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Who are we?

We are originating in the Toulouse region and we currently live in Loire Atlantique for nearly 20 years.

We practice the bicycle touring in tandem or to bike for nearly 40 years. Our curiosity and our openness to the world leads us to travel in France or abroad by bike, on foot, by car, by boat .

Maryvonne. After you have exercised in dental office , gives of his time in giving courses in boxboard and leadership in several associations of creative entertainment.

Sylvain. Has the retirement since little, is passionate about sport, photography and audiovisual mounting.

Whole. Spending to undertake a journey of several months in tandem in the Mediterranean basin in 2012


A people willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security, deserves neither the one nor the other,and ends up losing both.

Benjamin Franklin


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 2 25 /09 /Sep /2012 5:02 PM

In this Thursday, September 6 and 3 months outside of France, we are back in our beautiful country. Our first stop is for the Office of Tourism of "New Village" or a charming lady will give us some information for the accommodation of this evening to Mulhouse.Finally we will stopover 2 nights at the hostel and after doing a little detergent and visit the city, Sylvain will replace my chain and the cable of the derailleur and will make a few adjustments.

France-Le-retour 4312

France-Le-retour 4319 France-Le-Retour 4320


The following days we will follow the Doubs River and its beautiful valley until in Besançon.

retour en france 005

retour en france 034

retour en france 050 retour en france 023

retour en france 019

A little before arriving in Besançon, in the hour of noon, we will be meeting with a torque of tandemistes english, Jill and John, living in Brittany on the side of Carhaix and going by the Euro bike 6 in Prague. After exchanging our addresses, there is no doubt that we will be led us to review.

retour en france 052

Jill and John

A Besançon Françoise and Christian friends of friends we we give a, we will be received as of the kings, thank you again for these moments so warm.

retour en france 064

Françoise and Christian

After a short step we come to Dole

retour en france 063

retour en france 071

By following in turn on the Saone, the canal du center and canal Rhine Rhone we succeed to the nice quote religious of Paray le Monial under a sky threatening.

retour en france 085

retour en france 123

Paray le Monial

retour en france 131

Before Nevers

On 15 September, before Nevers, we see the Loire that we do not leave more until a Sainte Luce, but today the side of Digoin face the wind blows strong.

Sylvain through the network Warmshowers had contacted François, which we will host to Nevers with his girlfriend Aline. Thank you again, Aline and François for your generosity, and your availability.

retour en france 135


In this day of heritage we will visit the castle or the marriage of the modern with the former is particularly successful.

retour en france 173

Aline François and Laure

We are resuming the route to Gien in passing by the Charity on Loire

retour en france 182retour en france 191

retour en france 200

Sully on Loire

retour en france 215 retour en france 224


The Parents of Isabelle we are opening the door of their home just for us in Olivet, small town to the south of Orleans

retour en france 217

Then direction Veretz near Tours or we expect Isabelle and Jean Pierre, on the way, you will have the knowledge of 2 walkers whose a Christophe is the path of Santiago de Compostela from Ghent in Belgium, and of a cyclo Nantais, François going on Annecy and the Alps.

retour en france 230 retour en france 235

Courage Christophe Amboise

retour en france 241

Our friends, Isabelle and Jean Pierre

We feel that our journey ends but Isabelle found us a before last accommodation with friends and not anywhere: in the Layon and in addition to a producer, thank you again Isabelle because the next day he was 5 or 6° when leaving the home of Marie Claude and Dominique and thank you also to them to we have received so generously.

retour en france 249

Marie Claude and Dominique

This before last day toward Ancenis will be under a drizzle tenacious and a temperature not exceeding the 12°

retour en france 253 retour en france 257

Chalonnes dress of the day

retour en france 260

Last night in the motor homes at Ancenis

retour en france 270 This 22 September is 15h15 when we arrived at the town hall of Sainte Luce on Loire after 5 month of journey, 10 countries traversed, more than 7500 km travelled with more than 40000 m of elevation.Not a health problem, a dozen broken ray, 2 channels, 1 cassette and 3 tires replaced.

retour en france 273

retour en france 274

Our committee of reception

retour en france 275

Soon the notes!

Thank you to all, known and unknown who followed us during our trip but this is not complete because there is always something happening on the blog: balance sheets, photos, the part creative recreation of Maryvonne and who knows, a future trip?


By tandemarcenciel - Published in: Tyminous toward the Bosphorus
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Sunday, September 16, 2012 7 16 /09 /Sep /2012 11:24 PM

On 26 August we are back on the road in German territory in dating back to the source of the Danube, the weather is uncertain and the capes will be output in the course of the week. As it is sunday, everything is closed,a pizza will be the affaireen arriving in the village named Vilshofen or a folk festival is organized.

