guard takes a garden hose. It is fast necessary to erase Tracks of the crime... I have a kind of nausea, which I check. I have in me a cold revolt.

We go to the office where the prosecuting attorney fusses childish to shape the report. D.vérifie carefully Every term. It is important, a PV of capital execution! At 5:10 am I am at my home.

I write these lines. It is 6:10 am.

Monique Mabelly (Investigating judge)

The complement to PPP: a documentary of 52 min on Hamida Djandoubi EntitledThe Guillotined last one(2011).

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: archives in quite kinds
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Thursday, October 10th, 2013 4 10 /110 /OOct /2201308:50

Considering the currency depreciation due to the inflation, thus the 49900-franc purchasing power in 1998 is the same as that of 9594,21 euros in 2012. (INSEE)

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: the vintage pubs
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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 3 09 /110 /OOct /2201308:39




Poitiers, Friday, April 19th, 2013, at about 4:10 pm. The hour of the nap.

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: Gunther le Terrible
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Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 2 08 /110 /OOct /2201309:21

Latin name: Amanita Muscaria



Wood of Saint-Peter, Saturday, November 17th, 2012.

The fly agaric

It is certainly the most known mushrooms, red with white petit points, he does not go unnoticed in the forest. The children know him As being the house of the small sprites of the tales and the legends. But attention, you should not let deceive by the attractive colors, it is a poisonous mushroom. He was very Looked for by the former Scandinavian peoples (the Vikings) who attributed him a divine power and was consumed during the ritual ceremonies. The effects, further to his ingestion, take place In three phases: excitement (shouts, laughter, singings), this euphoric period is followed by anxiety and by bewilderment; then the effects of the drug become blurred in a sound sleep which can be Interrupted with nightmares. The drug-addicts did not hesitate to drink or to make drink their urine, because the renal filtration, does not distort the hallucinogenic "properties" of the Amanita Fly killer.
Attention, besides the consequences above, its ingestion can cause sweats, disorders gastroenteritis - intestinal, a dilation of the pupil, Whimperings, salivation and slowing down of the heart. Thus he can pull serious poisonings.

Taken on Universe-nature.com

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: the small information
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Monday, October 7th, 2013 1 07 /110 /OOct /2201309:51

In the North of Oléron, at the forefront of Chassiron, you will reach him!


Oléron, on Sunday, June 27th, 2010.

CARTE-OLERON.PNG In the red cross on the card, you will perceive the End of the world. And later? Ben you will turn back to return to You.

However, this place has nothing to do with "the try of the end of the world". It is of the rugby and that took place New Zealand. Marked on July 3rd, 1994 by XV of France, he owes his name to the fact that he is marked, not New Zealand, but since a relaunching of 22 French. On an action of Genius. And what he gives the victory to Blues (20-23) in the Eden Pak, for the first time since July 14th, 1979.

By Ludovic Bonneaud -PPublished in: the rest of the world
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Le August 15th 2013,
PPP Received
Since his creation
367030 VisitEs.

Radio Old School

A column exclusively dedicated to the music "in the former" typifies Soul Disco Electro Funk of 1990 and others Hearing pearls.
History for the amateurs to discover a quality musical genre regrettably disappeared.
In the listening:

I Felt The Love

The oil price in New York: $10313

Pétrol Pop, Jean Yanne and Michel Magne, B.O. of Me It in A Vouloir Of Money (1972)

Label 1983





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