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Friday, February 5th, 2010 5 05 /02 / Fév /2010 10:00


In 1987, Alan ParkerWhich(Who) had frightened the film-going planet with its Midnight Express, in 1978, returns with a sticky macabre film with Angel Heart.


Harry Angel is a private poor which excerce in New York,


In the cheap suit and in the badly put hair cream hair. Between his(her,its) deck hen and its destroyed room, the business(affairs) does not go at best for Johnny. But a well put lawyer(avocado),


Contacts him(it) to meet certain Louis Cyphre


Played by the disturbing Bob de Niro


An elegant and enigmatic character, who pèle eggs


With a surgical precision!


But the mysterious financier asks in Harry AngelTo look for certain Johnny Favorite, singer of his state, which owes some debts to his(her) agent of Cyphre.
Harry Be then going to dash into the search(research) for the "crooner", into sticky and exotic America. A bend by Coney Island, where the singer occurred,


With some partners of misfortune,


A doctor morphine addict, who looked Johnny


But which(who) dies inconveniently, in a godforsaken place, before delivering its secrets, leaving, to the alcoholic Harry


Which(Who) begins to flood disastrous sound presentiment in glasses of bourbon.


Ethylic atmosphere, with dreamlike flashes, between two cornets of Harlem,


And curious one unlimited staircase,


The collection(quest) of Johnny Favorite Be going to be transformed into a descent into hell, the lines(features) of "coil" being gradually outlined to let guess a contorted mask very terrible, in the bayous of Louisiana,


Enter a fantastically wealthy heiress, played by Charlotte Rampling


And a sensual Lisa BonetYoung person Pythie paid(poured) into arabesques voodooes...


Fascinating the dark Harry Angel.


Fantastic macabre film, in the wet and unhealthy atmosphere, enters one untraceable singer pleads in a dive in the dark entrails(depths) of the human soul, a search(research) for the truth who moved in search of identity, in a translucent light, made iridescent by the heavy clouds louisianais between a plaintive banjo and a sacrificed hen. For the me, the best movie of Mickey Rourke


And maybe ofAlan Parker.

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film
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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 7 03 /01 / Jan /2010 12:28


Shots in the Sierra Or Wrinkle the high country,


The first length-measurement of is Sam PeckinpahFirst work which will put the ranging-poles(milestones) of his(her,its) future style. In this first western, the Californian film-maker gathers(combines) two veterans of Hollywood, been used, for some years, to mass productions B than to choice cuts. Joël Mc Crea


Actor veillissant, because it in 56 years during the shooting of the movie, was especially known in the 30s while it was a protecting young man(juvenile lead) Fray WayIn The hunting of Count Zaroff, in 1932, turned(shot) in the decorations(sets) of King Kong. Randolph ScottHe,


Always assumed actor's career(quarry) of B-movie, often managed by Bud BoetticherIn nervous westerns which he(it) turned(shot) in the chain(channel).

Two old accomplices are going to meet in a carnival, for a last mission, to fetch a cargo of gold dust, commissioned by a bank, in High Country, accompanied by a young flank.


But yes JuddRetired sheriff sees a work as the other one there, GilAccompanied with Heck, sees especially a means there to end in beauty, by making a last blow, which will take(bring) out him(it) of the bread soup, by stealing the golden cargo.
In the magnificent landscapes of the Montana, the duet is going to be astride High Country,


With Heck, companion(journeyman) of fortune,


Alternating long breaks around a good fire(light), allowing in Gil To show his(her,its) old pierced boots.


Along the way, they are going to get back a girl, Elsa, who, not being able any more of his(her,its) sad life to austere one father, went away to pursue the trio dreaming about new horizons with a pistolero beautiful!


But the young woman is fast going to fall from a height(to come down with a crash), in this village of wino! Fallen under the spell of Billy HammondLeader of an unkind sibship,

hammond oates

The girl is going to decide to get married to the Mr. Billy


Judge Tolliver, bourbonisé, presiding over the ceremony!


Of the marriage in the orgy, there is only a step, in these put off villages filled(performed) with a troop of drunk minors(miners)! In taken with the sibship HammondDecided to exercise his(her,its) sexual harassment(droit du seigneur) on the bride, it is our trio conveyor which is going to free(release) Elsa Of the lustful fury of the degenerate outlaws.
A track race is then going to make a commitment between them HammondAvid to get back the bride, and the trio conveyor, loaded with a damsel having lost her illusions! Trio which is going to relieve, moreover, of GilWhich(Who) unmasking itself to swipe the stake, is going to collide with his old friend, who, impertubable, will refuse, the proposed deal,


Reducing the rascal to a status of pleading prisoner!


