February 2011
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  • Reverse Flight (27/02/2011 )
    The last month, we discussed the principle of the translations back, their departure and their judgment. Today, true following the chapters covered in November, we will try to ...
  • Debut in aerobatic 3D (27/02/2011 )
    Since the time that I can talk, it was well for it to happen! We will finally tackle the flight 3D, if the court you says! This is not an end in itself, but it is particularly exciting ...
  • First flicks (27/02/2011 )
    The translations in fast mode perfection does not make you more afraid, you fly regularly in conservative mode of Cape Town, from takeoff to landing? Perfect! We will go together ...
  • Principles of Settings (27/02/2011 )
    In the assembly process of a helicopter, it is the part a little bit "decision-head" that determines in large part the flight qualities of the beast. It is one of the most important chapters ...
  • The mounting of the mechanical (27/02/2011 )
    Reading the notices II will be necessary in all cases well read the notices of the helicopter, the gyroscope and especially of the radio command to impregnate the mounting and the different settings. Especially ...
  • Autorotations (02/23/2011 )
    THE Autorotation II will be time to get with it! We will be able sor and already begin to lead to autorotations. Because one day or the other, the engine will be able to make its own, or you'll fall ...
  • Settings T-Rex 600 N for the F3C (02/23/2011 )
    Technical How i rule my T-Rex 600 N for the F3C? 1 - Radio settings First of all, try to follow the instructions. That this either among JR, Hirobo or Kyosho, Align, the settings of databases are ...
  • Futaba Radio Transformation ff7 in 2.4 GHZ (02/23/2011 )
    You can download the qualify for a better definition! The link is under the article, good diy to all! File HERE!
  • POLYCLUB axs in 3 (09/02/2011 Published in: under pages )
    Since a few i had made the acquisition of a Polyclub of opportunity all mounted, after several hours of pleasant flights because the polyclub is a plane 2axs which pardone all pilot errors ...
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