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Sunday, June 5th, 2011 7 05 /06 / June /2011 09:33


In 1977, Vittorio And Paolo Taviani Are rewarded by the Golden Palm for Padre Padrone. The duet, come to the theater then to the cinema under the influence of the neorealist Roberto Rossellini Sees dedicating by the same RosselliniThen foreman of the jury, ultimate joke of Italian Master(Teacher).

Adapted by the book of Gavino LeddaYoung Sardinian shepherd become a linguist, the brothers Taviani Are going to tell with rigor and emotion, the fate of this small boy, torn away(extracted) by his father of the school,


From the age of 6 years, violent confrontation between two legitimacies, that of the school institution embodying the progressive State and the modernizer, in that of the unchanging, medieval tradition, the Sardinian shepherds.

Terrorized by it "to pater familias " which resumes(takes back) sound of,


GavinoEmbraced for last time his(her) primary school teacher, powerless,


And betrothed, soon, in the same pastoral fate will go away under the glance of his companions! Surprising gallery of childish portraits, black of grime,





Spotless in his(her,its) short-lived headgear,


GavinoDressed tenderly by her mother,


The world of the men(people) for that of the tops-trays is going to leave, where the whisper of the wind will cost for only conversation.

Far from the civilization, his father, hard Sardinian shepherd,


The language not written by the nature is going to pass on to him(her),


Unchanging alphabet which guides the shepherds since the eternity.

Only, with this patriarch taiseux, the young child is often left with himself(itself), to keep(guard) the herd, when his father comes down(falls) to the village, on a tired donkey.


On these dry trays, strewed with weed and with white stones, the small boy, abandoned,


Will have only the company of sheeps(muttons) by way of sociability and the knocks of an irascible father who supports(bears) no prank.

Face tumefied after a nth paternal correction,


Gavino Is chained to his(her,its) ewes the young sentinel of which he is,


Repeating, indefatigably, the gestures(movements) of the draft(milking), as his(her) ancestors, up to the age of its 20 years.


The small boy became a beautiful young man, in the glance blue as the azure, which fixes, of a pensive air(sight), the cloudy horizon. But curious one duet walking(working) to the sound of an accordion is going to go out Gavino Of his(her,its) morning torpor,


Fascinated by the wind instrument which he(it) will obtain against the sacrifice of two lambs. Ritual, almost biblical killing, to seal a secret pact with the fate, the young shepherd will give himself to the music, to exorcise its dry solitude and intone sad melodies, with its new utensil, cutting with sepulchral Sardinian polyphonies, secular songs of the shepherds, premiere sprain in the tradition.


The fate(spell) is then going to take the face of a vendetta, getting(touching) his(her) uncle Sebastiano


Victim of a vengeance, occis for a history(story) of honor.


She(It) takes the shape of an olive grove which falls in the family moneybag, the supreme consecration which has to make of the tribe LeddaRespected landowners. But the world changes, Italy opens to the world and to its products, the olive oil is less well sold, and the exceptional cold of a harsh winter is going to be right olive trees. The father is going to sell a part(party) of his lands and GavinoThe elder son(brother), will leave to the army to educate and become somebody respectable.

Party of the company(society) of the men(people), from the age of 6 years, Gavino Thus returns to it, 15 years later, illiterate and frightened, in barracks where the young shepherd has difficulty in understanding(including) Italian, having always spoken about its Sardinian dialect. But the military institution if she advocates a strict obedience, opens GavinoOn new horizons,


Which(Who) go désiller the eyes of the young shepherd,


Plunged into the darkness for so many years!


Taking advantage of this military interlude to teach to read and write(to alphabetize), to learn the Latin and Greek, the new man decides to challenge the father and to abandon(to give up) the military career(quarry), to kiss(embrace) that of the linguist.

ledda pere fils

Delicate interview(confrontation). The slavish son is going to challenge the authority of the father, with his city suit(costume) which opposes to the traditional pastoral jacket. Unbearable challenge, for one " pater familias " every powerful, real domestic tyrant who imposes the law on its sibship and who would not know how to support(bear) a filial rebellion! But Gavino This young illiterate shepherd chained to obscurantist traditions is not any more,


Which(Who) made men(people) of the faithful servants of the family, unchanging and long-lasting tradition. The farmer, in the contact of the modernity of the army, became public-spirited one, capable henceforth of tearing away(extracting) from his condition of shepherd, to navigate on the other horizons. This radical revolt against the parternelle authority and a fate any plan, will cost him(her) his. But the freedom always has a price(prize) especially face has a tradition which is 20 000 years old!