But the former(ancient) two friends will meet last time, to go in front of danger, and to face the brothers Hammond


Of whom(which) HenryPlayed by Warren OatesActor idol of PeckinpahWho will have to bring back(report), later, the head ofAlfredo Garcia.


Last duel which(who) will take the brothers Hammond


And which(who) will be fatal in Judd!


This first movie of PeckinpahThe last one for Randolph ScottA western of transition for Hollywood in full transfer(transformation) will be. If the film-maker joins in the tradition by recycling Scott And Mc CreaSymbols of certain golden age of the American studios, the director opens new horizons by turning(shooting) the movie in natural decoration(set) and by telling with realism, the violence of the pioneers.
Peckinpah The misanthrope describes us a world where the western values get lost, where even the old glories as Gil Jump out the frying pan into the fire, a world where the heroes die at the end, breaking with the inevitable Hollywood "happy ending", the carrier of hope.
Judd // Mc Crea The last representative of a world is which gets lost, of a universe in transfer(transformation), which collapses because of the lure of gain, and the ultimate holy alliance cannot save completely the old sheriff, the victim of its sense(direction) of the honor, preferring to save a woman of the claws of a troop of lustful mental defectives that to make, peacefully, his(her,its) mission of conveyor. Woman who, in many movies of Peckinpah Unchain(Give rise to) the passions, the object of desire which drives crazy the men(people), transforming them into wild animals, even if we are still far from "Straw dogs"!
Curious movie in the work of the director, hesitating between tradition and modernity, singing(song) discouraged on the old West, glorified by the sad music of George BassmanWhich(Who) disappears, opening new horizons towards an uncertain future, which(who) will take(set), under the eye of Peckinpah
Terrifying attires!

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Western
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Sunday, November 29th, 2009 7 29 /11 / Nov /2009 14:47

René Clément A singular director in the French film landscape was. Born in 1913, he(it) began to work with Jacques TatiPre-war year, but it is with The Battle of the Rail, in 1946, documentary work which told the action(share) of the railroad employees in the Resistance, outdone(subsidized) in Cannes with the Price(Prize) of the Jury and the Price(Prize) of the best director (The Golden Palm was attributed(awarded) only from 1955), that he(it) obtained the consecration. The film-maker thus arises from a post-war generation and begins his film career with a kind(genre) little appreciated in the time(period), influenced by the Italian neorealism, the movie-documentary.

He(It) will pass, the same year, of the cock in the donkey, because he will also be the assistant-director of CocteauOn the Beautiful and the Animal, the fantastico-dreamlike movie to the antipodes of the realistic style which will illustrate the eclecticism of René ClémentAs will demonstrate him(it) the career(quarry).

The world conflict will mark the film-maker, because besides The battle of the Rail, The quiet Father, in 1946, The Cursed, in 1947, Games(Sets) Forbidden in 1952, in The daytime and the hour in 1963 and of course, does Paris burn? Will have for frame(executive) the Second World War, the historic prickle which will mark strongly his(her,its) filmography.

Office(Durability) of the war, the fascination for the American whodunit. Clément Slice(Edge) with the narrative theme of his(her,its) time(period) by adapting its scenarios of American authors. Patricia Highstmith For Full Sun, Charles William For big cats or still David Goodis For The running(race) of the hare through fields, with the regretted Robert Ryan.

As Melville René Clément Draw his(her,its) source of inspiration across the Atlantic.
Big cats rest at first reunion enters Clément And Delon

Winning duet of Full Sun, 4 years previously, movie which had made of the second a star. Since, the French actor rose to the firmament of the 7eme art by turning(shooting) with Visconti ( Rocco and The cheetah), Antonioni ( The Eclipse) or very successful underground Melody ofHenri VerneuilWith Jean Gabin. Delon European star, aspires to an American career(quarry), where from his(her,its) interest for the project clémentien, because he(it) will find Jane Fonda, the young first one(night) of the American cinema,

And Lola AlbrightVery present attractive person in her forties on the television across the Atlantic.

Clément Do not forget to appeal in Lalo SchifrinBig composer of theme music and in Henri DecaëBig French chief cameraman who will often work with MelvilleIn particular on The Samurai. As for Melville Clément Takes a particular, almost obsessive care, on the quality of the photo and the decorations(sets), which are an integral part of the story itself, what will cut with the practices of the New Wave.

