• Methods Used and Tips

    Here, i you listed all the methods used for the decorations on the natural nail.

    While surfing on the net, I made a choice of videos.

    One click on the photos, you are directed to the article containing the demo videos, of explanation . Good visit!

    How do I file his nails?

    Video proposed by Tartofraise Youtube channel - Blog

    What base coat used? What top coat take?
    Video proposed by Tartofraise Youtube channel - Blog

    How to ask its varnish?

    There are several methods, for my part I used the latter

    Video proposed by FlairMag Youtube channel

    How do I get a good holding of the varnish?

    Here is an article proposed by Tartofraise giving advice to obtain a good holding of the varnish . I will let you click on the image below to discover his blog, a true bible of the "Nail Art"
    Méthodes Utilisées et Conseils

    The Stamping

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    The French


    A nice article to read: Http://croushmoush.over-blog.com/article-reussir-sa-french-fa-on-croushy-87993234.html

    The "Fimo"


    The Water Marble

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    Video proposed by Tartofraise Youtube channel - Blog

    The "Foils"


    The "Nails" Decals

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    The "WaterDecals"

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    The "Stickers"


    How to create its own stickers?

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    How to make its own paper stickers with the Tattoo?

    I have never used this method, but it can be interesting to make stickers very personalized as reproductions of photos. A video made by Tartofraise.

    The "Domings"

    Méthodes Utilisées et Conseils

    Always a beautiful explanation by Video made by Tartofraise, do not hesitate to subscribe to its string

    The "Peel Off"


    The "One Stroke"


    Robin Moses Creation acrylic paint

    Generous Robin we shared his experience in creating Tutorials twice per week on its youtube channel. I love his approach and its simplicity. I am a fan and that the time would let me, I launched in the reproduction or I tried to use its techniques for my nails arts ...

    Thank You Robin Moses! Http://www.youtube.com/user/robinmosesnailart


    How to remove his varnish?

    Several methods exist, " tinfoil, cotton soaked waiting on the nails etc ... " to you to find the one that best suits you ...

    I used the latter for a nail art without flake, and I do not expect 3 minutes ...

    Here is my dissolving fetish they are found in the magazine "SAGA" for less than 3€

    Méthodes Utilisées et Conseils

    By against the use of straws, I am the method flickering.

    The nail polish stains?