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Friday, October 9th, 2009 5 09 /10 / Oct /2009 08:21

There are movies which you like, against all odds, in spite of the mediocre opinion(notice) of the criticism and the sulkiness of the public. It Break-in(Breakage) OfHenri VerneuilRemake of BurglarTurned(Shot) by Paul WendkosIn 1957, adaptation of a novel of David Goodis ( The burglar), is going to form himself around the duel between Azad, burglar of high flight(theft), interpreted by Jean-Paul BelmondoAnd a cop, Abel Zacharia, played by Omar Sharif.

Police confrontation, affontement staff, between a "hooligan" rather honest and a very unreliable cop!
Whodunit which distinguishes itself by its casting 4 stars, with one Robert Hossein Hardly taken(brought) out of "angéliqueries",

And one Renato Salvatori Which(Who), for once, makes infidelities to his friend Delon !

The presence of Nicole Calfan And of Dyan CannonIn American star(speedboat), give a small Hollywood key(touch) to this French-Italian production.
The quasi--psychopathie of police captain(commissioner) Zacharia,

Will make collateral victims,

But bébellienne will collide with the quiet strength,

Always so quick, in the steering wheel of one red car,

And so captivating, in front of the blonde(lager) Dyan Cannon !

On stabbing music ofEnnio MorriconeThe duel will be resolved in a silo with wheat, one of the purple passages of the movie!

A break-in which I thus advise(recommend) you to rediscover, even if Fiat de Bebel is less sexy than Mustang of SteeveIn Bullitt!!

By Tietie007 - Published in: French Whodunit
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Sunday, September 20th, 2009 7 20 /09 / frog /2009 09:03

Dancer and musician, you had almost to integrate(join) the group Trust, as bass player, then you had accompanied one John Travolta Returning, with his(her,its) chocolate bars (which(who) are not more than a distant to remember), in Staying alive,

But it is in Outsider Of Francis Ford Coppola

That with with a beautiful brochette(bunch) of young talents in 1983, Matt Dillon Emilio Estevez Rob Lowe And certain Tom CruiseYou had acquired a certain fame.

But it is especially in the role ofOrry MainIn The North and the South

Cult series, on the American Civil War, So much takes the television wind, that the world had known about you, with your sister's pestouille, one called(mentioned) Ashton!

You had opposed to another missing person, the hideous Justin LamottePlayed by the regretted David Caradine,

Died in very strange conditions, for the love of Lesley Ann-Down.

Two years later, Dirty Dancing had dedicated you as icon with the shopgirls, because dancer by training, you had given free rein to your physical creativity.

Ghost, with the beautiful HalfWill throw(plan) you, a little more, towards the firmament of the popularity,

And Break(Break dance), in your surfer - hold-up man's gang, where you cocked a snook at certain Keanu ReavesHad made admire your perfect plastic art!

The city(estate) of the enjoyment, of Roland JofféTaken was certainly your biggest role, in humanist doctor in
With the immense poverty of the Indian subcontinent.

After the glory of the beginning of the 90s, of the light in the shade, you will sink into the ethyliques volutes of the evenings too much watered(sprayed) with some white lines to make you forget crossed(spent) glorious tone, common fate to many artists who do not support(bear) the descent towards noxious one anonymity. Patient for some years, eaten away on nights of insomnia where you kept rehearsing your golden youth, you thus went there, as the wind...

By Tietie007 - Published in: personality
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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 2 15 /09 / frog /2009 13:33

