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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 2 28 /06 / June /2011 06:17

sand pebbles wise

The gunboat of the Yangtze Of Robert Wise Big historic fresco being situated in 1926, in China, tells the shock of civilizations between the West and Middle Kingdom, in the grip of a civil war between nationaiistes and communists.

It is in this frame(executive) that the soldier HolmanMechanic of his state,


Played by Steve McQueen, Arrive in the Chinese ant-hill, to embark on San Pablo, canonière American who crosses on the yellow river. He(it) crosses a duet of missionaries, Mr Jameson And the attractive Shirley EckertPrimary school teacher for the worse of adventure,


Which(Who) work in the evangelization and in the education of the Chinese people, the first one stigmatizing the western imperialism and the grasping appetite of the European nations in China.


During an inaugural meal where the striplings will get acquainted, will be formed the stake in the movie, between the history(story), the big, which will plunge China into a civil war and, girl, who will tell singular fates, in the Chinese storm.

Jack Holman A private is who has the prejudices of the Westerner on chinetoques In mission for several years in China, this mission on San Pablo which will be his(her) last one, is going to transform him(it) in the contact of the attractive primary school teacher.

But the duty calls him(it), and its new boat waits for him(it),


As well as the captain, played by Richard CrennaAnd his(her) second,


Embodying the military order on this skiff lost on the big yellow river. Frenchie//Richard AttenboroughWelcomes him(it) with heat.


In the Chinese storm to come, the captain Collins Maintains the American presence on the Yangtze,


Protecting the American nationals with his(her) sailors.


On San Pablo, in the heart of the boat, Jack Po-Han is going to get on with a Chinese coolie,


Of whom(which) he will make his assistant, in spite of the hesitations of the crew(equipage).

While Shirley Part in a lost, said mission Light quibbles, in the mountain,


Leaving the soldier Holman In his(her,its) machines,


The life of "garrison", to Changsa, resumes(takes back) its rights, between "salute to the colors" and visit to the mess(brothel)!

The Mess(Brothel), the release for sailors in foreign earth(ground), which(who) come to drink heavily and to fornicate to furnish the boredom, Wart where settles all the ambiguity between colonizers and colonized, because it is here where is made the learning(apprenticeship) of the miserable condition of the Chinese! It is in this den of iniquity that Frenchy Be going to meet Maily


Attractive hostess desired by this saoûlard of StawskiPlayed by Simon OaklandAnd who(which) the safety(salute) will depend on a fight enter the big boor,


And the small coolie,


Supported by Holman !

Victoire of David Against Goliath


Which(Who) will save Maily Legs of the Bittern, in the biggest happiness of Frenchy !


Holman Find, the time(weather) of a return travel towards Changsa, Shirle/Candice BergenTwo dramas are going to deceive. That of Po-Han, faithful coolie, but face(figure) of the traitor, for his people, tortured by the plebs in fury,


And that Jack Will free(release) from a well placed ball(bullet)...


Terrible moment for the sailor,


That the condolence of cannot console Shirley.


But the historic reason has only to make love stories... It is what are going to learn, Frenchy And MailyMarried in secret,


But also Jack And Shirley


Which(Who) go, the time(weather) of a pious hope, forget the misfortunes of the war.


Because the thunderstorm scolds(mutters), Shirley Leaves(Restarts) in his(her,its) mission and San Pablo is besieged by the Chinese nationalists. The captain Collins


Holds so-so his(her) men(people). But Frenchy Do not support(bear) any more the estrangement of MailyAnd, a night, is going to join his(her) betrothed,


But he(it) will not survive the exhaustion and the cold, taken on an icy night.


Maily Will follow him(it) a bit further, killed by his(her) fellow countrymen eager for vengeance!

Besieged by Chinese who want the skin ofHolmanThe captain Collins Stands firm,


In spite of the mutiny which watches,


And the men(people) who refuse to obey!


But war chief does not give in under the pressure, that that is in front of Chinese or in front of his(her) troop!


Close to the suicide, after this humiliation,


The captain will waste away in an ultimate mission... Fetch the missionaries of Light of China, to protect them from massacres, aiming at the Westerners, who began!


After weeks of idleness which mined(undermined) the nerves(gristle) of the crew(equipage), the standard(cannon) is going to thunder,


And rifles are going to spit.


The fight finishing in a furious hand-to-hand fight, Jack Trucidant Cho-JenYoung nationalist officer met a little bit earlier, with the missionaries!



Short-term Victoire, because at night, in the mission,


Mr JamesonFurious against the arrogance of the soldiers, not understanding(including) that the time(weather) of the Westerners, they were missionaries, is ended,


Chinese, as well as the captain is going to be killed by soldiery Collins.


Holman Decide then to cover the flight(leak) of both soldiers who will return Shirley In the boat.


Only against the pack,



The soldier McQueen Be going to succumb under the number,


Sacrificing for saving his(her) betrothed,


Which(Who), saved, navigates towards Changsa.


Big historic fresco in her(it) David LeanMixing(Involving) big and the short history, this gunboat tells the metamorphosis(slough) of an American soldier, who, full of certainties on the superiority of the western civilization, taken by the whirlwind of the war, will join the idealistic humanism of one Jameson Under the influence of ShirleySoft primary school teacher come here to educate the youth quibbles. But the missionary will not understand, either, that China is not soluble in the western progressive messianism, and that the wars for independence have only to make willingnessesThey were désintéréssées! After a century of humiliation, the hour of the revenge rang for the Chinese people, taking the men(people) and their ideas, in a whirlwind of unlimited violence.

Steve McQueen Simple mechanic getting lost in the glance of ShirleyAllegory disillusioned by the end of the western presence in China will be transformed like a hero tragic, sacrificing for saving its beautiful, in an announced death.

Let us finish with the sad melody of Jerry Goldsmith ...

By Tietie007 - Published in: American Drama - Community: local cinema
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