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    Hello i was taguee by LynchaNailArt ....

    Has my turn for melt in this game:

    Grab the nearest book , go to page 18 and write the 4th sentence

    His black hair, almond shaped eyes, his Mocking smiles, even its appearance contrasted with that of the boy: flicks of a Venetian blond, a blue eyes, intense, enigmatic, which housed of unfathomable thoughts.

    Without check, guess the hour




    That you are wearing?


    Before responding to this questionnaire, that you looking at ?

    Surfing on Facebook

    What sound do you hear to share the one of the computer ?

    The music of the blog of Lyncha, Deezer Man Down RIHANA

    When do you exit the last time and what did you do ?

    I opened the gym to monitor the progress of Break Dance.

    Do you dream this night?

    I sleep so well, to what good I can remember, I would not want to wake me

    When do you ri for the last time?

    During Break Dance, tonight.

    That is there on the walls of the room where you are?

    A painted picture, puzzles marine background tapestry hung on a white

    If you become millionaire in the night, that it is the 1st thing you would buy it?

    Wow! I would put so much time to realize .......

    What is the last film you saw?

    Cowboy and the invaders

    Have you seen something strange today?

    No, I never see anything

    What do you think of this quiz?

    I always say too much on me, I am not at ease ..... a snapshot too "old" for the questions to come ... It made me think about the questions that could be send to the college,

    In thinking about, I am more in-phase, non?

    Say something that we do not yet know?

    And well you know always too .....

    What would be the first name of your child, if it was a girl ?

    Too late, but this would have been CINTHIA

    And if it was a boy?

    And well done Killian penned Aaronville, CREDIT

    Do you think to live abroad?

    It is a long time ago, but i live in a strange department ....

    What would you like to see God you goods into crossing the gates of paradise?

    Wow I hope I do not have to hear ....

    If you could change something in the world outside of the guilt and of the policy, what would you change?

    Do not be an adult ....

    Do you like dancing?

    I like

    What is the last thing that you watched on TV ?

    The journal of 20h, and the beginning of a film without wanting to know what the end

    What are the 5 persons quie must take the relay on their blog (if they want to do well on ) ?

    At this stage I think that many of you have been taguees ......

    For info,

    A page is created under FACEBOOK, nail art fledgling

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  • The delicious FAIRY ANGEL NAIL originates in me tagging, new blog! Take a tour!

    Then; the principle is to write "7 things about me" and then to assign this award to other blogs ..... Good the second step is not difficult? I will begin by this one .....

    Sorry if you have been taguees between time, I know that things are going activities at this stage of the game ...

    About Me:

    And well as some of you I have specified, i don't write a lot during the dissemination of my articles, but I'm trying to find 7 things!

    1. I do not like to speak to me
    2. I devoured the books, i love imager
    3. I ride in 405
    4. I am a spirit of a man in a body of a woman
    5. I am greedy, too
    6. I am just little things
    7. And I sleep a lot, i love sleep
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  • nail a10

    I have been taguee by:

    If I were a varnish: a varnish holographic

    If I were a color: a light blue see transparent

    If I were a movie/cartoon: Nikita

    If I were a style of music: Pop Rock

    If i was a Flower: tired, I would be

    If i was a season: all, because they are worth

    If i was an animal: THE elephant

    If I were a fruit: the pear

    If i was a quality: the patience

    If i was a default: The stubbornness

    And well to the stage of this tag, i will appoint person, but if thou me lis and that thou hast not been taguee, well i account on thee

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  • Thank you very much for this TAG

    I was tagged

    I thank:

    I thank:

    My natural nail


    ID Nails test.jpg


    I like:

    I like:

    The nature of the words 27894_1172988864359_1817165627_334257_1733751_n.jpgThe nature of the words

    The silence of the sea imagine-your-dream-vip-blog-com-376264Lechrsilencechrdechrl.jpg The silence of the sea

    The life vivrenotreamour124636123012_gros.gif The life

    The colors of the Spirit temple-fushimi-inari-kyoto.jpgThe colors of the spirit

    The dreams shifted 142.jpg Tea moved dreams

    The Starry Night telechargement.jpg The starry night

    The Twilight jdmbrlne.jpg The twilight

    The heat from the rays of the sun 20090109022342_lights.jpg The heat of the beams of the sun

    Sleep tuux9mv4.jpg Sleep

    My relatives but very close moustique231201269129.gifMy close relations aim very close

    In my turn, i reward and I think that at this stage, it may have multiple choice.

    In my turn, I reward and I think that at this stadium, it risks to have multiple choice.



    Celine fingernail design







    The nails of Cindy

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