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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 2 31 /08 / August /2010 06:21


Wolfen is a movie which I saw during its exit(release) in room, in 1882, in Aix en Provence, because he had had the special Price(Prize) of the Jury of the fantastic Festival of Avoriaz, today disappeared, replaced by the Festival of Gérardmer.

The history(story) of the movie, joins determinedly in the city of New York, main actor of the length-measurement, whom we measure, from the scene(stage) of opening,


With a magnificent view(sight) on East River, and the skyline of Manhattan, 2 tours(towers,ballots) of the WTC blocking vertically the landscape,


Of the Brooklyn Bridge.


From the incipit, Michael WadleighKnown for his(her,its) Woodstock, articulate its work around two poles:

- The modernity of the urban life, embodied by New York and the WTC, the modernity which adorns itself with rags of the freedom but which produces an artificial life and a materialist, without soul.

- The tradition of the Indian culture, the sidelining by the modern world, which is rather a carrier of an ecological, altruistic message, in sync with a nature which the western man forgot, seeing only a resource there exploited(ran)!

Modernity and tradition are thus going to oppose, in this fantastic opus through the wolf, which(who), as the Indian, was génocidé by the white man and which will be only the allegory of this lost tradition.

The scene(stage) of opening makes us follow Cadillac, in Staten Island, in which the promoter(developer) Christopher van der VeerSip his(her,its) glass of Chivas,


While his attractive wife sends some flour in nostrils! The couple stops(arrests) in Staten Island, in a park where thrones a windmill, built, in 1625, by the ancestor Peter van der Veer,


But something roams, in the corner(area), in front of the Statue of Liberty.


The originality of the scene(stage) and the change of point of view, because the history(story) is then seen by a wolf, which turns(shoots) around the couple and around his(her) bodyguard, with a visual effect which gets closer to a thermal image.


The bodyguard will not have time to fire at the "thing"("matter"), which will cut him(her) the hand...


The man and the woman,


Will undergo the even sad fate(spell), with a direction which will take accents " argentoesques "!


The decoration(set) is thus planted, by this scene(stage) of " bloody " and mysterious opening, glorified by the New York monumental decoration(set)!

The next day, the inspector Dewey WilsonPlayed by the ruffled, Albert FinneyAnd his(her) leader, WarrenDiscover the massacre.


Both men(people) turn, in priori, on the track(runway) of a terrorist action(share), what does not prevent Dewey To think only of grailler!


We thus add him(her), to lead the investigation, a certain Rebecca NefTaken(Brought) out quite straight ahead of the police academy, the specialist in psychology of the violence, and expert in international terrorism, played by Diane Venora. The attractive young lady does not seem to cut the appetite in this bittern of Dewey,


Big fan of " junk food "!


Curious character, it Van der VeerWhich(Who) in his(her,its) apartment of Manhattan,


Collected a singular picture(board)!


But this hypothesis of a terrorist crime(murder) lasts long, pleads in Wadleigh To exaggerate on the greed of the international multinationals which plunder the Third World. The forensic scientist, the aerial Grégory Hines


Discover curious one hair on one of the victims, who cannot be, not at all of human origin!


Meanwhile, in totally ravaged Bronx,


Still one of the benefactions of the modernity, a homeless undergoes a little enviable fate(spell)...


Bronx, purulent canker in this fantastically wealthy America,


Thus attract(entice) our two investigators,


Which(Who) are magnetized by a carcass of church, near Charlotte StreetScene of the crime.


Curious paradox that the American dream, between luxurious Cadillac and districts destroyed(annulled) quasi-, which would rather remind a country at war!


The change of "focus" makes us glimpse the presence of an animal, in this Church, which measures, of the bell tower, our two policemen.


Dewey will have one bad feeling, with this Church, and will perceive(collect) an unfriendly presence,


Making our duet dash off!

At night, while New York falls asleep,


The death will still knock, on the Brooklyn Bridge.


The bridge(deck) of BrooklynSymbol of New York, is maintained by a company(society) which uses(employs) Indians, of which certain Eddie HoltActivist of the Indian cause which was already in jail, a good opportunity(occasion), for DeweyTo ask him(her) some questions on the trucidé of the day before(watch)!


At the top of Manhattan Bridge, opportunity(occasion) to put, again, on stage, the majestic skyline New Yorker,


The inspector Dewey Cross an old knowledge, Eddie Holt


Enigmatic character who knows maybe something about this unexplained series of murders!