Big cats it is the history(story) of MarcFrench gigolo who had the disadvantage(made the mistake) of seducing the woman of a fortunate American, who sends some killers to settle(adjust) the account of the handsome hunk. Some North American cuffs,

The torture of the bathtub,

And a young travels towards a corner(place) isolated in a beautiful American,

And the young man(juvenile lead) manages to avoid(flee) the killers in suit, releasing(leaving) his(her) prosecutors in the Nice countryside, saved by a priest,

Then by a fantastically wealthy American, BarbaraWhich(Who) employs handsome boy, as driver(chauffeur).

Attractive person in her forties, Barbara Lives with his(her) niece, Melinda //Jane Fonda In a magnificent villa on French Riviera.
Very fast, and little as in Full Sun, a closed door for three is going to deepen the tensions, both women meeting rival to seduce the young man(juvenile lead).

Safe(Sure) of his(her,its) power of seduction, Marc, Flirty driver(chauffeur) Be going to play with both women,

As a player of poker!

In this merciless competition, between two women, the one blackberry, the other, very young,

It is the most experimented who(which) is going to take away(to gain) the piece. One young glass of whiskey,

A pleasant glance, eyes in eyes,

And Barbara who takes the initiative and hastens things,

Packing with a disconcerting ease the young cock!

But Marc Did not understand(include) everything in the movie and revenge is a dish best savoured cold!

The interest of Big cats lives(lies), obviously, in this psychological closed door, with for frame(executive) a magnificent residence, decorated carefully, where contemporary paintings(boards) answer primitive masks, which denote the interest of Clément For primitive arts and modern paint(painting). By certain sides, we can feel a hitchcockienne reference, in this Freudian and sensual thriller, even if the French film-maker distinguishes himself from American-British master(teacher) by a more sophisticated image and a less demonstrative style. The elegance of the realization, with graduated plans, underlines the rare control(master's degree) of the French director, heightened by the magnificent black and the white ofHenri Decaë And the jazz inspired of Lalo! For imdb,
Big cats The best thriller of is certainly ClémentSurpassing even the solar energy Full Sun, and I am not far from thinking of the same thing(matter).

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Whodunit
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Saturday, November 14th, 2009 6 14 /11 / Nov /2009 12:44

November 8th of this year, Alain Delon Celebrated his(her,its) 74 years, and his(her,its) 43 of cinema! Almost half a century when the beautiful Alain Leap in the French cinema, since certain When the woman gets involved in it, in 1957, ofYves Allégret.
Nothing predisposed the young person Delon Has to make the comedian, of his native Burgundy. The young person Alain Be going, at first, to work in the family butcher's shop-delicatessen, in Bourg-la-Reine. Cramped in the business of the meat, the young man dreams about distant horizons and will make a commitment at the age of 17, in the army, leaving for the opportunity(occasion) in Indochina. The sailor is going to know only the agony of the French presence in South-East Asia, the war ending just after the military disaster of Good Dien Phu. In 1954, return in the hexagon for the young serviceman, but no doubt to return in sausages and pâtés, beautiful AlainAs Lucien de RubempréWill prefer to rise to the assault of the capital, with its physical appearance of young man(juvenile lead). And it is an actress, Brigitte AuberWhich(Who) is going to give a leg up to him(her).

The movie of Allégret thus throws(launches) the apollon in the big bath of the cinema, with another young hope of the French cinema, Bruno Cremer.

Next year, that will be the meeting with Romy SchneiderA love at first sight(lightning stroke) on the tray(plateau) of the movie Christine, product by Marcel DassaultWith for chaperon Jean-Claude Brialy. The length-measurement will not stay in the history(story) of the cinema, while the couple Delon-Schneider Will enter the legend!

The 60s are going to be the years of the consecration! It is René Clément Which(Who) is going to make of Delon A star, with Full Sun, in 1960, glorifying the plastic art of the young man(juvenile lead) navigating on the oceanic streams.

A few months after and that will be Rocco and his(her) brothers, turned(shot) in Italy, supervised by Luchino ViscontiMovie where he(it) will bind(connect) a pact of friendship with Renato Salvatori.

In 1962, Delon Continue his(her,its) transalpine career(quarry) in the hands of Michelangelo AntonioniIn The Eclipse, where he(it) plays the role of a loving trader of Monica VittiIn mysterious and distant Rome.

