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Crusher for low-temperature crushing of the series NLM

During low-temperature crushing, for which the series of crushers NLM is created, the particles or material pieces are processed to powder by mechanical force and with the aid of air high-speed flow. Common method of splitting is not applicable in some cases of production in connection with physical properties of some materials. In particular the machine found wide application in technologies of hyperfine low-temperature washed temperature-responsive materials. For example, equipment is applicable for processing thermogluing big viscosity to fuse material with high strength of bonding and different degree of water resistance. Because of low temperature of melting and softening, such kind of material should be processed at temperature below room. Our equipment is applied as well for crushing of plastic спеченного by the laser absorbing substances used in military structures, industrial corrosion coating, as well as in medical production etc.

1. Crude material
2. Exhaust aperture
3. Shnekovyj conveyor
4. Bunker
5. Exhaust fan
6. Cyclone
7. Exhaust valve
8. The final product
9. Grinder
10. Liquid nitrogen
Technical parameters
Model 250 400 600
Capacity (кВт) 30 60 100
Max. rotational speed of the main shaft (turn per minute) 7500 4650 3200
Fineness washed the final product 80~1200 меш (granularity)

1) Chemistry and cover materials: teflon, polyurethane, ПП, polyamides (найлон), potassium permanganate.
2) Food stuffs and medical assignment: fruit plants, animal and vegetable extracts, молотый pepper, cinnamon, powder of the caraway seeds and paprika, карри, powder аниса etc.
3) Biotechnologies: конидиальный powder, protein, vitamins, animal placentay, vegetable and vegetable extracts.

The company we is a professional Chinese manufacturer and the supplier of mills for washed away at low temperatures. We as well offer wide choice of other production, including crusher of thin washed rubbers, jet mill with псевдоожиженным layer, marshalling equipment of large capacity and other machines.

Resembling titles
Mill for crushing of pharmaceutical materials Crusher for food-processing industry Grinder for biotechnology products

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