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1.- How has fulfilled the prophecy with regard to the invasion of insects that are recorded in Joel 2:1 -10,28? [Nov 5., w07 1/10 p. 13 para. 1.]

Answer:(Joel 2:1 ) "Touch a horn in Zion, and den a war cry in my holy mountain. That all the inhabitants of the earth become agitated; because it comes the day of the Lord is near! 2 Is a day of darkness and tenebrosidad, a day of clouds and thick darkness, as the light of the dawn spread out on the mountains. "There is a large and powerful people; one as this has not been done rather than there is from the last an indefinite period, and after he shall not return to have another up to the years of generation after generation. 3 In front of it is a fire has devoured, and behind the flame consumes. As the garden of Eden is the ground in front of him; but behind it a desolate wilderness, and has been, also, that there is nothing that exhaust. 4 "Your appearance is as the appearance of horses, and as steeds is how corriendo.5 continue as with the sound of chariots on the tops of the mountains are still jumping off, as with the sound of a flaming fire that devours stubble. It is like a mighty people, formed in order of battle. 6 Because of it, people would be with severe headaches. In regard to all the faces, certainly should collect a radiance [excitation]. 7 "As powerful men run. As men of war climb a wall. And they are each in their own ways, and do not alter their paths. 8 AND one to the other is not push. As a man physically trained in its course, still going; and if some fall until among the projectiles, [other] did not diverge from the path. 9 "Penetrate hastily in the city. On the wall face. By the houses go up. By the windows come as a thief. 10 In Front of [the] earth has been agitated, [the] heavens have been waved. The sun and the moon same have been darkened, and the stars themselves have withdrawn their shining.

(Joel 2:28) "and after that has to happen that I will pour out my spirit on all kinds of meat, and their sons and daughters shall prophesy certainly. In regard to their old, dreams sound. In terms of its young people, visions will be.

That is why there is an increase of the participants in the commemoration according to the report of 2012, where he has risen to more than 12 thousand participants in the commemoration of the Lord

*** W07 1/10 p. 13 highlights of the book of Joel and Amos ***

2:1-10, 28. How has fulfilled the prophecy with regard to the invasion of insects? There is no mention in the Bible that the land of Canaan has suffered no invasion of insects of the magnitude described in the book of Joel. Therefore, the attack apparently represents a prophecy concerning the year 33 of our era, when the Lord began to pour out his Spirit on the first Christians, and they began to preach the message that plagued the false religious leaders (Acts 2:1, 14-21; 5:27 ). Today we have the unique opportunity to participate in a work similar.

2- Who is fulfilled the words of Amos 8:11, and that question we should ask ourselves in view of that we have abundant spiritual nourishment? [Nov 12., jd p. 60 para. 9.]

Answer:(Amos 8:11) " ' ¡Mira! Come days -is the expression of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah-, and certainly will send a famine in a famine, not of bread, and a thirst, not water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.

*** JD cap. 5 Pp. 60-61 para. 9 "seek the Lord" adoring him as the you want to ***

9 Spiritually speaking, the description of Amos is met in the lamentable state of Christendom. Unlike it, the people of God international has opened "the gates of heaven" and enjoys abundant spiritual provisions (Malachi 3:10; Isaiah 65:13, 14). However, every Christian does well to ask themselves: "To what extent are participated in such delicacies? ". In this regard, it is interesting to note what has been discovered on the center of the appetite. In research conducted in the laboratory was that if the animals have damaged the center of the appetite, lose the desire to eat, and they eventually die of starvation while the surrounding food to spare. Well, what about the "center of the appetite" of the Christian spiritual? How could deteriorate so much that they will die malnourished despite have before it a spiritual banquet? We must be thankful to the Lord God for giving us his Son head of the congregation and by means of the feeds to the congregation in Ephesians 5.29

3-What could have made the Edomites will display "presumption of heart", and that truth we must always remember? (Abd. 3.4 ) [Nov 19., w07 1/11 p. 14, para. 1.]

Response: (Obadiah 3:4) The presumption of your heart is what you've been scammed, it's up to that you reside in the retreats of the petrous, the height where the Mora, who says in his heart: 'Who will make me go down to [the] earth? '. 4 If you'd taken your high position such as the eagle, or among the stars would have a fit your nest, there would make you down", is the expression of the Lord.

*** W07 1/11 p. 14 highlights of the book of Obadiah, Jonah, Micah ***

3, 4. The proud Edomites felt very secure, because they lived in an area with high steep mountains and deep gorges that offered a great strategic advantage. But deluded, because no one can escape the divine justice.