But the Indian shows itself evasive,


Expressing himself by aphorisms with difficulty comprénsibles which instigate the curiosity of Dewey. The opportunity(occasion) for Wadleigh to dig on the Indian culture, people marginalized by the whites, the victim of the western modernity and which tries not to cut with its tradition millennium, of fusion(merger) with the Nature. The opportunity(occasion) pure the inspector to assist in curious one scene(stage) of transformation(processing), with one Eddie HoltWhich(Who) crosses(goes through) the banks of East River, nude,


Roaring in the death, as his(her,its) others abandoned by the western economic miracle, the wolves.


Seizing parallel(parallel line), between the Indian people and the troop of wolves, being both warriors, living in community, massacred by European materialism, victims of a technical progress which spread(pushed aside) those whom he(it) considered as impossible to adapt or harmful. In the glance of Dewey


The dismay conjugates in a certain fascination, And the inspector understands thatEddieIs innocent, but that he(it) tries to make him(her) a diverted(hijacked) message pass!

Finney Learnt, at a naturalist, that the hair found on one of the corpses came from one " canis lupus " or more prosaically, of a wolf!


He(It) organizes, then, a small night-expedition(shipping) towards the Church in ruins, near Charlotte Street, in Bronx,


With his(her) buddy WhittingtonThe forensic scientist.


Bronx is deserted, the church, silent,


And DeweyNot liking it any more, decide to go to inspect the religious building, under the supervision of the friend doctor.


But a shade(shadow) steals in rubble, Whittington Is looked,


A black wolf, a gaping mouth,


Will leave no luck(chance) to the jurist!

Collapsed by the death of his friend, DeweyBrings(Shoots) down,


Look Eddie HoltThat he(it) finds in a pub with some friends, whose old Indian philosophizes.


In the evocation of the death of the death of WhittingtonAttacked(Affected) by a wolf, the leader with the white hair, answers him(her) by wild one indictment of white America, the progress of which privileges some and abandons so others, in particular "wolves" and Indians, victims of the hegemony materialist who destroyed(annulled) their territory and their culture!

Aboulique, DeweyMotionless, listen to the lesson of the philosopher, in front of an American flag, a rectangle of fabric(tissue) symbol of the unbridled imperialism of the WASP.


He(It) comes to look for an answer to an incomprehensible situation, where the rational approach(initiative) is vain, by recovering in the wisdom of these Indian people sacrificed on the altar of the progress, but which kept(guarded) a dignity without similar, resisting by referring to the sacred word of the former(ancient).


The inspector understood the attack in rule(ruler), and the analogy with wolves... The canis lupus defends(forbids) simply its territory, a piece of Bronx neglected by the men(people), and that Van der Veer Wanted to revitalize by a real estate project!

The people of wolves are as the Indian people, living in the suburb of the hyper-centres, finding their sustenance in alcoholic and sick homeless, produced by this consumer society which spreads(pushes aside) weaks(weaknesses).

The final confrontation is going to be spectacular, enters the police trio,


And a threatening pack of wolves,


Led by a white wolf.


As in the duels of Sergio Leone, the enemies settle,


Eyes in eyes,


In an ultimate challenge!


And Dewey Will understand(include) that these wolves want only to protect their territory, against the madness of the men(people), passing of a threatening posture,


In a peaceful attitude,


As to implore a forgiveness, in it majestic wolf, for the hostile actions(shares) of the men(people).


Ecological movie, in its way, pamphlet against the urban and technological civilization of the almighty west, Wolfen, stays an atypical fantasy movie, in sublime New York, urban summary of the architectural madness of the men(people), the immoderation of which contrasts with the simplicity of the Indian people, remained close to the nature and to the wolf, in particular. Here, the wolf is only the allegorical face(figure) of the lost " paradise ", of this nature forgotten by the scientific progress, which reconquers the margins abandoned by city centers, populated of left for account, victims of the modern company(society).

Wild pamphlet against the consumerist company(society) and western materialist, Michael Wadleigh Glorify "Big Apple", with his(her,its) panoramic views(sights) and his(her,its) abyssal high angle shots(dives) answering in close-up léoniens, use a style, sometimes " gore ", which calls back(reminds) the "bloody" Ar Gento, without ever falling in the voyeurism, varies, constantly, points of view, between the average American, the Indian and the wolf, without forgetting a metallic BO which élecrise the atmosphere! In brief, you will have understood that this Wolfen, is, for me, a small forgotten jewel, to acquire immediately!

