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  • : Hello . I have a passion for many years , it is the point account! It is as well as in this blog , there will be the point account of course , but also of the Hardanger , knitting , jewelry beads , etc . . . And my free puzzles that i offer with much pleasure . Everything that i achieved, and all this that I like!
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  • : 05/08/2007


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Sunday, October 7, 2012 7 07 /10 /Oct /2012 9:28 PM


I returned from my last vacation of the year , and we're immersed in the autumn, with its rain , the wind , the falling leaves , mushrooms which will push , the time of pumpkins . . .

It made me want to draw a grid of autumn .

So it will be a "Heart Autumn" as stated in the title of my article .

The following is therefore in image


If however this grid you are interested , you can find on my site of free puzzles:

" The grilles of Sablaise "

I will hasten to the broder and show you the result .


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Thursday, September 20, 2012 4 20 /09 /Sep /2012 09:00


I completed yesterday my cushion for the golden anniversary of my friends .

The embroidery is complete


In fact I have not done all hearts that I had in mind in golden wire , i did almost more of gold and i have not been able to find the same color , DMC has changed its colors! Grrrr!

But finally I like well as ca , it is more sober!

Then I made a pillow to insert in the future cover , in a white sheet former , and filled with synthetic fiber, such as the one I used for my quirky .


So far everything was easy, but the more difficult for me was to come! ! !

I decided therefore to make a pouch with my linen canvas embroidered on one side and solid on the other side .

But this pouch, he could not make way pillowcase because i did not have enough canvas , i opted for a zipper at the bottom of the pouch .

There i made a mistake , I bought the closure of the same dimension as my cushion finished , that is to say 40 cms! It would have had to be a few cms shorter! ! ! I am really not a seamstress and ca will feel good!

I have everything well prepared , I am well applied and i even spent a wire frame to hold on to the closing , easier to inject than pushpins , I am the queen of the cracking of machine needles! ! ! !

And well that is what we get


I had yet not of foot fermetrue special flash on my machine, but everything went very well!

I have struggled with the angles, the closure was really a bit too long and I did not have suitable new margin of fabric , but it can go when even!


So here is this cushion finished:


Now I'm going to make a nice gift package and I hope that it suits their!


Some of you have told me that my orchid was nice , and that you could not get to do blossom again yours , well to me it was the case for several years! A friend had given me the , all beautiful , any flower and then nothing for years , but i continued to the baste , and then one day I changed to place , i put on the edge of a window, but not in direct sunlight. And it has flowering lily!

What a joy at the end of so many years to finally see a push rod and make buttons!

Since it flourishes 2 times per year and this year she has done very , a main stem on which are outputs two small rods!

I counted twenty flowers in everything!

Then try the change of place , this may suffice to make them bloom! Not of full sun , but a lot of clarity and not too much watering .

That was the minute of a gardening Sablaise who has not specifically the hand green! ! ! Mdr!


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 2 18 /09 /Sep /2012 3:21 PM


As stated in the title of this article , my project became reality!

I spent my whole afternoon yesterday and even a part of my morning , i wanted to finish last night!

And it is done! Egg!

I you had shown a few letters embroidered on different canvases


Then after having cut my pieces of canvas , my lace . . .


. . . I have any sewn in placing them about well on my piece of fabric , and inserting in the spaces a little empty , pieces of lace old , and by adding a few buttons , former them also of course!


After a good ironing it looks like this:


Now some of the pictures more closely to see ( the faults! ! ! ) The details:

On this photo you can see a piece of canvas darker than the other with a mini alphabet and numbers .

This is my mother that had embroidered this when she was a child , at that time we learned to girls to "mark" the linen!

I came out , it is in poor condition , but I have held in the be included in this great primer!



All is not quite right , but I must confess that this is not at all obvious, not being of any seamstress , sewing these small pieces of rights . . . Despite the pins! ! ! !





And that's it! . . . Box and install!


I liked to make these beautiful letters and the record corresponds to the idea that I had made!

Ca "furnished" well my house!

Go , i returned to my sewing machine , for this time finish the cushion for the anniversary of marriage!


By Sablaise - Published in: Point of the cross - Community: embroidery and blithely dismissive
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Monday, September 17, 2012 1 17 /09 /Sep /2012 08:51 AM

45353596 p

Hello to you!

At this time we are in the process, my husband and i , of repeat fully our house , for all say it is almost finished , so I am in full in the deco! ! !

I had a large white frame which previously contained a mirror , the ice removed , the framework was empty and was waiting for a embroidery , but of this size i didn't see anything! . . . .

In effect it measures 48cms X 68cms, it is "a little" grand for a embroidery , then I had an idea in recovering of old sheets , one of whom was embroidered with a beautiful "B" red to the point of the Cross .

And if i was a primer with different letters embroidered on different canvases and assembled in primer ?

I am placing as soon , i pulled out all my books adequate . . .


And all my letters are embroidered and waiting for finishing .

The following are a few:

On this 1st photo you can see the beautiful "B" .

This should not be easy to embroider on a canvas as thick and rigid than these linens veterans , in most embroidery is hyper fine! Hats off to this embroideress unknown!


The "H" is as large as the "B" , but not also end! ! !



Here is a small preview of what it will look when completed


It only remains for me to fix all of these letters on a piece of fabric former white and add a few pieces of lace, a few buttons and we will see what it gives . . .

Finally a photo of my orchid plant in full bloom, this is the 1st time it brings me as much flowers i have account a twenties . She made a big rod with flowers and on this rod depart 2 other small stems themselves carriers of flowers!

It is superb!


HAS soon

45355164 p

By Sablaise - Published in: Point of the cross - Community: The community of stitcher
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