4.- In what sense he felt even though the Lord regarding the calamity that had been told that they would cause the invites? (Jon. 3:8 ) [Nov 19., w07 1/11 p. 15 para. 1.]

Answer:(Jonah 3:8) and that will be covered with sackcloth, man and pet; and that they cry out to God with force and become, each one, from his evil way and the violence that had in their hands.

(Jonah 3:10) and the God [true] came to see the works of them, that had been returned from his evil way, and that is why the God [true] felt spite in regard to the calamity that he had spoken that would cause them; and not [the] caused.

*** W07 1/11 p. 15 highlights of the book of Obadiah, Jonah, Micah ***

3:8, 10. The true God "felt spite", i.e. a change of opinion, and decided to not bring the calamity that had announced. Why is that? Because the Ninevites "had returned from his evil way". The same is true today. For not receiving the divine punishment, the person who sins must repent sincerely.

5.- Why closer ties with the Lord to walk in your name? (Miq.4:5) [Nov 26., jd p. 88 para. 12.]

Response: (Micah 4:5) because they all peoples, for its part, summon each of them in the name of your God; but we, for our part, will walk in the name of the Lord our God until an indefinite period of time, even for ever.

*** JD cap. 7 P. 88 para. 12 serve the Lord according to their high standards ***

12 The first and main reward for observe the divine commandments is that well we shake the ties with the Lord. Without doubt, when we live up to divine standards and we see what is reasonable and useful they are, grows the affection we feel for its author. The prophet Micah painted a beautiful picture of this union: "All peoples, for its part, summon each of them in the name of your God; but we, for our part, will walk in the name of the Lord our God until an indefinite period of time, even for ever" (Micah 4:5). We have the privilege of walking in the name of God, yes, the big honor to defend their good name and accept its authority in our lives. As a logical consequence, we wish to emulate their qualities. Indeed, each of us must strive to strengthen their relationship with the Lord (Psalm 9:10).

6-What warranty gives us the knowledge of the prophecy of Nahum 2:6 ? [DEC 3., w07 15/11 p. 9 para. 2 ;w88 15/2 p. 28 para. 8.]

Answer:(Nahum 2:6 ) The gates of the rivers certainly will be open, and the palace shall be dissolved itself really. 7 AND has been set; it has been discovered; certainly be carried; and their slaves will be moaning, as the sound of pigeons, bashing repeatedly on the heart. 8 AND Nineveh, from the days [in which] it [has been] , it was like a pond of water; but they are fleeing. "Stop, men! Oh Stop!" But there is no who is back. 9 Loot silver; loot gold; since there is no limit to the things [in] settlement. There is a heavy amount of all sorts of desirable objects. 10 Empty and emptiness, and [a] desolate city! And the heart melts, and there is a flop of [the] knees, and there is severe pain in all the hips; and in regard to the faces of all of them, have picked up a radiance [excitation].

*** W07 15/11 p. 9 salient points of the book of Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah ***

2:6. In what sense were to be opened "the doors [ ... ] of the rivers"? Such doors were the gaps that were opened in the walls of Nineveh by action of the waters of the Tigris river. In the year 632 before our era, the joint forces of the Babylonians and Medes besieged the city of Nineveh, but is not felt threatened. He believed that with their high walls, nobody could conquer it. However, the torrential rain caused the overflow of the Tigris. According to the historian Diodorus of Sicily, the river "flooded part of the city and tore down the wall over [several kilometers] ". In this way, opened "the doors [ ... ] of the rivers" and, as had been predicted, Nineveh was taken with the same rapidity with which fire devours the dry stubble (Nahum 1:8 ).

*** W88 15/2 p. 28 The cruel Assyrian ... the second great world power ***

Two large mounds marked the place where he was the proud capital. Silently attest the fact that no nation - not even the proud and violent Assyria- you can prevent to fulfill the reliable prophecies of the Lord.

7- What does it mean the words of Haggai 1:6, and warning that we must take to heart? [DEC 10., w06 15/4 p. 22 para. 12-15.]

Response:(Haggai 1:6) You have sown much seed, but little is what it brings. There are eating, but it is not to satisfaction. There is drinking, but not to the point of drunkenness. There are clothing, but it is not that someone was hot; and that is rented for rent a bag that has holes' ".

*** W06 15/4 p. 22 paras. 12-15 "I am with you" ***

12 As it was to imagine, the folly of the Jews to the time of its priorities the harm at a personal level. Let's look at the matter from the perspective of God, expressed in Haggai 1:6: "You have much seed sowing, but little is what it brings. There are eating, but it is not to satisfaction. There is drinking, but not to the point of drunkenness. There are clothing, but it is not that someone was hot; and that is rented for rent a bag that has holes".