Danube-Allemand-c 3943IMG 3943

Danube-Allemand-c 3952IMG 3952Danube-Allemand-c 3964IMG 3964

The lendemainen arriving in Straubing, the sun makes its appearance and Sylvain is faced with the German psycho rigidity on one location of tent in the camping! The regulation is the regulation even for 5 m!

Danube-Allemand-c 3982IMG 3982


On arriving in Regensburg, Sylvain, will replace the rear tire, it is tearing at the level of the rim, by a marathon + more wide, the obliging them to change the shape of my mudguard.

Danube-Allemand-c 4000IMG 4000


Danube-Allemand-c 4012IMG 4012

Before Kelheim

The next day to Kelheim, we embark on a mini-cruise of 10 km, which is the only way to reassemble the grooves of the Danube.

Danube-Allemand-c 4016IMG 4016


Danube-Allemand-c 4043IMG 4043

Danube-Allemand-c 4035IMG 4035

In the gorges

Danube-Allemand-c 4060IMG 4060

Has the homeless to Neuburg, we celebrate our 6000 km

Danube-Allemand-c 4063IMG 4063

HAS Rotennacker

Danube-Allemand-c 4078IMG 4078

We leave the Danube in Tuttlingen to 30 km from its source in Donaueschingen to join the Rhine to the edge of the Lake of Constance, the ground will be more rough since we will ascend to 840 m, at the culmination of the Euro bike 6.

Danube-Allemand-c 4107IMG 4107


Danube-Allemand-c 4112IMG 4112

Danube-Allemand-c 4120IMG 4120


Danube-Allemand-c 4138IMG 4138

Before the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen we are doing a first incursion in Switzerland to Steim am Rhein

Danube-Allemand-c 4156IMG 4156

Danube-Allemand-c 4172IMG 4172

Danube-Allemand-c 4177IMG 4177

Danube-Allemand-c 4201IMG 4201

Danube-Allemand-c 4215IMG 4215


Danube-Allemand-c 4223IMG 4223

Drying of the tent at noon

Before returning to France we'll cross the beautiful villages of Laufenburg, Bad Sackingen, Reinfelden and the city of bale.

Danube-Allemand-c 4246IMG 4246

Danube-Allemand-c 4256IMG 4256

Danube-Allemand-c 4280IMG 4280

At the edge of the Rhine

Danube-Allemand-c 4292IMG 4292


Danube-Allemand-c 4305IMG 4305

Danube-Allemand-c 4310IMG 4310

We are in Mulhouse the Thursday, September 6 for a return to Sainte Luce the Saturday, September 22.

If some wish to come to our meeting, we depart of Ancenis on Saturday morning at about 10 a.m. and believe picnics to Oudon for a return in middle of afternoon.


By tandemarcenciel - Published in: Tyminous toward the Bosphorus
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Monday, September 10, 2012 1 10 /09 /Sep /2012 9:26 PM

The blue Danube

Photo 12-08-12 10 41 54


Photo 12-08-12 11 24 06


Photo 12-08-12 16 50 27

Park in Budapest

Photo 12-08-12 15 14 26

Budapest Parliament

Photo 12-08-12 16 14 44

Budapest The Bathroom

After Budapest, a city very airy with broad avenues and beautiful sights, we go back the Danube to join Vienna.

The first day after stairs to find an accommodation, we end up at the end of 100 km to the camping of Esztergon or we have the happy surprise to find the family Backeland, encountered for those who follow in Rethymno in Crete in July! We are also the knowledge of Chloe, Jerome and their small daughter Rose 2 years down to Budapest.

Photo 14-08-12 09 33 17

Chloe, Jerome and Pink (2years)

Photo 14-08-12 13 01 20 The family Backeland

Photo 14-08-12 16 16 52

Our 5000kms with the family Backeland

After refilling the world and share our different experiences, it is later than when everyone goes to bed. The next day we are shortchanging Slovak side with the family Backeland in the direction of Komárom, the road is not very good, but that is important we spend a great day. After a good night, we separate again, Xavier and Sophie have decided to take the train up to Vienna. The evening, by Skype we can converse with our children, Alexis our small son has changed.

The days are linked together quietly, to Raijka we encounter Lauriane Baptist and a torque of Crédit Lyonnais, which we will take the 2 nd tome of the eurovelo 6: Is that a promise of that we are in France, we will send you the guide!

And then we stop in Bratislava, friendly city and quiet, but with little attraction.

