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Sunday, November 20th, 2011 7 20 /11 / Nov /2011 05:06


Roger CormanSpecialist of the fast movie with low budgets Often telling exotic stories(trouble) as this " Attack of the huge crabs " Dashes, with Machine-gun Kelly, into the macabre film. Inspired by the life of George KellyGangster raging during the big depression Corman stages a villainous couple, well before Bonnie and Clyde ofArthur Penn Charles BronsonIn the role of Machine Gun Kelly and Susan CabotThe vamp of service, the regular customer of the productions Corman.


George and Flo train(form) a criminal duet which measures the Police,


And search(research) to make a big blow. George Appears as a badass, with the engraved face,


And his(her,its) machine-gun!


IL imposes it to his(her) gangsters' band(strip), of which Harry


A psychopathic manager who loves the pumas!


The band(strip) of loufiats imagines an attack of armored van, but at the last moment, Bronson Made overturn(collapse) the affair(business), because of a hearse and of a coffin who frightened him(her,it)! Because in this poisonous couple, appearances are misleading, and the virile GeorgeWho is afraid of deaths, is under the cup(cutting) of Susan CabotReal leader of the group.


The attacks of bank being too dangerous, the band(strip) filters in on the kidnapping of a child,


Put in confidence(trust) by the presence of a woman,


And by the visible kindness of George.


The kidnapping was made a success, the history(story) is transformed into closed door, real Calvary for BronsonWhich(Who) is humbled by one Susan Castrating and his(her) hired man!


The poor man George Will have only its phallus of steel, its machine-gun, to be respected!


Pursued by FloWhich(Who) puts him(it) more low that be in hiding,


Measured by Apple,


George "Machine Gun" Kelly Seems naked, without his(her,its) tool of preference, aboulique and totally enslaved(overcome) in the will of his wife!


We forget fast the girl and her children's nurse,


To appitoyer on the sad fate(spell) of GeorgeHumbled by his wife,


And his(her) mother-in-law!


Spotted(Located) by the Police, George Will even have no courage to defend(forbid) itself,


Leaving to the others the care of sniping at the cops,


And laying down arms without fighting(disputing)!


Preferring, ultimately the justice of the men(people) in that of his wife!


Singular movie that Hatch Gun KellyWhich is in no way an action movie how announces it with brass band the poster, but a psychological, very Freudian closed door, which stages a cowardly gangster, under the cup(cutting) of his(her,its) feminine castrating! Here, the machine-gun plays obviously a phallic role, a virile appendix for this poor man George Which(Who) has only that to assert its virility in front of one Susan Cabot In the poisonous charm. Movie enough mysogine, because presenting the woman as predatory one manipulator, Corman A score to settle with her mother had maybe! Curiously it is with this coward's role that Bronson Will be dedicated,


He, who will collect afterward, the roles of "badass" and upholder of the law! It is surprising on the other hand that Susan CabotHaughtiness in " not tamed shrew ", had no career(quarry) in the measure of its talent.


Because more than BronsonIt is her(it) who(which) bursts the screen and who(which) gives to this cormanien opus it " I do not know what " of devilish and it " almost nothing " of eroticism on the jazzy music of Gerald Fried. But the young actress, will abandon(give up) the cinema next year and will die tragically, murdered, in 1986.

A special mention(distinction), also, in Frank De KovaThe hired man in the dented trogne which accommodated in its gas station, a puma...

As for Charles "Machine Gun" Bronson


This movie will throw(launch) its career(quarry), and it will move on, the same year, with 7 Mercenaries of certain John Sturges !

By Tietie007 - Published in: macabre film - Community: the Cinema enthusiasts Partners
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Ah, corman we arrete not to speak about him at the moment! He(it) is not nevertheless still dead;)
Comment n°1 posted by Phil Siné on 07/12/2011 at 2:29 pm {1}
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