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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 2 01 /06 / June /2010 21:03


With the death of Denis HopperIt is a little of generation James Dean Who goes away! This son of deep America, who dragged his gaiters in his(her,its) native Kansas, very fast took himself of passion for the paint(painting), the singular activity in this agricultural and landed Middle West. A little later, in Carlifornie, the student Hopper Puts itself in the theater and manages to pick up(take down) a small role in Johnny Guitar, of Nicholas RayWhere Sterling Hayden Seduced Joan Crawford. But it is in The Passion for life, of the same RayThat Dennis Be going to turn(shoot) with the icon of a whole generation, James Dean !


Movie banner of the faintness(malaise) of an American youth, Hopper Return with Dean In Giant, the legend Texan of George Steven


Throwing(Planning) the young American in stars! But the death of Jimmy Dean


And a quarrel with the director Henry HathawayAre going to marginalize the young man of the Hollywood system, during an around ten years. Of uncertain turnips in improbable supporting roles, it is Easy Rider, low-budget movie, being openly inspired of Swaggerer Of Dino RisiManifesto of American counterculture, taking the opposite view(doing the exact opposite) of the cinema of the big studios, which will boost(relaunch) the career(quarry) of Hopper.


The same year, that does not prevent Dennis To make a rod with John WayneIn 100 $ for a sheriff, a classic western where he(it) finds Hathaway.


Curious cross(go through) that that of DennisEnter herald of the American counterculture, with Peter Fonda And Nicholson And exploit(assert) of the Duke, bard of the republican conservatism, and director of controversial Green Berets, movie justifying the American intervention in Vietnam.


Inexplicably, Hopper Will not exploit(run) the success of Easy Rider, the man is very too unverifiable to comply with the rigors of the system, and for lack of movies in his immoderation, he will continue his alcoholic evenings shot in the LSD!

It is in Germany where it will bounce, by being the American friend of Wim WendersIn 1977,


By finding the director of his debuts, Nicholas Ray ... The buckle is buckled(curled,locked up)!

At the end of seventies and hieratic about forty, which throws(plans) him(it) in the Vietnamese Apocalypse of Coppola, photographer been on drugs the hallucinations of the colonel Kurtz


Played by one Brando Débonzé!


He(It) will find Coppola4 years later, in Rusty James and will cross(spend) a weekend to Sam PeckinpahIt quinqua speedé in the cocaine!

But it is the oedipian psychopath of Blue Velvet Which(Who) will throw(plan) him(it) in paradigm of super-miserable removed(crazy), registered trademark that he(it) will exploit(run) in new Hollywood!

hopper blue velvet

Of the killer in Red Rock West


To the deacon cracked by Waterworld,


By way of him(it) " serial spray-paint(bulge out) " of Speed,


Hopper Will offer us some brilliant interpretations(performances) of hysteric droopy of the brain!

But as usual, Dennis His(Her,Its) new fame is not going to capitalize, and is rather going to courrir the stamp(tablet) in improbable turnips. It is in Palermo, in 2008, that he(it) will have a last meeting(appointment) with Wim WendersThe German friend,


To remind us thatHopperThe American, the buddy in Jimmy DeanThe herald of the American counterculture which ran on the Marie-Jeanne, the rebel in the big studios, had a chaotic route, of his native Kansas in the Sicilian city(estate)!

That your last one wrinkles is pleasant to you, Dennis !

Test your knowledge on the career(quarry) of Hopper, by answering it QUIZ.

By Tietie007 - Published in: personality
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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 7 02 /05 / May /2010 02:54


The last opus of the léonienne trilogy on America, begun 16 years earlier, with He(It) was once in the West, It was once in America fresco on contemporary America, plunges us into the district of Brooklyn, at the beginning of the last century, telling the friendship of children's band(strip), which(who) make 400 knocks on the edges of Hudson!


Narrative in abyss because it is an old man, in the evening of his existence, who returns in the district of its childhood, lost in its memories(souvenirs), seeing again(revising), as if it was yesterday,


The attractive Deborah to make her ranges,


By the small attic window looking onto the storeroom.


Adolescent glances, which cross themselves,


Looking forward to a loving promise, in this popular district of New York.

There is always to Leone This intensity of the glances, the azure ofHenry FondaIn the distant West, with the eyes of Cockeye,


Urchin of the Lower East Side who will be struck by a stray bullet.

The old man Noodles Sees again(Revises) to disentangle its life, the time(weather) of a capuccino, this prodigious ascent, with Max


Neighbor of street, accomplice and friend, with whom he(it) will surf on the Prohibition, amassing some cashdesks.