Taviani Splendidly adapted this authentic history(story), which tells the opposition between the tradition and the modernity, between the urban civilization and the campaigns(countrysides) in the secular traditions, which is embodied in the face(figure) of GavinoYoung Sardinian shepherd in the intense glance. In the tradition naturalist, they paint us the portraits of a pastoral world which is dying, taken by the state centralization and the globalization, a silent and archaic universe, only cheered up by the powerful singings(songs) of the shepherds, where the patriarchal law surpasses the state rules. There is a fundamental ambiguity in the movie of TavianiEnter this emancipation of GavinoBy the knowledge, the metaphor of the triumphant modernity, and the nostalgia for this agro-pastoral civilization which dissolves under the assaults of the same modernity...

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Thursday, May 19th, 2011 4 19 /05 / May /2011 10:16


The day before yesterday, the Cannes film festival paid a vibrating tribute in Jean-Paul BelmondoOne of the last ones of the Mohicans of the French cinema, which had not returned any more in the city(estate) of the cinema, since 1974, time(period) when it had sworn not to put any more feet in the famous Festival! For 37 years, some water flowed(sank) under bridges(decks), and dashing forty-year-old fond of waterfalls and roulades(rolls) changed into a respectable patriarch in the white mane, handicaped by an AVC which left him(it) with a crutch(stand) and some difficulties to express himself! But if the man changed, the charm stays, as proves him(it) the creature which holds him(her) the arm!

For me, BébelIt is a little the hero of my childhood, the bandit Cartridge,


In jumping up Man of Rio,


By way of Guignolo!


But I knew later that there had been 2 Belmondo. The young man outdone(subsidized) by the Comédie Franþaise Turning(Shooting) with the film-makers of the New Wave, as Jean-Luc Godard


François Truffaut


And Jean-Pierre Melville


And BebelComedian defrocked priest, leaving the rags of the sophistication and the art-house cinema, to marry a career(quarry) of inveterate bastonneur,


At the middle-cop, the middle-hooligan,


Big-hearted gangster,


Or little hoisted "chicken",


Jumping up hero who enchanted the 70s, to end with Have him(it) Have!


Since the environment(middle) of the 80s and except for the route of a spoilt child, Bebel Victim of his age, not allowing him(her) any more kept silent or got lost in movies without interests, to make his usual waterfalls and not having been able to be converted to more adapted roles! But it is difficult to take(bring) out stereotypes of the "bastonneur" which go made "star"; it is the prize(lot) of all the big actors of the cinema of action(share), that to finish so!

Nevertheless he was a giant of the French cinema, second half of 20E Century, and when I would have had the privilege, to estimate(appreciate) the young person Belmondo

belmondo jeune smoke

And the old man Bebel !


Thank you, the artist!

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 3 13 /04 / April /2011 09:41


Bullitt, realized by Peter YatesIn 1968, is not certainly the best movie of Steve McQueenBut he(it) will stay in the history(story) for the pursuit(continuation) of cars in the streets of San Francisco, which can seem palôte in front of wrinkles of "Fast and Furious", even exceeded! But it will remain the first pursuit(continuation) of cars worthy of the name of the history(story) of the cinema, with the Mustang Fastback GT390 of SteveAnd his(her,its) snore of engine so characteristic,


Pursuing Dodge Charger


In the streets of Frisco Accompanied of divine one jazzy music of Lalo SchifrinComposer-songwriter of theme music, whom you know "without knowing it", because he is the author of the theme of...


And under the admiring glance of Jacqueline Bisset !



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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 3 30 /03 / March /2011 08:55


On January 30th of this year, one of big composer of theme music has just gone out, little in the general indifference. John Barry Had entered the world closed by the cinema by creating the famous musical area code(theme tune) of James Bond And some pieces of anthology, as Goldfinger sung by Shirley Bassey

Nostalgic melody of We live only twice,

Or the lament of Louis AmstrongWe have all the time, sanctified the rising passion enter George LazenbySingular James Bond and Diana RiggIntended Emma Peel, who will be translated by a marriage, in To the secret service of her Majesty, the bridal only one James Bond!