The 66eme Venice Mostra has just finished and the Golden lion has just rewarded the Israeli movie of Samuel MaozLebanon. Oldest film festival of the world, Mostra was created under the fascist diet(regime), in 1932, to honor this 7eme Art, which upset so much the imaginary landscape of the human beings. The edition(publishing) 1946 rewarded an American movie, realized by Jean Renoir. Son(sons,thread) of august painter, Renoir Will marry the cause of the people by meeting a communist muse, Marguerite Houllé, In the 30s. The production of the film-maker made then popular, with The Slums in 1936, produti by the PCF(FRENCH COMMUNIST PARTY), The human animal, in 1938, describing the social struggles of the railroad employees or an ode in the pacifism with The big illusion.
In 1941, the film-maker exiles himself in Hollywood, where he will turn(shoot) 6 movies. The southernerLast but one opus of his(her,its) American period, resumes(takes back) the fordiens themes of the link between the community and the Earth, the laborious poverty of the American farmers who toil for few things but remain united.
The man of the South begins with a drama, the death of the old man Tucker, which, before returning its last breath, murmur to its descent to work for them, by avoiding(fleeing) the wage-earner.

The simple funeral ceremony, honoring the laborious life of the patriarch,

Argue as a promise of a better future, for all the small family Tucker.

An old shack and a dry earth(ground) will serve as money for better days, with one Sam TuckerPlayed by Zachary ScottBrave ploughman,

Helped by his brave wife, NonaPlayed by Betty FieldsAnd the grandmother grumbling, Beulah Bondi.

Very close to the magnificent The grapes of the anger, Renoir Manage to move us in this bucolic trip, in the heart of deep America, of a family fighting(disputing) against elements. The angers of the fate will not moreover manage to break, the link crowned between Sam,

And his wife Nona!

The final disaster, with the lost harvest, not beginning(affecting) the hope of the couple of ploughmen!

Curiously, this movie outdone(subsidized) in Mostra and for which Renoir Was named(appointed) to Oscars, in the category of the best director, did not bring the glory to his(her) interpreters.
The fair-haired man(blond) Zachary ScottA divorce and an accident of rafting was not specially advanced by Warner, after this success, and, spread(pushed aside) him(it) from film sets. He(it) died in 51 years, of a brain tumor, in 1965, in the anonymity.
Betty Fields Did not really drill after The man of the South, and trusta supporting roles in television series, even if she(it) played with Marilyn, in 1956, in the famous Drunk StropOf Joshua Logan.
Curiously, it is Beulah BondiThe grandmother grumbling (1888-1981), who played 4 times the mother of James StewartIn particular in Mr Smith go to the Senate and in It has wonderful life, which(who) had an exceptional longevity, and especially, Norman LloydBeen born in 1914 and always living, which(who) played the bad FinlayHaving interpreted a German spy occis on the statue of Liberty in her(it) The Fifth Column OfAlfred Hitchcock

Good before looking at the beginning of Southerner, answer this Quiz on the Venice Mostra.

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama
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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 2 01 /09 / frog /2009 05:56

Blow up arrived after the antonionienne tetralogy consisted of The avventura night, The Eclipse and the red Desert. Iterative variation on the difficulty communicating, these 4 michanlegeliens opuses distinguished themselves by infinite slowness and dense silences. Come from the neorealism, as Visconti Antonioni Will take another way than the director of Death(Dead man) in Venice, preferring the perusal quasi-abstracted in the pictorial decorum of Il Gatopardo and company.
Far from the comedy in the Italian which spreads(displays,deploys) vigorously, in the 60s, at instigation of directors inspired as Risi ScolaOr MonicelliClose to the cinema of FelliniBy his(her,its) modernity of tone, but distinguishing itself by a gravity absent in full-length films of Federico Antonioni Classic in the shape and radically postmodern at the bottom(in fact) is a unique(only) director in the film landscape of time(period)!
Because if the style remains rather classic, the story, without flesh, presents us characters disembodied, aimless beings, living according to the meetings in an artificial urban universe, which knot(tie) short-lived relations, sliding on a reality of a terrible density.
Blow Up Stages a photographer, a young ephebe connected in the environment(middle) of London of the fashion, surrounded with beauties Scandinavians, in his studio 39,

Of whom(which) the haughtiness Vera von LenhdorffGerman model girl of a Count who was resistant in the Nazism.

Lascivious pose(installation) and erotic sophistication,

The photographer makes body with his model,

Being astride him(it) the time(weather) of fleeting one embraced!