Photo 17-08-12 11 30 09


Photo 17-08-12 11 52 49

The blue church Bratislava

Photo 17-08-12 14 54 08


Last day before Vienna, and we find Xavier and Sophie and their small family on a bridge in the direction becomes, their second son, as it had been bitten by a dog in the face, have the abandon to take the train.

Photo 18-08-12 10 23 35

With the Crédit Lyonnais: Katy and Alexandre

Photo 18-08-12 12 10 28

Canoê on the Danube

This Sunday, 19 August, the family Bacqueland takes the train to Fribourg and we will visit Vienna. We take a real pleasure to browse through this city with Tyminous, this city is organized around the bike, it is beautiful, the monuments are beautiful with broad avenues and the Viennese are in the parks to make the sport or simply to sunbathe.

Photo 19-08-12 08 09 21

The camping of Vienna

Photo 19-08-12 11 37 18

Modern Vienna

Photo 19-08-12 15 02 21

Cathedral of Vienna

Photo 19-08-12 15 43 00


Photo 19-08-12 16 01 23


Photo 19-08-12 17 05 14


Photo 19-08-12 17 17 37

Vienna Park

Photo 19-08-12 17 33 13


Photo 19-08-12 18 02 34

Vienna, one of the many parks

We will get back to Vienna because in a day it is difficult to visit great thing, but we felt this sense of calm and cultural richness that emerged from this city.

We are resuming our route to the escalation of the Danube and we take this opportunity to take a bath to the image many Austrians which the worship of the body seems to be important.

Photo 21-08-12 09 02 05

At the edge of the blue Danube

Photo 21-08-12 09 50 59

At the edge of the blue Danube

Photo 21-08-12 14 51 29

At the edge of the blue Danube

Photo 21-08-12 14 53 59

At the edge of the blue Danube

In passing through the region of the Dachau fruit growing region but especially wine we buy a bottle to celebrate our 4TH month of travel. After having slept in a small campsite we will visit Melk renowned for its superb abbey perched above the city.

Photo 21-08-12 17 50 41

Melk Abbey

Photo 22-08-12 09 27 22

Melk Abbey

Photo 22-08-12 10 14 29

Melk Abbey

Today it must leave to dry the tent because we had our first storm this night! In fact the rain, we no longer knew what it look like!

Photo 22-08-12 18 57 49

At the edge of the blue Danube

Photo 23-08-12 10 21 59

At the edge of the blue Danube

In the afternoon we take a small detour to visit the camp of consultation of Mathausen perched on a hill with ramps to 12 %.

Photo 23-08-12 16 08 48

Mathausen concentration camp,

Photo 23-08-12 16 27 56

Mathausen concentration camp,

The night we are doing the knowledge of Alixe, part of Angers in the direction of Budapest, it we will lend the last tome of the eurovelo 6.

Photo 24-08-12 08 21 18

Alixe, a lensoise in direction Budapest

The part blue Danube between Vienna and Passau is really beautiful. This morning we visit Lintz and resuming our route to Passau and we will find the rain once again, we will have to get used!

Photo 24-08-12 09 59 48

At the edge of the Danube

We are coming to Passau on Saturday 25 August after having traveled nearly 900 km along the river with varied landscapes.

Photo 25-08-12 11 45 44


Photo 25-08-12 15 00 30


Photo 25-08-12 15 11 34


By tandemarcenciel - Published in: Tyminous toward the Bosphorus
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Sunday 19 August 2012 7 19 /08 /August /2012 3:46 PM

The return.
After that Sylvain me has changed the tires, we are preparing to recross the Bosphorus to take the train ... ?

Finally the bus in the direction of Belgrade.
All this is not won because it is necessary first convince the bus driver who must take us to the border Turkey Bulgaria: Thomas our cyclo French traveller we will be a great help and I will be embedded in the hold of the bus. At the border to 2 o'clock in the morning, it will take for new interact so that i can fit in the train, but eventually everything will eventually be arranged.

Photo 03-08-12 00 47 21

2 Hours of the morning, border Turko-Bulgare

We arrive in Sofia toward 11 o'clock in the morning, quick tour of the city and then direction of the train station to Belgrade. Here, the situation becomes worse because the bikes are not allowed in the train, ..... ! then a tandem! Fortunately Sylvain and Maryvonne having made the acquaintance of 2 young girls Serbs, they end up not convince the leader of train to get.

Photo 03-08-12 19 59 44

Olivera, Katrina, 2 young Serbs and Peters, Seweryn, 2 Polish

In reality there will be several bikes in this train and 2 between them will be even stolen as well as cameras, telephones, money that night, we come to Belgrade in the early morning and Sylvain found a small pension, style youth hostel to rest from this trip of 2 days and 2 nights strain.