Exceptional trajectory, filthy streets of the slums New Yorker in luxury brothels, dusty edges of Hudson in beaches(ranges) white with Coney Island!


Social success but personal wandering, material abundance, but emotional desert, ambition of MaxSearch(Research) for the happiness, to NoodlesThe fate of both friends could only diverge! Of Niro Will try to get lost in the glance of Deborah


Swirling on a dance floor,


Éperduement hung on(collided) on an uncertain loving horizon, a promise of an improbable happiness... And then the disappearance of MaxOf the unfaithful friend, the partner who betrays,


Who will sacrifice his(her) companions(journeymen) on the altar of its ambitions, not hesitating to sacrifice that he loved for reasons careerists, theme of the treason which haunts the léonien universe, already approached in It was once the Revolution, the vision of the désanchanté and nihilistic, terrible man Prométhée always corrupted by the ambition and the money(silver)! But the past, to LeoneThe escaped(fleeting) fragrance is not which gets lost in the perfumed furrow(groove) of an attractive woman the memory to Italian, remains omnipresent, under the shape of the vengeance of the Man in the harmonica, in the Wild West or under the pleading face of the Irish friend which betrayed, in the Revolution, tyranny of the past which haunts the léoniens characters. Of this henceforth forgotten youth, the old man Noodles is going to rediscover the painful outlines,


Because besides having stolen from him(her) his(her) history(story), Max He will have stolen his betrothed, henceforth old actress on the decline. Of this youth friendship, there will be almost nothing, except remorse of a man in the evening of the life, eaten away by the ambition and henceforth regretting, paying the faults the time(weather) of a sad evening.


Désanchantée vision of the human nature, the léonien will will get lost in an opium den,


Where one Noodles In the prime of life releases itself from his(her,its) sad human condition by escaping in the artificial paradises,


The time(weather) of a smile...


Transcent by sound and melancholic soundtrack ofEnnio Morricone!

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama
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Friday, April 9th, 2010 5 09 /04 / April /2010 13:27


Singular movie that this The truthSociological variation and moralist on this new youth which leads the dolce vita to Saint Michel! Henri-Georges Clouzot Turn(Shoot) here one of its last movies, a filmed trial, where two lawyers(avocados), Paul Meurisse For the plaintiff, Meurisse-avocat.JPG

And Charles Vanel For the defense


Of one HinnyDefendant(Accused) of a crime of passion!


Trial(Trials) of certain careless lifestyle, young woman who not supporting(bearing) any more the gravity of the family home(foyer),


Pretext of the studies of aesthetics to rise in the capital, to Saint Michel, with her sister.


But very quickly, Claire MarceauBird of the night, is going to be fascinated by this life of leisure of the students of the district, smoking cigarettes in smoky coffees(cafés),


Surrounded by a young band men(people),


All seduced by the blonde(lager) beauty, in particular certain Sami Frey!


The evening flirtation,


Tranformera fast in voracious passion, for the young man! It is necessary to say that Claire Marceau-Hinny Is of a disturbing sensualism!


Life night bird dedicated to the ground pleasures,


To cross(spend) his(her,its) evenings in the coffee(café),


Or in the cinema!


Henceforth it is in the dock that beautiful Claire,


Comes to pay for his(her,its) fished... Because there is to Clouzot A moralizing comment, a trial(trials) of this golden youth which is engaged(surrenders) in the hedonism relaxed, taking advantage of poisonous fuits of the new consumer society!

HinnyIn almost spotless Madonna,


Perceived(Collected) as devilish, at the beginning, takes(sets), gradually the face(figure) of the victim,


Victim of a voracious passion which made him(her) commit the irreparable!

Because if Claire was, at the beginning, Gilbert's passion,


Dedicated entirely to the young woman,


This voracious, magnificent and unbearable passion,


Will eventually consummer, the young man choosing to leave to the big despair of Claire, the released seducer!


Reversal of situation which will bring the young woman until the murder... Finishing pathetically in a court,


And seeing his(her,its) life scrolling(marching past) according to witnesses(batons).

The movie costs for the interpretation(performance) of HinnyHaughtiness in deposed(fallen) Madonna,


Seducer and domestic vandal, fallen in the torments of the passion, and by the duet Meurisse-VanelLawyers(Avocados) in the prolix verb which are in confrontation around this pasionaria!