By Tietie007 - Published in: fantasy, Horror. - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 2 24 /08 / August /2010 06:27


The glass key is an adaptation of a crime novel of Dashiel HammettAppeared in 1931, realized by Stuart HeislerIn 1942,


Film-maker rather minor which(who) staged, nevertheless, some beautiful macabre films, as the Fear in the stomach, in 1955, with Jack Palance And Shelley Winters.

Typical of the novels ofHammettThe glass key tells the customs corrupted by the American politicians, and more exactly by a certain Paul Madvig, played by the stainless Brian Donlevy


Fallen, as his(her) walk-ons, under the spell of a beautiful blonde(lager), Janet HenryInterpreted by Veronica Lake


Who allowed to slap the town councillor in public!

But Madvig In other cats to be whipped, with certain Nick VarnaPut hair cream gangster who comes down at him, to negotiate some protections,


Watched by Ed BeaumontThe hired man of the politician, played by Alan Ladd.


But the discussion comes to a sudden end, and both men(people) are going to leave in cold...

All this small world is going to meet at the senator's HenryWhere Madvig The gifleuse blonde(lager), the girl of the town councillor is going to find,


And additionally, future girlfriend of Brian Donlevy. It is during this worldly apéritif, that Janet And Ed Are going to meet,


Mesmerizing of asymmetric sound glance, this fair-haired man(blond) of Beaumont !

ladd eyes

We shall have understood that the history(story) will be marked by this ménage à 3, compound of MadvigThe old politician, his hen, Janet Henry And EdThe blondin, both last ones working of the glance during all the movie!


But the life not being a long quiet river, another affair, enter the son of the senator Henry And the girl of MadvigThe stripling very too much pleases hardly the politicians, the girl being very too young and to picoleur.


Macabre new development, the tortured Taylor Henry Is found lengthened(stretched out) on the macadam, having leave his(her,its) beautiful, in front of the house of Madvig ... Cooled for ever... The announcement of the death of the handsome hunk, by Ed Beaumont To his(her) boss, does not make either warmly or cold to the ex-future father-in-law who continues to brush himself teeth just like that!


Ed And the authorities have a doubt would it be the possessive and authoritarian father who would have made kill a pretender in his little girl?


For Janet HenryThe sister of the trucidé, the responsibility of Madvig Is doubtless in the death of his brother,


And certain anonymous letters are revealing of the general opinion!


The decoration(set) is thus planted and the length-measurement is going to navigate between 3 axes:

- The ménage à 3, Madvig Janet And EdAnd know if the love between both last ones will be right the friendship enters Donlevy And Alan Ladd.

- The stormy relations between Madvig And Varna.

- Discover who(which) killed Taylor Henry.

To note that in the last axis, the police is almost absent in the history(story), and that it is especially the hired man of the unreliable politician, Ed BeaumontWhich(Who) is going to take care of the unofficial survey(investigation), in spite of the doubts which weigh on the guilt of his(her) boss and friend, Madvig !

Alan Ladd Made thus fire(light) of any wood, phoning in some,


Charming the others,


In particular if these others carry(wear) an underskirt,


And be going to roast tons of cigarettes,


To calm his(her,its) nerves(gristle) in lively!


Ed Beaumont Does not know any more what to think... His(her) friendship for PaulTends to acquit him(it) and his(her) love being born for Janet Is him(her) only few help in front of the suspicions of the beautiful in its place...


Especially that he knows, henceforth, that it is Janet Who wrote the anonymous letter, accusing it, implicitly, of the murder of his brother...


Because this one is taken flag of pianotage there!!


But the loving considerations remain pointless, with regard to the conflict enter Madvig And VarnaThe put hair cream mafioso, with his unkind band(strip) of killers!

varna killer

Ed The "nice", is going to go to face this rival band(strip), not hesitating to challenge some glance the elegant man Varna !


In 5 against one, Ladd Room moment with the hired men of the Godfather, in particular with this trogne of will not be considerable, and will cross(spend) one William Bendix Which(Who) will bang hard the young man(juvenile lead).


But Ladd Will take(bring) out with some bruises there, and will make up with the beautiful...


Swaggerer, EdThe blondin, will again go to challenge this brute of Farr


Offering him(her) some knocks to drink by sounding the boy,

ring for service

And mastering the psychopathic bittern!


