Updated on 01/02/2017


Système d'alerte à la population gare de triage de Drancy - Le Bourget

Alarm system to the population marshalling yard of Drancy - Le Bourget


To anticipate, to alert, in front of major risks, the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis sets up an alarm system to the population.
You live near the marshalling yard of Drancy-Le Bourget and wish to be alerted (e), join.

On-line pre-complaint

Pré-plainte en ligne - Gagnez du temps

On-line pre-complaint - Save time

27/10/2016. Victim of an aggression, a burglary, a service of on-line pre-complaint allows you to save time.

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Tout comprendre du prélèvement à la source de l'impôt sur le revenu

Understand everything of the source sample of the income tax

02/11/2016. Planned to come into effect on January 1st, 2018, the source sample of the income tax is registered in the finance bill 2017. He aims at modernizing the tax collection, by adapting him to the events of the life, without (...)

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Intoxications au monoxyde de carbone : Danger

Carbon monoxide poisonings: danger

21/10/2016. Carbon monoxide poisonings represent among the gravest risks the winter.

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Arnaques au dépannage à domicile : soyez vigilants !

Swindles in the repair at home: are all eyes!

21/10/2016. Knackered door or lost key, narrow-minded pipe, power failure, broken window... Attention on the swindles.

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Liste d’opposition au démarchage téléphonique Bloctel

List of opposition to the cold calling Bloctel

20/10/2016. It is possible to register you on Bloctel, the new list of opposition to the cold calling implementation by the Government, further to the law Consumption.

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Logo  DALO

Right in the opposable accommodation (DALO)

07/10/2016. All your forms are downloadable on this site.

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Call for projects

Appels à projets locaux mobilisés contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme 2016-2017

Local calls for projects mobilized against the racism and the anti-Semitism 2016-2017

03/01/2017. Application: from December 2nd, 2016 till January 15th, 2017

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E-procedures / Forms

Télé-procédures / formulaires / lettres-types

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Du nouveau pour les associations !

Of the new for associations!

28/10/2016. Since the closure of the site Compteasso.service-public.fr, July 1st, 2016, associations have to meet on Service-Public-Asso.fr to make their on-line steps.

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Seize the services of the State

Saisir les services de l’État par voie électronique

Seize the services of the State by electronic way

06/01/2017. Novelty on the site of the services of the State in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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In your listening to progress

Exprimez-vous, votre avis compte !

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Official visits

Visite officielle de madame Emmanuelle COSSE.

Madam Emmanuelle's official visit POD.

18/01/2017. Madam Emmanuelle's official visit POD, Secretary Of Accommodation and the sustainable housing environment in the Fort of Aubervilliers on January 12th, 2017.

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Hourly and coordinated

Horaires /coordonnées / plan d'accès

Schedules / address and phone number / area map

09/05/2016. Schedules and address and phone number of the prefecture and the sub-prefectures of Seine-Saint-Denis

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Social networks



07/10/2016. Find the current events of the Prefecture and the State in Seine-Saint-Denis on Twitter!

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3939 Hello Service - Public

3939 Allô service public, un numéro unique de renseignements administratifs

3939 Hello public service, a number one-of-a-kind of administrative information

21/08/2015. In what case to call 3939 Hello public service?

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Professional elections

Elections TPE 2016 : Report du scrutin

Elections TPE on 2016: adjournment of the ballot

22/11/2016. The employees of the companies of less than 11 employees and employees at home are called to vote from December 30th, 2016 till January 13th, 2017 to choose the labor union which will represent them.

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The current events of the Government
The national status student-entrepreneur
From January 30th till February 4th, 2017 takes place the first national Week of the students-entrepreneurs. For every knowledge on the status and the advantages to be a student-entrepreneur, events and meetings will be organized in all France during a week.
# Accommodation: "to give to each a roof, it is a condition of the equality and the requirement of the brotherhood"
Le Premier ministre lors de son discours sur la politique du logement, à Rennes
The Prime Minister moved in Rennes, on January 27th, on the theme of the accommodation. On this occasion, he greeted the exemplary partnership of the State and the metropolis for the construction of 460 housing on the army grounds of the barracks of Guines.
# PacteÉtatMétropoles: the innovation in the service of territories
La ville de Rennes
The Prime Minister went on Friday, January 27th to Rennes, then to Brest to sign for it the metropolitan pacts of innovation linking these two metropolises to the State. The objective of these devices planned by the pact State-metropolises: intensify the contents innovating politics led by metropolises.