Warning movie of this youth which rises, which does not support(bear) any more the yoke of the old world, wanting to free(frank) itself from this moral Puritan, to live a hedonist life without complex. The vision of Clouzot Fascination for this fascinated life is rather ambigue, between condemnation of this light existence and, which breaks the bourgeois, throwing(planning) propriety Claire In a sensual and sentimental whirlwind absolved!

Hinny Of Clouzot Announced Hinny Of GodardOf the Truth in the Contempt!

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Drama
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Sunday, March 21st, 2010 7 21 /03 / March /2010 07:05


In 1972, Claude Sautet Still find Romy SchneiderThat he(it) had managed on Max and the Scrap merchants(Swashbucklers), but here, it is the male duet Yves Montand-Sami Frey Which(Who) is going to crack(fail) for the beautiful Austrian.
Caesar(César) is a man of adulthood who got on in life,


And which(who) collects beautiful cars (A tribute in Melville ?)


And games of poker!


But Here we are, RosalieHis(Her) mistress(teacher), misses of this blazing success,


The glance lost in some promises of new adventures which take the face(figure) of certain David.

frey romy

Artist with the unfair(one-sided) hair, our Sami Faggot the beautiful Rosalie


That she(it) covers with the glance of Chimène. DavidThe middle-class person-bohemia against Caesar(César)The nouveau riche cyclist of mechanics,


Between these both, Rosalie Chose,


In the big despair of Caesar(César).


Because what he believed to be that a whim, an accident, becomes a fait accompli, Rosalie Goes away...


But to SautetThings are never simple, and the couples become fast ménages à trois! In Noirmoutier, while the new couple settles down in front of the ocean,


One Caesar(César) Penitent off-loads,


A little bit pleading and shabby,


Looking for a glance of his(her,its) Rosalie Liked,


That he hopes to get back.
Enter Caesar(César)


And David


Curious one complicity is going to be formed, amazing even Rosalie.


Two man's generations knotting(tying) a friendly relation,


On bright one object of the desire...


In this opus, Sautet Continue its variations around the complexity of the loving reports(connections), the permanent continual coming and going which symbolizes the new freedom of the customs of these seventies, the era of the doubt and the uncertainties, for men(people) who lost of their power in front of the increase in importance(power) of the women. Caesar(César)The macho man has who quite made a success, is deprived in front of new desires of RosalieWhich aspires to the other thing(matter) than to be a foil(exploitation) for his(her) man. The duet Montand-FreyWhich(Who) revolves around the beautiful RomyEmbody this generational transfer(transformation), enters the quite powerful man to the man above all lover, sensitive to the feminine desires who moves either in the display(posting) done wonders for the self-confidence by the success, but in the listening and the tacit psychology.
It will remain especially of this movie, the touched memory(souvenir) of the vertiginous glances of Romy
Getting lost in the Noirmoutier ocean and the sublime end!

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Drama
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Sunday, March 7th, 2010 7 07 /03 / March /2010 08:04

Vera Cruz is a key movie in the American western. To there, the kind(genre) alternated between the fordien paternalism and the hawksien Manicheanism, and amounted to big archetypes embodying the Good(Property) and the Evil, the law and the anarchy. The Hollywood western, it was the troimphe of the law against the wild state, the lawyer(avocado) against Outlaw, as in The man who killed Liberty Valence, who carried(wore) in incandescence this postulate.
Vera Cruz, produced by Burt LancasterJoins in the lineage of Bronco ApacheTurned(Shot) the same year, on 1954, with the same director, Robert AldrichAnd Lancaster At the head(top) of poster, which had already broken with some prejudices striking Indians. In this new opus, the savage and the opportunist JoePlayed by Burt


Meet certain Benjamin TranePlayed by Gary Cooper


Old cowboy in the leather already tanned ben!

An association is going to be born, between the ambitious young fellow and the former(ancient) disenchanted,


Sealed by a pact of money(silver).


The action(share) takes place in Mexico, at the time of emperor Maximilien, set up by French and Napoleon III. And our two partners, invited in the imperial court(yard),


Make a little bit rustic, in front of splendor of the Mexican court(yard) and of the haughty port(bearing) of the captain DanettePlayed by Henry Brandon

henry brandon

Which(Who) measures of a glance disdaining this gringo of Lancaster !


Between these both, running(roaming) her(it) will never pass!
After the arrival of the Mexican emperor,


Which(Who) gave rise to some shootings(firings) of precision,


Well made a success forts,





Our friends pass in the serious things,


Negotiating with the marquess Henri de Labordère


The protection of the countess Marie Duvarre Who has to go to Vera Cruz, and cross the Mexican campaign(countryside), stuffed by the believers(regular customers) of Benito JuarezWhich(Who) swore the loss of the French occupants.