As in the novels ofAgatha CristieThe culprit of the murder of Taylor Is the one that we suspected least, and Varna Eliminated, he(it) stays the history(story) enters Alan Ladd


And Veronica Lake


Between one Ed Explaining in Janet


That his(her) friendship to MadvigThe official of the beautiful, prevents him(it) from any long-lasting(sustainable) relation, except for this last kiss...


But the old politician, generous and resigned, understood the love linking(binding) both young turtledoves,


And leash attend to their rising idyll!

2nd movie (on 7!) gathering(combining) the mythical couple, in the 40s, Alan Ladd And Veronica LakeWhich(Who) will finish both alcoholics, the glass key joins in the hammettienne theme of termination(denunciation) of the corruption of the American political town councillors, the initial crime(murder) and the survey(investigation), being only a pretext to evoke this despicable reality. The crime novel, inaugurated by HammettTranscend the simple enigma in her(it) Agatha ChristieWhose history(story) amounted to the only search(research) for the culprit, to register its stories(trouble) in the politico-social reality of America of the interwar period, marked by The greed of his(her) town councillors. Other hammettiens themes of the glass key are rather male chauvinist, with the linking(binding) indestructible friendship Madvig And BeaumontThe second refusing to betray his friend for the love of JanetAnd mysogine, with a vision of the woman, the big temptress of hearts, carnal vampires ready to give itself to the first to come, who joined well this Judeo-Christian tradition of the exclusively carnal woman, who takes the man on the exclusive ground of the passion!

Without being a masterpiece, The glass key is a rather modern work from the point of view of the customs, with this recurring born out of wedlock background, which challenged openly the code Hays ! The duet Alan Ladd//Veronica LakeWhich(Who) will be gathered(combined) in 7 lengths-measurements, in the 40s, proof of their efficiency, makes here florès, both actors agreeing well at the level of the respective heights because Ladd Made only 1,63 m, but Veronica She(It), measures only 1,51m!

As for Dashiel HammettThe novelist will be a victim of the McCarthysme and his works putting in blacklist... The big time(period) of the American macabre film was going to know a bracket, a post-war years!

A small QUIZ on the career(quarry) ofAlan Ladd.

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 3 04 /08 / August /2010 18:49


Produced by Howard Hughes And Howard HawksExcept the big studios, the movie, had difficulty in amounting, because these last ones mirror sticks in wheels to both franc tireurs, what can explain a second-class casting, Paul MuniPlaying the role of Scarface, not being a celestial body of Hollywood!

The credits(generic medicines) begin on curious one message, real pamphlet anti-gangster who implicates the government of Hoover !




The tone is thus given, from the beginning, with an attack in rule(ruler) of the government, a kind of assumed political choice, just before the presidential elections of 1932, which(who) will see Franklin Delano Roosevelt Engage(Start) his(her,its) first money order(mandate).

The scene(stage) of opening will remain famous for its perusal and its effects of camera, playing on the implicit and the unspoken, because of the murderer, only a whistling and a shade(shadow) will characterize him(it).

In the 22nd Street,


A disturbing silhouette roams,


She will go, nonchalemment, to her unfortunate victim, CostilloA boss of the underworld the gang warfare will well take place!


I admit that I knew hardly it Hawks Stylist, who, after the war, will use fewer flourishes to tell his(her,its) action(share)! Very quickly, the spectator anticipates that Tony CarmonteThe "gashed", played by Paul MuniHas to be for something there,


As thinks of it the Police! But ProvidedSlightly provocative,


Defy polices,


And make fun of an inspector, untouchable that he(it) is!

Bus Tony CarmonteKiller in the service of Johnny Lovo


Is there to do the housework, mu by an unlimited ambition, symbolized by this lamp which faces its house...


With his(her) accomplice, Guido RinaldiPlayed by the elegant man George Raft


And in spite of the threats,


Scarface The terror is going to make reign to impose the desires of his(her) boss!


During a memorable, gathering(combining) scene(stage) Lovo And other bootleggers


Where Hawks is engaged(surrenders) in a series of portraits léonesques,





The boss and his assistant ScarfaceThe bosses of the city are going to stand out as!


A magnificent stylistic composition, which calls back to(reminds) me the portraits of TitienA series of trognes gangsteriennes of which one Lautner Will be inspired, much more late!

