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Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 3 08 /12 / December /2010 09:39

musician rumba siodmakcriss-cross-lancaster.JPG

Robert SiodmakGerman film-maker who avoided(fled) the Nazism, in 1933, to exile itself in Paris, had forked out the second exile, in the United States, with the lightning advance of the Wehrmacht in France, in May, 1940. Hired in Hollywood, Siodmak Be going to feel(to sound out) a little all the styles, of which a " Son({" Sons,{" Thread) of Dracula " with Lon Chaley Jr. In 1946, the German film-maker throws(launches) Burt LancasterIn The Killers, with Ava GardnerAnd both men(people) are thus going to meet for Kris Cross, " For you I killed ".

Variation on the passionate love, Siodmak Had the fine nose by hiring the sensual Yvonne de Carlo


And this young man(juvenile lead) of Burt Lancaster.


Bridegrooms then divorcees, Steve ThompsonPlayed by the virile BurtHas never forgotten Anna(Yvonne de Carlo) And, when he(it) returns to Los Angeles,


Welcomed by a dog,


He(It) is going, obviously, to re-cross this wave-like creature ofYvonne !


Dreamer as for his continual attraction for his(her,its) ex-woman,


Steve A meeting(appointment) with the beautiful in a musical bar is going to have, where both had their habits. Under the sound enjoueur of a rumba,

musician rumba siodmak

Steve Is as fascinated by the swayed hips of the beautiful Anna


Which(Who) spins in the hands of a stranger, which(who) will be famous afterward, the young person Tony Curtis !

de carlo curtis rumba

The glances cross themselves,


And the loving magic begins again.


But Here we are, Anna Is not alone any more since his(her,its) divorce, and is " remaquée " with certain Slim Dundee


Played by Dan DuryeaIn the white suit(costume) and in the black glance. Boss of the city, Slim Brood(Hatch) his(her,its) hen of the eyes of ChimèneBut the indomitable Anna Does not let impress by his(her,its) official chaperon, he(it) was "will" "curdle" her(it) put hair cream the corner(place)!


Nevertheless both rivals are going to distrust,


For the guarding(nurse) of the henhouse,


Under the inquisitive eye of cunning one police!


But the worm is in the fruit, and Steve Be going to be eaten away by a passion for AnnaVoracious, both lovers,


Again making an appointment.


But nothing is simple in the life, is Steve The beautiful is going to wait for a long time, YvonneWhich(Who) will never come, in the favorite bar, served by a cheeky barman,


Flooding his(her,its) distress in glasses of whiskey,


And still annoyed by it Stephen McNally Of cop, who came to smell the atmosphere enters Steve And Slim, Under the quietly ironic eye of Joan Miller.


But Lancaster Knows nothing, and is not of humor to be allowed poison the life by this intruder of inspector.


A few months were crossed(spent), both ex-young turtledoves re-cross themselves, what gives rise to a muscular explanation,


Finishing in many tears, announcing the big reconciliation!


But Slim Watch the grain(bead), and both lovers,


Are again chased away by the put hair cream.


Caught red-handed,


Steve Go, to dédouanner, offer in SlimA loaded truck on a tray(plateau)!


Big affair(business) planned by a mysterious chess player,


The target truck,


Led(Driven) by Steve


Be going to meet in an artificial fog, where both rivals,


Go, again be in confrontation!


Hurt, Steve Will notice that in front of the imminent vengeance of Slim AnnaLoose and mean, préferera to get out that to stay, leaving Lancaster In a profound confusion!


But Yvonne Will not have time to show a clean pair of heels,


Bus Dan Duryea Watched the grain(bead),


Arm armed with their tragic end!


For you I killed, is the history(story) of a lightning and destructive passion which distinguishes itself by its modernity. Formal modernity, with the stylistic effects which remind that Siodmak Thematic modernity was not a handle, in its camera, which places the fusionnel couple in the center of the police story, with one Yvonne de Carlo More sensual than never, poisonous beauty which instigates the male concupiscence, and will pull(entail) the tragic end of SteveAnd of Slim. Beyond the action(share) itself, reduced to the portion congrue, Kris Cross remains above all a tragic movie, in the antique sense(direction) of the term, in which the actors, the toys of the fate, are moved by ideals which transcend the simple greed. The wild love will lead(drive) Lancaster To commit the irreparable, the desire of vengeance of the deceived " husband " will aggravate the hatred of Slim. AnnaIn the center of all the attentions, will embody the pêcheresse woman, the object of all the care, playing his(her,its) charms to treat(manipulate) the men(people), without knowing their full will!