In 2 years, this unknown young man(juvenile lead) which was worth only by its plastic art, reaches(affects) the firmament of the 7eme art with 3 henceforth legendary movies. Alain Is 27 years old, and is already an international star in front of which one pame the feminine gente and the cinema enthusiasts of all the countries!
But gesture(movement) delonienne is far from being finished! 1963 will be a big grown. By turning(shooting) Underground melodyWith Jean Gabin Delon Gives tit for tat to a pre-war French screen legend, supervised by 'Henri Verneuil, In the role of the gangster which he(it) will often decline, in his(its) career(quarry). Knighted by the stars(speedboats) of the 30s (in particular Viviane RomanceWhich(Who) had bewitched Gabin In The beautiful team), Melody dedicates definitively Delon As a big hexagonal(national) star(speedboat)!

The original end on the music of Michel Magne.

French consecration, international gratitude(recognition) with the masterpiece of ViscontiIl Gattopardo, where Delon Play magnificent Tancrède, spining around the beautiful Claudia ! The viscontien opus will hang on(collide) the Golden Palm, on Croisette, in this spring, 1963, making of Delon A new star glittering with one thousand fires(lights) in the firmament of the 7eme art!

Delon Find then Riviera, supervised by René ClémentMovie in which he(it) will seduce Jane Fonda.

Hollywood makes then sheep's eyes at the French actor, and the beautiful Alain Will make two movies in Los Angeles, The Killers of San Francisco of Ralph NelsonIn 1965,

Where he(it) crosses the road ofAnn MargaretAnd of an actor on the decline, Van HefflinAnd an improbable western, next year, Has we two, Texas, where it has for partner the crooner Dean Martin.

American interlude which will not stay in reports(memoirs), meeting(appointment) m missed with Hollywood, that Delon Will leave without regrets!
After the role of Jacques Chaban-Delmas In the international spectacular, Paris burns, managed by an old knowledge, René ClémentIt is Jean-Pierre Melville Which(Who) offers to the actor, one of its most beautiful roles, that of the Samurai.

In a deafening silence, rocked by the music of François of Roubaix Delon A methodical and hieratic killer, a monk-soldier of the modern times contents with being who exchanged the monachal frieze for the white mac!
It will be necessary to wait two years, to see him(it) replaying the bashful lovers, in The Swimming poolWhere Delon Producer imposed Romy SchneiderFormer(Ancient) fiancée quite happy to find the beautiful Alain. Reunion between the former(ancient) two lovers will be solar.

While being at it, he(it) re-puts on(re-assumes) the role of a gangster, Roger Sartet, engaged(opened) by Vittorio Manalese, played by Jean GabinAnd hunted(chased away) by inspector Le Goff, interpreted by Lino VenturaIn a highlight of the French-style whodunit, The clan of the Sicilian, thatEnnio Morricone Be going to immortalize in a stabbing ritournelle.

Big popular success, Delon Borsalino hat, with his(her) hexagonal(national) alter ego is then going to produce, Jean-Paul Belmondo

But, once again, it is Jean-Pierre Melville Which(Who) will offer him(her) a magnificent role, in crepuscular red Circle, where he(it) found Bourvil Yves MontandAnd Gian-Maria Volonte.

The terrible 70s, for the 7eme art, with television which rises in power and which relegates the cinema to too often poor cinemas, which a cinema enthusiast become a televiewer avoids(flees). It is a difficult period for the gods of the screen, suddenly deconsecrated by the small attic window, losing will have sworn them of hero of the film to fall again among the men(people)... Difficult Decade for DelonWhich(Who) concentrates two caps, that of the producer and the actor, taking few risks, exploiting(running) his(her,its) fame by avoiding competitors who can make for him(her) of the shade(shadow)... Seventies was a meeting(appointment) missed for the actor, who avoided the rising generation, Depardieu And DewaereTurning(Shooting) too often supervised by collusive directors, a little as BelmondoAnd aligning rather inferior lengths-measurements, which make do vacillate the star. Some too rare flashes of lighting to save this decade of the wreck, a beautiful meeting with SignoretIn widow Couderc, a beautiful duet with Jean-Louis Trintignant In Cop Story, desperate Mr Klein,

But very too little to equal these 60s blessed by the gods. Delon Feels orphan, of René ClémentOf Luchino Visconti Or of Jean-Pierre MelvilleMasters(Teachers) who are not any more, who cannot guide him(it) any more.
The 80s will be in this lineage, in spite of return on the front of the scene(stage) with some well tied up whodunits, but which will not equal the melvilliens opuses, leaving the spectator with a taste of unfinished, in the touched memory(souvenir) of the masterpieces of past. It is nevertheless a director of him(her,it) after 68, Bertrand BlierOf the film-makers' new generation that he(it) had carefully avoided, which(who) will give him(her) one of its most poignant roles, in Our History(Story), where he(it) will play the role of an alcoholic looser, which(who) will look in Delon His(Her) only Caesar(César).
Alain Delon A son of the cinema is who was betrayed by the television, the victim of the small attic window and its visual hegemony, but he was also the orphan discouraged of some brilliant directors, of Visconti In Melville By way of ClémentWhich(Who) left the actor in a creative solitude which was fatal him(her) in 70-80. There is still a memory(souvenir) of the solar energy an ephebe who illuminated with his only presence, the movies of his(her,its) 60s.
You test on filmography of Delon
By answering this QUIZ.