But the world of the gangsters has its own laws which have nothing to do with the right and the resistances are going to unchain(to give rise to) the furia of the "gashed",


Real psychopath, who uses(gets) his(her) machine-gun there rillant in the brightness, the devilish image that Hawks Give Italian gangsters! Because the American director will push the nail, in his scenario, by making say to a judge that all this gangsgters which grangrènent the city(estate), is foreigners, one stigmatization of the population of Italian origin which translated certain ambient racism, in the USA of the 30s.

Tony Carmonte Clean the city and is promoted, and the silk and the chair rungs,


Will replace the bad fabric(tissue) and the cheap fags! But the violence of ScarfaceIrrépréssible,


The elimination of GaffneyThe Irish, played by Boris Karloff


The attitude without ambiguité which the "gashed", any powerful, has with the hen of his(her) boss,


Are going to seal the beginning of the end for Scarface. Johnny LovoExtended beyond by the violence of his(her) subordinate, will try to eliminate him(it), but, failing, he(it) will be occis by the pistolero!


Losing any measure, been furious by the infidelities of her sister, dimension inscestueuse of the character who transparait clearly, CarmonteKill then his best friend, Guido RinaldoCulprit to have slept with the beautiful... We do not compromise with the honor!


Pushed by its meutrière madness, Scarface will finish then in a hysteric fireworks!


Served by an extraordinary Paul MuniSavage and elegant man, at the middle-angel, the middle-animal, Which(Who) plays an Italian gangster the hysteric violence, the devilish face(figure) of the foreigner(foreign countries) which corrupts the real American values, ScarfaceWho will have lived by the sword, will die by the sword! It is necessary to note that the censorship of time(period), managed by him(it) Code HaysWill cut maliciously the movie, to disinfect this amoral history(story)! Besides, from 1947 till 1980, the movie will be quasi-invisible in the USA, victim of its reputation and producers little liked(loved) in the middle, in particular Hughes!

Beyond the history(story), Scarface will give the opportunity(occasion) in Hawks To give his(her,its) full measure, by playing on the points of aesthetic view, deceiving big plans-portraits, using, with happiness, the metonymy, suggesting the violence rather than showing it,


And telling his(her,its) movie with stylistic effects which we shall not really know about him(her) any more, afterward, making of ScarfaceReal formal, a little bit atypical masterpiece in the work of the American director.

As for Paul MuniReally brilliant, in this opus, we can wonder of little of brightness which its career(quarry) will have, afterward, in spite of an Oscar for the role of Louis Pasteur (sic).

The scene(stage) of opening, mythical, with it curious message of both producers, instrumenting the history(story) in political purposes...

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 3 30 /06 / June /2010 08:39


It has been 55 years since James Dean Went out on a road of California, in the steering wheel of its Porsche 550 Spyder,


Struck by the Ford Sedan of Donald Turnuspeed.


Absurd death(dead man) because purely risky, which(who) struck quite hard the new star of Hollywood, down from its solar energy 24 years! Bus Jimmy Had just turned(shot), time after time, three movies which had admitted him(it) to the legend.

It is by seeing the actor playing in The immoraliste, the room(part,play) pulled(fired) by a novel ofAndré GideTelling the homophile emotions of an European young person in the Maghreb, thatElia KazanBrilliant director who saved his career(quarry) by rocking some knowledge to the senator Mc CarthyGave the role of the tortured young man, Callus Trask, in James Dean ! Brilliant intuition on behalf of son(sons,thread) of Greek carpet salesman(haggler), who had anticipated at once that the restless soul of the young American corresponded perfectly to the profile of the role, the starved of affection comment-teenager of his father and who made ofEAST OF EdenIn 1955, a cult movie without knowing its full will!


The opus of Kazan Stuck perfectly on the air(sight) of the time(weather) which saw appearing of new social actors, the young people!

The same year Nicholas Ray Movie banner of a whole young generation, that of the cars and the black jackets, the speed and the adventure, the drive-in movie theater and the trying to pick up(dredge) pushed the nail, with the Passion for life, which will complete ElvisThree years later!


The Fury, it was " Hello the friends ", 10 years earlier, the consecration of this consumerist youth which opposed to the old-fashioned moralism of the relatives(parents), a hymn in the love US version, a demand of the happiness opposing to the bourgeois conformity, it was one James Dean Ambiguous, coiled by lecherous glance of Nathalie Wood !