Silence of the session, the indifference which succeeds in argentic intensity, all the quintessence antonionesque is in this paradox!
Photographer inhabited by the film,

Evolving in translucent one universe,

Surrounded with chrome-plated models,

Thomas Exhaust his(her,its) life in the foam of the film, the serial-snuff taker on the look-out for a color, for a pose(installation)... It is in the bend of a landscape garden that the image of a couple the hypnosis,

Strangers playing a scene(stage) if municipality, games(sets) of the love and the fate,

Under the eye of eager objective, thief of colors!
Machine-gunning which does not seem to please the young lady who pursues the photographer of his diligences to get back the evanescent image of a stolen happiness.

Helical wait(expectation),

Hesitating negotiations,

Assumed dissoluteness,

For this virgin film which has to deliver its secret. At the beginning of history(story) which is only a pretext, for AntonioniSophisticated and monotonous variation on the foam of days, on the nonsense of the world which runs out in this only and useless helix, in this loft of London dedicated to the subtlety.

You will have understood that this antonionien opus really has no history(story), in the track of the antécedante tetralogy, AntonioniWith a beautiful sense(direction) of the color, under rhythms of New York jazz, delivers us a curious object, the existential density of which cuts with the insignificance of the comment!
In brief, I like this Italian film-maker capable of filming the vacuity with an unequalled talent and of looking to the boredom of the very spiritual attires, for one Blow Up
Golden Palm of the Cannes film festival in 1966, which did not take a wrinkle at the level of its modernity. For others, most, certainly, it will be an elegant sleeping drug to cross(spend) a soft night.
Depressive to refrain(abstain)!

By Tietie007 - Published in: Italian Cinema
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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 6 22 /08 / August /2009 12:37

In 1928, Carl LaemmleThe father of studios Universal, leaves the place(square) to his son, Carl Laemmle Jr

Which(Who) until 1936, is going to produce some some of the most beautiful movies of the science-fiction movies.
Little looking on the spending(expense), what will be fatal to him(her), Laemmle Skimp by no means with the make-ups, the decorations(sets) and the special effects. The brilliant blow of the producer, it is to have hired(started work) Jack PierceBrilliant make-up man, who made of Boris Karloff

A mythical Frankenstein, with the face which will mark tens of generation and will fix for ever paradigm of the monster!

PierceMoreover, will work on numerous movies fantasy of Universal, in particular on Dracula, The fiancée of Frankenstein, The invisible man and The Mummy, with the same Karloff.
But the excellence of the casting will not stay there there. Colin CliveA British born in Saint-Malo, will play a Dr Frankenstein Hallucinated person, scholar prométhéen who challenged the gods,

And his(her) assistant in the devilish grin, certain Fritz (Igor in Dracula), played by Dwight FryeA regular customer of lunatics' roles. Sadistic lackey of dark doctor, Fritz will torment the monster with a perverse pleasure...

James WhaleMythical director of the fantasy movies of Universal, is going to realize his best movie, which will remain for a long time an inescapable(major) of the science-fiction movies, filming in dreamlike decorations(sets), the monster in taken with the men(people), the hideous giant, unchaining(giving rise to) the horror and the anger, the ideal billy goat-envoy of a company(society) eaten by the fears ancesetrales. Reflection rabelaisienne on the science and the progress, on the drift of a technique without ethics, FrankensteinFruit of a delirious invention, replays us the blow of the beautiful and the animal, with the famous scene(stage) with Marilyn HarrisAcquit child, not at all frightened by the giant, who will reveal the humanity of the monster.

But FrankensteinBy clumsiness, will flood the blonde(lager) child, unchaining(giving rise to) the avenging ire of the crowd, whining troop gives to the lynching!

In spite of his(her,its) almost 80 years, the movie keeps(guards) another fantastico-dreamlike suprenante power, the merit comes there partially to the aesthetics of decorations(sets) and to the incredible success of the make-up of the monster, which will return Boris Karloff In the eternity!

Of alive He!!!

By Tietie007 - Published in: fantasy, Horror.
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