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Monday, October 26th, 2009 1 26 /10 / Oct /2009 09:45

Clint Eastwood

Eli Wallach,

Lee van CleefAre the westernienne trinity on which be going to rest(base) LeoneTo end his(her,its) Trilogy of the Dollar !

The voucher,

The brute,

And the gangster,

The archetypes are on which is going to lean the Italian director, the wink in the paradigms of the American western of big time(period), which put in front of the well identified heroes.
The western of LeoneProfoundly pessimist, takes the opposite view(does the exact opposite) of the idealism of his(her) American counterpart, to depict us Wild West, eaten away by the violence and the greed where the positive heroes do not exist!

Phlegmatic Blondin, played by Clint EastwoodVital lead of the Trilogy, has for only moral only the dollar,

And does not hesitate to gain(win) it by joining with TucoWestern chapacan wild who lives on robberies and on rotten tricks!

BlondinCynical and grasping anti-hero, wants not at all to improve the system, but takes advantage of it gaily by swindling the State!

Singular duet, between a gangster, a rather nice bum and a cold "Voucher" and computer, it is the way of Leone To knock down the archetypes of the classic western, which leaned on a defending the weak and the oppressed hero!
But associations owed only a time(weather), in the movies of Italian, because every partner tries to pull(fire) the cover(blanket) to him. Between the hung and the marksman, it would be rather the second who would have the comfortable position and the first one who would put his life at the end of an improbable shooting(firing)!

And we do not make her(it) in TucoWhich(Who) crossed(spent) a life of robberies, what what forgot Blondin

To swindler, swindler and half!

To LeoneIt is not of the universal in the singular, the idea to the character, that form themselves its movies, as in the American western of the golden age, where the values of the homeland, the family, the justice, shone with one thousand fires(lights)! No, to Italian, the movement is inverse, the camera leaves a detail, a punctum, an expression of the face, the glance, to get lost in a sardonic laughter or in an ironic grin. The positive and collective values which irrigated the Hollywood western, get lost here in the wild individualism of the characters!
The léonien western is not immoral, but amoral, as the political philosophy of MachiavelliThe men(people) being moved only by the taste of the money(silver) or by the desire to be able to.
Beyond the good(property) and beyond the evil, the friendship which unites Tuco In Blondin Is only incidental, and runs out in the only search(research) for an improbable treasure.
" Do not die, Blondin! ", roar TucoWho needs his(her) companion in misfortune to find the famous saving!

He will not die and the infernal trio, Blondin Tucco And SentenzaWill meet in the cemetery, to appropriate of the saving, after a memorable duel.
If a director reinvented the scenes(stages) of duel, it is good Sergio Leone. Typical scene(stage) of the American western, the duel conjugates the single combat of medieval knights and the folklore of the Wild West in a scenography hyper marked out which Leone is going to reconstruct! By deceiving close-up,

Pursuing a hesitating hand,

A worried glance,

An anxious pout,

Leone Redefines the scenography of the duels. To Italian, faces and glances, quintesssence of the individual, the sign of a badly shaved humanity and suintante, very remote from Hollywood standards with their hero nice and clean and with nice hair, are the meaning testimony of the new Prométhée Which(Who) conchie the collective values!
The dramatic tension of the duel, glorified by an operatic(lyric) and oppressive music, managed by master(teacher) Morricone

Runs out in intense and worried glances,

Alert and suspicious eyes,

Hands which move imperceptibly,

Before artillery spit their mortal missiles sealing the fate of the protagonists!

The voucher,

The brute,

And the gangster,

Thus closes the trilogy of dollars, and throws(plans) Leone In the firmament of the 7eme art, with the world success of the movie, promising another famous trilogy, but this is another history(story)!

Before mirroring the scene(stage) of the duel, you make out a will on the trilogy of the dollar by answering this QUIZ.

By Tietie007 - Published in: spaghetti western
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