Because so much BrandoA few years before had exploded thanks to his(her,its) virile sensualism, so much the charm of Jimmy Fragility leaned on a fragrance! Marlon The badass was, Dean The sophisticated ephebe, Brando " Bad guy ", of the wild outing, James The restless kitten, two roles which complemented each other marvelously in the imagination of time(period), and which made that some were rather Brando While the others she(it) deceived Jimmy !


If the Fury dedicated the increase in importance(power) of the adolescent culture, Giant, the next year, the Texan legend and big Hollywood production, dedicated James Dean As an actor " bankable " and took(brought) out him(it) of the roles of backward teenagers!


Jimmy Passed of the almost pre-pubescent Nathalie Wood In her(it) very experimented Liz TaylorAnd the adolescent feasts were transformed into huge scam, telling the agony of the big Texan owners in front of kings of the oil. Sociocultural transfers(transformations) were evoked in the Fury in the economic evolutions of Giant, this role made increase(grow) James DeanHenceforth débarassé of its young rags!

Movie will, also, because the actor killed two weeks before the end of the shooting, in an exceeding the speed limit which characterized him(it) so much!

What it remains of today James Dean ? Since one of my pupils admitted to me, in the evocation of its name, since that had to be a soccer player of the First one League, I think that he(it) does not stay there any more much, to part one Memorial Little visited, to Cholame,


And some effigies, rather rare, printed on improbable T-Shirts... But it is not more bad... It is better to be forgotten, than revisited discreetly by moneychangers in the Temple, which transformed Elvis In advertising concept or Che In banner of the hazy adolescent revolt of mixed herbs!

The memory(souvenir) of James Dean Becomes blurred slowly, marks out mémorielle the 50s who goes away certainly, taken by the dizziness of time(weather)!

I find that he(it) has a few airs(sights) of DelonYoung person...

By Tietie007 - Published in: personality - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 2 15 /06 / June /2010 13:59


In 1947, Henry Hathaway Has already rolled his(her,its) bump to Hollywood, because he(it) turns(shoots) in buckle, since 1932, westerns of B-movie with in addition, 3 lancers of Bengal, in 1935, with Gary Cooper. It is then that the famous producer Mark Hellinger Calls him(it) to make him(her) realize Kiss Of Death or The Carrefour(Crossroads) of the Death. Hellinger, Journalist by trainingLike registering this stories(trouble) in the verticality of the American cities(estates), in particular in New York, the city of which he(it) is native.

The producer manages to engage(start) Victor MatureWhich(Who) played the oriental in Shangaï Gesture, of Von SternbergWith the sublime but fragile Gene TierneyAnd he(it) just goes out of the role of Doc Holliday in The infernal pursuit(continuation) of John FordNot really the version which I prefer! He(it) adds him(her) a young man(juvenile lead), a fair-haired boy in the black glance and in the perverse grin, certain Richard Widmark.

Mature// Nick Bianco, the burglar,


In the trilby hat, the grave for an affair(business) badly tied up and meets in the violin,

Kiss of death, Widmark et Mature en cellule

In the same cell(unit) as certain Tommy UdoBlondin put hair cream in the feverish glance! But Nick Does not want to end his(her,its) life in nick, far from his, also enters prison honor and the festive balance, it chooses the second way, choosing to rock his(her) day partners, to find his(her) daughters and the life.


But Here we are, the environment(middle) has its reasons which the heart does not know and a killer is sent to ask for some accounts Bianco.


It is in the role of the psychopathic killer, Tommy UdoIn the crazy glance,


That Widmark Be then going to mark the spirits and to shine. Bus UdoAngel of the death, moves back in front of nothing, the same step to rock a little old woman in the staircase,


Bianco Is thus warned!


Tommy Threat,


But Nick Rest impertubable.


It is better, because the duplicity of the somber Tommy Maybe mortal,


And under his(her,its) sociable apects,


Hide a redoubtable killer!


Nick Ira thus to face the chuckling killer who is UdoIn a kind of singular duel which will enclose the history(story).

We shall thus retain the disturbing images of New York, city stakeholder of the history(story) and especially, the fantastic composition of Richard WidmarkIn perverse killer, who will mark the history(story) of the macabre film. As for Victor MatureHe(It) will feel at ease soon more in his(its) biblical roles of Samson to Marcellus, which could exploit(run) his(its) exceptional physical appearance!

A young QUIZ On the career(quarry) of Richard Widmark,For the road and the enjoy the Tommy Udo smile!

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film
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