For you I killed calls back(reminds) me strangely The devilish lovers, the first movie of ViscontiRealized in 1942, when the beautiful Clara Calamaï Bewitched the virile Mario Girotti


Variation inspired on the femme fatale, the carnal she-devils who lose the men(people)!

Before mirroring sensual rumba ofYvonneCult scene(stage) of the movie, you make out a will on the career(quarry) of Burt LancasterBy answering it QUIZ.

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 3 01 /12 / December /2010 08:03


Mario Monicelli November 29th went there, by throwing out of a window of its hospital room, while he(it) was reached(affected) by a cancer in terminal phase, at the age of 95.

He(It) was a member(part) with Dino Risi Luigi Commencini And Ettore ScolaOf this phalanx of transalpine directors who illuminated with their talent post-war Italy, with this capacity to deal with grave subjects on the funny world Masters(Teachers) of the commedia dell'arte, who benefited from actors' generation exceptional, Vittorio Gassman Marcello Mastroianni Ugo Tognazzi And other Alberto Sordi !

Monicelli Bitter soft variation on a band(strip) of Italian hoarse arms, picturesque story of this transalpine common people, full of cheeky humour, scheming and humanity will especially be knowned by turning(shooting) the Pigeon,


With this gallery of trognes ritales which rapellait the picturesque hexagonal(national) supporting roles of the 60s.

Vittorio Gassman Idol, in The Great War, The army Brancaléone was his(her) actor,


Festive termination(denunciation) of the war, the recurring theme to this directors' generation which(who) had known the torments of the fascism and which(whom) we can find in the Madman of war, of Dino RisiUltimate movie of Michel Colucci !

There where French would have been too demonstrative, or too typically French, as in the 7eme company, MonicelliKnew how to chisel a funny weft in a tragic context, pulling(entailing) an internal smile rather than a frank roar of laughter, a trademark of the comedy in the Italian, of which Begnini The only agent stays.

But it is especially in My dear friends, telling the feasts of some unchained(given rise to) quinquas,


Immense French-Italian practical joke(stuffing), in its well tourmented seventies, which will seal the spirit almost montypytonien of MonicelliOr the absurd cotoiera the irony, in the sounds of soups of phalanx clicking on héberlués travelers' faces! It is by this legendary scene(stage) that I shall finish my tribute to the director...

Goodbye, Mario And cross(spend) hello in Marcello Vittorio Ugo Dino And AlbertoYou are well to have a good laugh, in the paradise!


By Tietie007 - Published in: Italian Cinema - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 3 17 /11 / Nov /2010 13:32


There are credits(generic medicines) and voices(votes) which we forget not. Since March 28th, 1976, the neutral and almost mechanical voice(vote) of Patrick Brion


Haunted the night-of Sunday, on FR3, and this singular monotonous chant continues to rage on current France 3.

The Cinema of Midnight, late broadcast(emission,issue), at which I could look during the holidays, certainly, for the first time, When the city sleeps of John HustonCrossed(Spent) on July 5th, 1981.

I looked more often the Movie club, create on Antenne 2, in 1971, by the same Patrick Brion And Claude-Jean PhilippeThis last one presenting the movie to come on the tray(plateau) of Apostrophes, cult book program of Bernard Pivot.


It is in these two night-broadcasts(emissions,issues), that I was able to seal(quench) my cinemaddiction, by mirroring these black and white films which had marked the history(story) of the cinema.

And then this credits(generic medicine) of the Cinema of Midnight and this voice(vote), stabbing, of Patrick Brion, Which(Who) comes back from inmost depths of my memory.

By Tietie007 - Published in: broadcast(emission,issue) Cinema - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Thursday, October 7th, 2010 4 07 /10 / Oct /2010 07:05



Sergio LeoneAfter monuments He(It) was once in the West and It was once the revolution, returns to a less operatic(lyric) cinema and, wrongly, lighter, with this singular western, " My name is nobody ",


Whose estate management he will leave to one of his assistants, Tonino ValeriiWho was one of his(her) production assistants in the Trilogy of $.

The scene(stage) of opening, master(teacher) Leone's speciality, looks like, in his(its) construction, as like as two peas in a pod in that of He(It) was once in the West, exposing(explaining), solemnly, the problem of the movie, which will turn(shoot) around the burden of the celebrity, from which Jack Beauregard Beauregard/will want to extricate itself,Henry Fonda.


Here, it is not in the station lost in full desert, but in a rustic village, that outlaws three, wanting to challenge this pistolero of BeauregardAre going to come down, with this art of the portrait, at Italian master(teacher), which gives a tempo "pianissimo",


Fixing these badly shaved faces,


And these outlaws with the blue eyes,


The blue, which will be the chromatic vital lead of the movie!