Photo 04-08-12 17 20 52


Photo 04-08-12 17 39 41 Photo 04-08-12 18 36 40


Photo 04-08-12 18 17 34

Photo 04-08-12 21 36 43


The Sunday morning August 5 departure along the Danube via the Eurovelo 6, the roads become fairly often in millenaries with face the wind.

Photo 05-08-12 18 53 33


Photo 05-08-12 21 49 57

Stevan, the son and grandson of vigneron

In the villages we find a lot of Serbs to bike, sometimes with bikes that are not of the first youth, but that is important it rolls. The first 2 days are stressful with temperatures around 45 °.
Not having a camping, the first 2 days, we will sleep in pensions, found at the last moment by Sylvain.

Photo 06-08-12 08 31 38

Novi Sad

Photo 07-08-12 10 03 05

Market on the edge of the road

The Serbs are attentive, curious, hospital in not hesitant to open their door for we offer to drink, in the image of Marko and his wife Rosalia and we will take with the milk, a liter of lemonade.

Photo 07-08-12 11 35 06

Serbs Bikes

Photo 07-08-12 15 10 46

Markos and his wife Rosalia we have opened the door for we offer to drink

Photo 07-08-12 19 32 34We will be only at the campsite tonight

Photo 08-08-12 08 33 11

On the slopes of Serbia

Photo 08-08-12 09 09 29

Along an arm of the Danube

After 600 kms we arrive in Budapest for the weekend (August 11-12) and after haggling we will stay at the capita, not too far from the city center by tram.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 3 15 /08 /August /2012 07:27 AM

Istanbul: the lively

As expected Kerem our host picked us up at the arrival of the boat to and from Bostanci to the Asian side. In the apartment we find ourselves Kasia Polish individual Canadians living in Barcelona, Florian and Martins, Germans. In a few days they will be replaced by Rina, Adam, a couple of Australians and Thomas a French. We will go in the company of all these young people a great week in this great city so fascinating that never stops. One week it is without doubt a little short to make the tour of this city but it allows you to imbue in browsing a few neighborhoods. We will come back to it because we love this city and Turkey in general.

Photo 29-07-12 09 02 32

Mosque Souleymanyle

Photo 29-07-12 09 10 31

Mosque Souleymanyle

Photo 29-07-12 09 20 12 Mosque Souleymanyle

Photo 29-07-12 11 12 06

Cyclos French voyageurs, the frapadingues, parties in Turkmenistan to join Paris

Photo 29-07-12 14 08 24

Topkapi Palace

Photo 29-07-12 14 16 48

Topkapi Palace

Photo 29-07-12 14 20 59

Topkapi Palace

Photo 29-07-12 14 28 30

The Galata Palace

Photo 29-07-12 21 44 00

At Kerem: Rina, Adam, Florian, Kasia, Martin, Kerem

Photo 29-07-12 11 19 52

Blue Mosque

Photo 30-07-12 14 30 27

The shopping district of bikes

Photo 30-07-12 14 59 55

One of the thousand jewelry

Photo 30-07-12 15 02 25 Grand Bazaar

Photo 30-07-12 15 46 29

Grand bazaar: Coffee

Photo 30-07-12 15 50 29

Grand bazaar: Luminaires

Photo 30-07-12 16 58 00

Market of spices and sweets

Photo 31-07-12 11 54 41

Blue Mosque

Photo 31-07-12 13 45 52

Blue Mosque

Photo 31-07-12 13 49 45

Blue Mosque

Photo 31-07-12 13 56 51

Blue Mosque

Photo 31-07-12 14 19 04

Blue Mosque

Photo 31-07-12 13 29 22

Sainte Sophie

Photo 31-07-12 14 53 08

Sainte Sophie

Photo 31-07-12 14 57 48

Sainte Sophie

Photo 31-07-12 15 08 47

Sainte Sophie

Photo 01-08-12 13 55 29

Galata District

Photo 01-08-12 14 01 45

Fish Restaurant

Photo 01-08-12 17 11 07

Cafe Pierre Loti

Photo 01-08-12 17 12 23

Cafe Pierre Loti

Photo 01-08-12 17 27 20

The Cafe Pierre Loti

Photo 01-08-12 16 14 38

View of the cafe Pierre Loti

Photo 01-08-12 16 18 02

View of the cafe Pierre Loti

Photo 01-08-12 19 04 23

Layer of sun on the Bosphorus

Photo 01-08-12 20 50 45

At Kerem, a new entrant: Thomas

The Turkish hospitality is no longer to demonstrate, Kerem, our host is proof of that, thank you Kerem for your kindness, generosity and ta ta availability, we will be back.

By tandemarcenciel - Published in: Tyminous toward the Bosphorus
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