But John BarryLord is also the famous credits(generic medicine) of Best wishes, putting in music the opposition between Her Majesty, Brett Sinclair And this upstart Yankee of Dany Wilde !
Barry Straight from crusader certain Bruce LeeWhich(Who) such the phoenix, was reborn of its ashes, the time(weather) of a Game(Set,Play) of the death of beyond the grave,
Before of Danser with wolves!
With the disappearance of John BarryIt is a little of our childhood which also disappears!
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Thursday, March 24th, 2011 4 24 /03 / March /2011 05:44


He(It) has movies about which we always heard and that we have never seen and Citizen Kane Is a member(part) of it. I always heard that he(it) was the " better movie of the history(story) of the cinema ", as if a work could be weighed in the alder(ell) of the film excellence, his(its) gasoline(essence) was engraved(burnt) for ever in the marble!

It is true that the movie of Welles Is in the firmament, in classifications, and is for 30 excellent years 1 of him(her,it)American Film InstituteKind(Genre) of interesting but very subjective, very fashionable classification in our time(period), But whom(which) it is necessary to distrust! On the most complete site on the cinema and the most frequented in the moknde, Imdb, the best noted movie stays The EscapeesOf Frank DarabontWith Morgan Freeman And Tim RobbinsAnd, without missing respect in DarabontI do not think that his(her,its) prison opus is the best movie of the history(story) of the cinema and I knew better movie about the universe of the prison!

This last example illustrates well the fragility of the human judgment(sentence), when it is about art and on the split(cleavage) between film critics and choice of the public, the antagonism which we are going to find with Citizen Kane, praised by the criticism, avoided by the public, because Welles Will lose 150 000 $ on this movie, considerable sum(nap) in 1941!

Amazed by his(her,its) Thirst of the Evil, I thus got ready for a visual shock by mirroring the Citizen Kane ... And, regrettably, in spite of the visual exploit and the originality of the scenario, I was left unsatisfied(still felt hungry)! In fact, I entered never really the movie, or the property of Kane


Mythical and mysterious Xanadu,


Isolated fortress, on its rocky headland, which called back to(reminded) me the disturbing castles of the fantasy movies of Universal, Dracula and Frankestein, wink of Welles In the creativity of this cinema there!

Immensely rich press baron, Charles Foster Kane The noun " Rosebud " is dying, being the last whispered word, enclosing a well filled(performed) life! Freudian childish sexual term, at the middle, the middle, which can send back(dismiss) to some sweet sweetnesses or to a very intimate part(party) of the feminine anatomy, Rosebud will be the vital lead of the history(story), semantic Graal whom will look for the knights of the journalistic investigation!


The death of this fantastically wealthy tycoon is then going to propagate in the world, hitting the headlines in all the countries,


An opportunity to return on the incredible life of this Titan of the print and radio media,


From whom(which) the childhood was stolen!


Citizen KaneYoung person of private means billionaire, is then going to dash in the assault of Inquirer, daily newspaper, to chase away the turpitude of the powerful and defend(forbid) the rights of the oppressed,


Robin Hood of paper who will discourage his councillors(advisers)! Built in knocks of numerous flashback, mixing(involving) scenes(stages) of the life of Kane


Testimonies of close relations, and work of the investigators,


The movie can boast about a double modernity:

- Narrative modernity, With the construction of all these set narratives, which has of to cut with the academicism of time(period), and which we could compare with the grammatical revolution of the New Wave, at the beginning of the 60s, which has of to seduce the critic and to embarrass the general public!

- Visual modernity, with these games(sets) of shadows and lights, very Caravaggio-like, these high angle shots(dives) and low-angle shots,


Which(Who) will make the trademark of Welles And which have of to amaze the critic of the 40s, been used to the American plan, than in these vertiginous shots which would not have deny Véronèse !

Visually, the movie is innovative, Inventing a new film grammar which will be the breviary of Welles


Narrativement eccentric, the history(story) takes the spectator in a whirlwind of different narratives, between the biography and the documentary, the exercise intellectually requiring(demanding) which has of to delight the New York critic!

But then why am I not entered the movie? Because this work looks like a mathematical equation, finely chiselled, a merciless logic, but in which the emotion is missing... There is a coolness to Welles Which(Who) has an equal only the Cartesian rigor with which he thinks of his movies! If Citizen Kane was able to impress, by its novelty, the public warned of time(period), rightly, 70 years later, this smell of radical modernity disappeared, leaving the history(story) to naked, in its baroque drought!

no trepassing

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