Here, it is not the " woman in her window ", narrative process that Leone Stigmatized as useless, but a child, who of his some years, perceives, the first one, this trio of "bum".


At this mastered barber,


In a silence of cathedral, it is Steve KanalyFuture Ray Krebbs, in the cult series Dallas,


Which(Who) is going to try to deceive Jack Beauregard, planning to deal with a well sharpened razor blade there!


But Beauregard is not born yesterday, and the American trigger will have its made beard, by means of a well placed Colt,


In a singular silence,



And an oppressive wait(expectation),


Which(Who) will be resolved in a fast settled(adjusted) final duel, by one Beauregard Finally shaved!


Scene(Stage) of endless and emphatic opening, of which Leone Has the secret, without dialogue, with a camera which portraitise immovable characters, which move, sometimes, in a monotonous slowness, paintings(boards) punctuated by rumours(noises) prosaïques, here the caquètement of a hen, there the sound of a blade on a badly shaved skin. But here, the scene(stage) of opening will put paradigm of the pistolero, only man and without family, in taken with belligerent cowboys, ready for everything for confronts in a western legend!

Scene(Stage) of opening, wink in He(It) was once in the West, which succeeds another passage, in the funnier register, the typical contrast of the spaghetti western, which can pass of the tragic in the comedy without hesitating! It is Nobody/TerenThis Hill


Actor on meant by his role of TrinitaFacetious hero of the western spaghetti, which indicates that " My name is nobody ", will navigate on the borders of the comedy, the register which often displeases the fans of the pure Hollywood classic western!

Jack BeauregardA name which becomes well to eyes oceans ofHenry FondaThat liked(loved) so much Leone


And the curious NobodyOdysséen adventurer, are going to cross themselves around a fish,


Then in a saloon where lavish individual,


By eating his(her,its) dish(flat) of beans, and in the big surprise of Beauregard


The agent of the animated and filled history(story), the pistolero old man is made!

All the movie is then going to turn(shoot) between the relation Nobody//BeauregardEnter master(teacher), tired,


And the admiring pupil,


In duettists' number and bloom of one-liners which will finish by two holes in a hat,


And a new complicity, in front of a "troop" very "Pékine Païenne",


Tribute of Italian to the American blind in one eye old man, that was Am PeckinpahApostle defrocked priest of the realism westernien and aesthete of a violence which will break with the classic style. Around the mano in mano Nobody//BeauregardPicturesque characters, as the Eel are then going to display(deploy),


Grotesque cowboy who will be fast the foil(exploitation) of Terence HillIn the famous scene(stage) of the "edition" of glasses with whiskey,


And will give the opportunity(occasion) to the facetious Nobody To make a fool of a hired man,


Of miserable and sly Jean Martin,


Which(Who) will try to bribe, in vain, the samaritain voucher!


Action(Share), then, which is going to fall in a happy frenzy, raising(finding) Pieds nickelés, with one Nobody By giving itself to heart enjoyment,


Distributing slaps and blows non-stop, for the biggest pleasure of the spectator, under the hilarious glance of an old oxbow lake!


One Nobody So agile with his(her,its) fists as with his(her) language(tongue), capable of telling, with expressiveness,


The fable of the coyote and the young bird,


Delighting august one public,


With this little old man, in the incredible lower jaw, the redeemed(the pensioned off) American, which lived in Almeria's region, where was turned(shot) the movie!


Typical of the Italian cinema, capable of dealing with grave subjects with a sparkling lightness(thoughtlessness), Leone Alternate between the big clown(puppet theater) and the almost philosophic reflection, exaggerating around the torments of the celebrity, burden that one cannot support(bear) any more Jack BeauregardTired,


And about whom(which) dreams the facetious Nobody !


Last time, the old exhausted cowboy, will give a last recital,


Under the roguish glance of the sly Nobody


Which(Who) rolled a fellinien train driver!


Only against the Troop, Leone, in an orgy of explosion,


Tell the last last-ditch struggle of the future retired man, which will finish around a bootlickers'(beans) good dish(flat)!



It will remain to scénariser the last duel, Nobody


Against Beauregard


Arranged(Settled) match, under the eye of the photographers, to allow the old man JackTo disappear finally,


For a well deserved pension(retreat),


Leaving in Nobody


The care of fighting false barbers,


That he(it) will neutralize in his(its) way...