13 The Jews cultivated the land that God had given them, but, even so, did not produce what they would have liked. As the Lord had warned them, was no longer the blessing (Deuteronomy 28:38-48). Without their support, the pitiful crop them had to placate the hunger. Without his blessing, the clothes not harbored. Until it seemed that they had their wages into a bag full of holes where this was worned. And what do you mean the phrase "There is drinking, but not to the point of drunkenness"? It is not that binge drinking outside sign of the blessing of God, for it condemns drunkenness (1 Samuel 25:36; Proverbs 11:29 PM ). Rather, the expression is another reference to the fact that the Jews were deprived of divine favor. The wine to develop would be little, insufficient to get drunk to anyone. The New International Version pours as well this part of Haggai 1:6: "Drink, but do not reach satisfied".

14 The lesson from all this has nothing to do with the construction or home decor. Much before the exile, the prophet Amos had rebuked the Israelites rich living in "houses of ivory" and celibate in "ivory beds" (Amos 3:15; 6:4). Little to them lasted its luxurious houses and their beautiful furniture, because the enemies conquered and plundered all their property. However, after an exile of seventy years, many Jews had not yet learned. What can be said of us? To each and every one of us should ask ourselves: "Sincerely, how much importance you give to my home and its decor? And what can I say to obtain an advanced education to climb the social ladder, despite that I might take several years and i impossible to comply with essential aspects of my spiritual life." (Luke 12:20, 21; 1 Timothy 6:17 ).

15 The words of Haggai 1:6 should make us aware that we need the blessing of God. Those Jews of ancient times suffered the consequences of not having it. The truth is that without the blessing of the Lord decaeremos spiritually, no matter what our material possessions are many or few (Matthew 25:34-40; 2 Corinthians 9:8 ). Well now, how can we receive God's blessing?

8- How can we apply the council of Zechariah 7:10 respect to "not tram[ar] nothing bad against each other" in the heart? [DEC 17., jd p. 113 para. 6; w07 1/12 p. 11 para. 1.]

Answer:(Zechariah 7:10) and not disappoint any widow or fatherless child of father, no alien resident or afflicted, and not flinching nothing bad against each other in their hearts'.

*** JD cap. 9 Pp. 113-114 para. 6 to treat others as God wants ***

6 By mouth of Zechariah, the Lord expresses the wish that his servants "not flinching nothing bad against each other in their hearts" (Zechariah 7:9, 10; 8:17). This warning is especially relevant when they believe that a brother has done no harm, either to themselves or a family member. In this case it is easy to "flinching [something] bad [ ... ] in their hearts" and then performing it. However, God gives to his servants a good example and you want us to imitate. Let us remember that Micah wrote that the Lord "sorry for the error and ignores the transgression" (Micah 7:18). In what ways we can copy this attitude in daily life?

*** W07 1/12 p. 11 highlights of the books of Haggai and Zechariah ***

7:8 ; 8:16, 17. To obtain the favor of the Lord, we have to exercise justice, express loving-kindness, practice mercy and speak the truth.

9- Why infused spirit the words of Zechariah 4:6 to the servants of the Lord today? [DEC 17., w07 1/12 p. 11 para. 1.]

Response: (Zechariah 4:6, 7) therefore, answered and said to me: "This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, and says: "Not by a military force, nor by power but by my spirit," said the Lord Almighty. 7 Who are you, oh great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will [be] to a flat land. And he would certainly draw the stone of auction. There will be cries to her: "What a lovely! Oh what a lovely! " ' ".

*** W07 1/12 p. 11 highlights of the books of Haggai and Zechariah ***

4:6, 7. No obstacle was too big for that, by the spirit of the Lord, the temple was rebuilt. If we have faith in God, will we be able to overcome any problem that is presented to us in our service to him (Matthew 17:20).

10- What is on this basis that indicates Malachi 3:16, why should we prevent that weaken our determination to keep us honest to God? [DEC 31., w07 12/15 p. 29 para. 3.]

Answer:(Malachi 3:16) At that time those who were in fear of the Lord talked with each other, each one with your partner, and the Lord continued to pay attention and listen. AND a book of memories began to be written in front of him for those who were in fear of the Lord and for those who thought in its name.

*** W07 12/15 p. 29 salient points of the book of Malachi ***

3:16. The Lord keeps a record of all those who fear him and you are faithful, and protect them when you finish with the wicked world of Satan. Therefore, never let it weaken our determination to keep us upright (Job 27:5).

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