The market is concluded for 100 000 $.


Scene(Stage) of singular opening, in this Mexican France can evoke in the screen (She(It) will give rise to an epic battle in Chief warrant officer(Major company) Dundee, of PeckinpahSome years later) Which(who) spreads(displays) the imperial attires in a scene(stage) of ball which cuts, from the production usual westernienne, and which rappele me the viscontiennes evenings of the Cheetah, in whom(which) will invite itself, 10 years later, again Burt Lancaster ! A double opposition is already set up which will be the matrix of all the movie:
- That of Ben Against JoeOf Gary Against BurtThe one, the old idealistic cowboy, attached to the given word and to the honor, the other one, who(which) in the ambition of its youth and who(which) hides behind a devastating smile, an unlimited greed.


- That of the French noble persons against them without American ranks, meeting of two opposite worlds, the one, secular, who is dying, other, stemming from the company(society) of the New World, where the men(people) are born almost free and equal.


The convoy can thus leave, in a carosse, a royal version of the popular diligence, brooded(hatched) by the old man Ben


And Joe And his(her) band(strip) of hoarse arms, with one Charles Buchinski-BronsonAlways gallant with these ladies,


And Ernest BorgnineA regular customer of the role of bads boys.


To note also the presence of a big supporting role of the American cinema, subscribed also to naughty boys' roles, Jack ElamThat we shall find in the famous scene(stage) of opening of He(It) was once in the West, you know, the ballet with the fly!
But BenWhich(Who) is old school, does not really support(bear) that we lack respect to these ladies,


And he(it) will use the strong way to make see sense to this band(strip) of malautrus.


It is necessary to say that the big Gary Was not insensible in the charm of NinaPlayed by Sara Montiel.


To note also the presence ofArchie SavageThe black of service, what was still unusual, in this time(period), illustrating the sensibility of the producer LancasterIn the problems of minorities, and completely in line with Bronco Apache. Archie's career(quarry) had no success of one Sidney Poitier Or of one Jim BrownBut we shall find him(it) as dancer in Dolce Vita of Fellini !!
Here is thus that everything calms down, Ben Remitter of the order in this anarchy episode, under the friendly eye of the marquess of Labordère.


But and in his(her,its) grand Mexican landscapes, the threat becomes clearer,


And the division sharpens, because of a treasure hidden in the royal carosse! The partisans of Juarez Go into the part(party), also desiring the noble savings which instigates the concupiscence of Donnegan.


But French deceived everybody, by trapping these rustes of gringos! That nenni, the Northern vengence will be terrible, and outlaws, helped by the Mexican footsoldier, will start again them of! But what had to arrive arrived! The ambitious JoeThrower of his ladies,


A partageux is not, and is going to practice(to be applied) doing the housework,


But he(it) is going to fall on this old man BenWhich(Who) gave the word to Juaristes,


And who prefers to lose some money(silver) that his(her,its) soul! The duel will be inevitable, léonien, eyes in eyes,


The old cowboy will bring down the young wolf,


The Hollywood classicism resuming(taking back) its rights, making triumph the word given against the greed,


The paternal benevolence,


In front of the young arrogance.


At the end, there is always a woman in the window, as underlined it Leone


And the old solitary cowboy, having paid his debt, goes away.

I often wondered why Vera Cruz Was in the pantheon the best westerns of the history(story). Certainly because in 1954, he(it) cuts from the production westernienne of time(period), made by white knight, by big feelings and by triumph of the law. Here, the characters are moved, above all by the greed, which could kill father and mother to appropriate a saving. We find this band(strip) of bads boys which will become again famous, afterward, under the baguette of PeckinpahAnd his(her,its) wild Troop, with Borgnine
And especially this character of JoePlayed by Burt LancasterIn the poisonous charm and in the unlimited greed, which deceives its world and denies his(her,its) word for some dollars furthermore! On this Mexican earth(ground), he will announce the other one JoePlayed by Clint EastwoodWhich(Who) 10 years later will display in For a handle of dollars.
If Vera Cruz announces the western spaghetti, he(it) remains, nevertheless, anchored in the Hollywood reality of his(her,its) time(period), with a characteristic happy ending, and this woman in the final window, proceeded narrative so common(current) in the western of big time(period).

Mirror the final scene(stage):

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Western
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