Happy western, between practical joke(stuffing) and philosophic tale, Leone Brings us on janusiens banks of the comedy in the Italian, in a delirious western which cuts of its previous production. Filled with film-going winks, with the grave of certain Peckinpah In the scene(stage) of opening very " He(It) was once ", decorated with picturesque portraits, which make of Leone One Titien Prosaïque, Italian master(teacher), through the blue glances of the duet Hill//Based(Established)Evoke the relations between the big and the short history, the fascination of the celebrity and the construction of the reality by the media. Henry FondaIn tired pistolero, brushes us one Jack Beauregard Lucid and disenchanted, amused by the brilliance of one NobodyAdmiring sprite who wants to surpass master(teacher). This movie about the torments of the celebrity, the metaphor at the end of the Hollywood western, to the positive heroes and to the moralizing messages, is to compare with the crepuscular The last one of the giants, of Don SiegelWith John WayneWhich(Who) deals with the same theme with a much more classic approach.

Before mirroring the history(story) of the coyote and the young bird, answer this QUIZ on Terence Hill.

By Tietie007 - Published in: spaghetti western - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 3 15 /09 / frog /2010 14:44

In 2007, the brothers Cohen Joël And EthanTake(Bring) out a whodunit pulled(fired) by a novel of Cormac McCarthyNo. country for old men.

In her(it) lined by one Simple planOf Sam RaimiThe former(ancient) co-worker of the famous brothers, No. country tells the meeting, improbable, in the desert, enter a Texan hunter(fighter), Llewelyn Moss


And some corpses of narcos, which are entretués,During a deal which badly turned(shot)!


A lot of cocaine, but not of argrent!


MossWhich(Who) did not lose the sense(direction) of hunter(fighter), follows bloody tracks,


Of one of the narcos, which sheltered under two solitary trees,


Occis by a ball(bullet). A bag full of dollars,


Relaying with the dead narcos!


In parallel, another character, curious and disturbing, Anton Chigurh


Sow(Scatter) the death on roads with a singular weapon!


Both protagonists are going to cross themselves a little later, with one Moss Which(Who), full of remorse, is going, at night, to redo a tour(ballot) on the scene of the massacre, being chased by buddies of narcos,


And one ChigurhEngaged(Opened) by narcos, to get back the money(silver), helped by a small transmitter(issuer) hidden in the bag filled with talbins,


One pursuit race arbitrated by a shériff tired, played by Tommy Lee Jones.


Begin then one " road movie " through the South of the USA, between one Moss Which(Who) avoids(flees) the likely vengeance of the sad narcos, and one Javier BardemImperturbable psychopath, who drags his(her) big carcass on the deserted roads,


Frightening old petrol pump attendants,


Trucidant, at random, Texan long-distance truck drivers,


Stopping(Arresting) In tired motels,


In search of the lost money(silver)!


The movies of the brothers Cohen Often tell fates of man of the people, confronted with extraordinary situations, infra-stories(infra-trouble) which as the School of Annals, go away from state summits and from great(tall) men to become attached to the life of common people, cops of a tiny village of the Montana, in Fargo, to a being bored to death hairdresser, in The Barber, by way of Junior Arizona or The Big Lebowski. To them CohenThere is always this prosaïque fabric(tissue) of coarse and monotonous reality which tears with the arrival of disturbing characters, the tarés killers of Fargo or this serial-killer ofAnton ChigurhPsychopath in the disturbing smile,


Which(Who) pursues relentlessly this nice Texan of MossExceeded by the money(silver) which he(it) found, accidentally(by chance), and who makes work of this common sense, collectively shared, to escape the justice " chigurhienne "!


But BardemArm armed with narcos, imperturbable in its macabre approach(initiative), cannot be a person arrested, nor by the cops, the fatalists and powerless,


Nor by the mafia, which engages(starts) another killer to get back the saving!


The history(story) of Coen Is in fact only a pretext to navigate the roads of the Mexican border, populated with girls people who smell sweetly deep America,


Victims of the quiet fury of one Chigurh Which(Who) more than the money(silver), is made the armed arm of a kind of almost divine justice, striking, inexorably, all those who resist him(her) or put themselves through his(her,its) road!


There will be this dazed grocer who will toss for his life, without knowing that the death was there, but that its day had not come yet!


Movie four times oscarisés, in front of many in the interpretation(performance) hallucinated person of Javier BardemNo. country joins in the désanchantée vision which have Coen Of this consumerist America and materialist, eaten away by the greed and the money(silver), this quite powerful dollar which led astray the altruistic values, broke the human solidarities, throwing(planning) the individuals in chaotic fates which they do not master. No. country retie, also, with the kind(genre) of " road movie ", in these landscapes of an infinite unlimitedness, strengthening this impression(printing) of powerless humanity, in front of " fatum " merciless, which manages the world!

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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